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Points All-embracing – Beforehand Thesis(11 October 2018)

10 Inspirational Lufthansa Credit Card - Dobry Bank - lufthansa credit card usa
10 Inspirational Lufthansa Credit Card – Dobry Bank – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

Points All-embracing (Nasdaq: PCOM) is a tech aggregation with similarities to Booking Holdings (Priceline) and Expedia. It serves the biking industry’s bigger adherence programs through a software-like model. PCOM is on clue to abound ebitda 35% in 2018 and I apprehend will barter at 2019E EV/FCF of 7.3x. In a airy macro ambiance PCOM has the accommodation to buy up to 10% of the aggregation aback every year.

The elevator pitch:

PCOM operates in the adherence industry with an arbitrary advantage in airline adherence programs. They assignment with: 7/10 bigger airlines in North America, 2/10 bigger airlines in Europe and 2/10 bigger airlines in AMEA (Emirates was on-boarded this year). As for industry size, the addressable bazaar is estimated by PCOM to be $50 B/year in amount of points/miles issued and awash by North American adherence programs alone. (Source:Company presentation)

PCOM’s Amount business is the re-selling of airlines’ afar to the end chump which they accept been accomplishing for 15 years application proprietary processes and technology. Accord the activity accord and accent of their solution, PCOM has absent abandoned 2 audience in the aftermost 7 years admitting industry consolidation. In actuality multi-year investments accept accelerated new and amplification arrangement wins – 6 new launches/expansion in 2017, 3 new chump launches in 2018 consistent in “core Ebitda” of H1 2018 = $13.2M | LTM = $24.1M |2017 = $20.7M | 2016 = $19.96M (as appear in aggregation banking annual and MD&A).

They accept little/no complete antagonism except centralized systems developed by airlines. As aftereffect of distinct chiffre assimilation at complete audience and new chump befalling through bounded amplification the business has a bright aerodrome for growth, which administration expects to drive abiding beforehand in Gross Accumulation (net revenue) of 10% and Ebitda of 15%. Historically advantageous beforehand ante are accepted to accelerate.

(Source:Company presentation)

PCOM additionally has massive alarm options with 2 arising businesses; but profits briefly depressed. The businesses are:

In aspect a multi-year beforehand appearance has led to accelerated on-boarding of audience aback H2 2017 and it is accepted to abide into 2019. In addition, this will accommodate operating advantage arch to accelerated accumulation growth. Administration declared that incremental gross accumulation converts to Ebitda at 60% to 70%. (Q1 2018 antithesis alarm disclosure).

The aftereffect is an asset-light, OTA-like civil beforehand business trading at a 10% FCF yield, EV/Ebitda of 6.1x and EV/FCF of 7.3x in 2019. At a fair amount assorted of 12x EV/Ebitda there is a 73% upside. In addition, administration has bought aback 9% of aggregation aback 2015 with buybacks accelerating to a accumulative $5.8M in aftermost 2 quarters.

I accept the accident accolade is compelling. The abounding adventure follows.

Large adherence programs accomplish money by affairs their adherence points/miles to ample buyers; about banks who in-turn use points/miles as a promotional apparatus to admission new customers. The loyalty-based acclaim cards attempt with banknote aback acclaim cards but accept commensurable economics and appropriately the banks are aloof amid the two forms of chump acquisition.

PCOM is about the 2nd bigger applicant of adherence credibility afterwards the banks.

The Adherence Industry is ample and growing:

Most bodies are blind of the calibration and robustness of the Adherence industry. A abstraction by Accenture begin that in 2017, 77% of consumers participate in a retail adherence program, 46% accept aing a auberge program, and 40% are allotment of an airline program–up from 72%, 36%, and 31% over 2016, respectively. Another address appear by Colloquy, a all-around analysis aing for adherence professionals, begin that Americans are signing up for adherence programs in droves, with memberships accepting jumped 2.5 percent to 3.3 billion amid 2012 and 2014.

However, alive use of these programs has steadily beneath aback 2010 at a amount of 2 to 3 percent per year. According to a abstraction by London-based adherence aing Collinson Latitude, 78 percent of consumers adumbrated that they would like a arrangement that allows them to redeem their rewards added easily.

PCOM provides assorted means to admission and redeem points, that are accepting absorption from businesses in assorted industries. In fact, the two arising businesses of Credibility Biking and Credibility Ally is an addendum of this charge in the market. Source: Can Blockchain Advice Adherence Programs?

Below are some high-level stats provided by PCOM.


Robustness: $50B of points/miles are issued/sold by North American adherence programs (Sources: Credibility All-embracing presentation, COLLOQUY 2011, 2015 and 2017 Adherence Census, U.S. figures) with 60% of adherence points/miles are bought by 3rd parties (predominantly banks).

Why is the Adherence industry so large? The acknowledgment lies in the economics of a mile/loyalty point. For example, a ample North American airline carrier will accomplish anywhere from $2B to $3B in acquirement affairs miles. The boilerplate revenue/mile is about $0.015. PCOM estimates that the amount to run such a ample adherence affairs for the carrier is <=$1B. This translates to 60% ebitda margins.

The address from EY, Bloomberg and foxbusiness afford added ablaze on the affability of adherence programs.

The snapshot beneath summarizes the befalling for adherence in 3 of the bigger industries.

Something I Didn’t Realize About Credit Card Interest Charges – One .. | lufthansa credit card usa

(Source:Company presentation)

Points All-embracing Business Segments in detail:

PCOM has 3 business segments – (1) LCR – Adherence Bill Retailing, (2) Credibility Ally and (3) Credibility Travel. In addition, PCOM has developed a software/technology band that provides accepted functionality to all three businesses. This technology band is what the aggregation calls “Loyalty Commerce Platform”. In the aftermost 5 years PCOM has invested heavily into developing this belvedere which now enables applicant on-boarding in as little as 3 weeks. It additionally provides operating advantage as the arrangement manages abounding of the functions advanced managed by people.

Highlighted beneath are some of the capabilities of the Adherence Commerce Platform.

It is annual acquainted that for this akin of access, anniversary of these 1 Billion associates and the brands that own these associates had to actually acquiesce PCOM into their accounts. It takes years of alive with multi-billion-dollar brands to get admission to their chump base. This represents a akin of delicacy that cannot be congenital bound with adventure basic money. It is additionally advancing to confusing technology. In the accomplished these tasks were handled manually, which meant best time to on-board new audience and abacus cadre to do the affiliation assignment or captivation audience in the activity while accepted implementations are completed. The “Loyalty Commerce Platform” is chip to 60 adherence programs today

Loyalty Bill Bartering (LCR) = Abandoned 3rd affair Adherence credibility transaction belvedere at scale

PCOM currently provides Bill Bartering solutions for 30 of the world’s arch adherence programs. This includes buy, sell, gift/transfer casework that PCOM provides to the adherence affairs in confined their adherence members. However, best of the affairs baby to affairs of miles. Examples of the arch programs are: Southwest Airlines – Accelerated Rewards, United Airlines- MileagePlus, Air Canada – Altitude, Air France/KLM – FlyingBlue.

PCOM provides a affirmed charge to the adherence affairs to advertise “X” miles/points at a anchored amount that is bound in a multi-year contract. The LCR business is commensurable to the OTA businesses of Priceline and Expedia, area instead of miles/points they advertise auberge room/airline admission annual for a assertive commission/take-rate.

This is how LCR works: An archetype of a archetypal transaction

I am attractive to fly from Montreal to New York. My Air Canada annual has 45,000 miles, but a admission sells for 50,000 afar or $500. In this case I am bigger off affairs 5000 afar from the Air Canada for $80 to ability 50,000 afar for my ticket. This is abnormally accurate during tougher times aback I am beggared for cash.

The acquirement of 5000 afar and the consecutive accretion of 50,000 afar appear in the Air Canada website or App but is facilitated by PCOM in the background. Airlines accommodate PCOM admission to all business channels such as the website, App, Alarm Center to facilitate such transactions.

PCOM can booty 2 roles in LCR – “Principal” or “Agent” (similar to Expedia and Priceline)

As allotment of this arch role, the PCOM may accept a acknowledged obligation to accomplish a acquirement agreement to the adherence affairs based on the agreement of the arrangement amid the PCOM and the adherence program. As such, the PCOM will accept acclaim and/or annual accident in the anatomy of acquirement agreement to the adherence affairs and will accept a abundant akin of albatross with account to marketing, appraisement and bartering transaction support. PCOM about alcove the affirmed obligation in the 7th or 8th ages of the year and afresh goes above the apprenticed minimum miles/points. In fact, PCOM has provided acquirement guarantees aback 2008 and in conversations with administration they declared that PCOM would not accept absent these guarantees added than 3 or 4 times aback 2008.

Historically PCOM’s achievement has been far bigger than centralized program.

Alternatively, the PCOM may accept an bureau role in the bartering and bartering of adherence currencies, area it takes a beneath alive role in the accord and receives a bureau on anniversary transaction. Acquirement becoming beneath an bureau role is included in Added Accomplice Acquirement in the PCOM’s circumscribed banking statements.

The best affair about “Loyalty Bill Retailing”: There is “no complete competition”! This is a admirable book for any business. PCOM competes alone with the Airlines or Adherence programs themselves who usually accept a civil agnate of the PCOM system.

For example, Emirates aing in 2018 afterwards evaluating their centralized arrangement adjoin that of PCOM’s and award that PCOM after-effects were advisedly bigger than Emirates’ centralized results. With one of the fastest growing ample airlines in the arena aing PCOM, added airlines in the Middle-east and Asia should alpha attractive at PCOM seriously.

In fact, I accept PCOM has absent abandoned 2 audience (American Airlines and US Airways) in the aftermost 7 years. The acumen for the accident was their acceptance that post-merger a above adherence affairs should beforehand to bigger achievement of the centralized system. PCOM administration continues to accept that PCOM’s achievement can bigger the new American’s performance. Time will acquaint if PCOM can win the business back.

At accepted calibration PCOM has the analytical accumulation to put allusive basic into acceptable their software systems than anytime before. This includes industry arch artifice detection, analytics, automatic business tools. Deep acquirements above abounding adherence programs above what a archetypal distinct adherence affairs can accomplish additionally lays the foundation for apparatus acquirements capabilities

When it comes to acquirement stability, 60% of PCOM acquirement is committed through abiding contracts. Best affairs ante are bound in for the appellation of the contract. In some cases, there is a accumulated abatement or a accumulated achievement allurement depending on how the affairs is designed, which creates some variability. With a massive transaction abstracts set that PCOM has analyzed over a decade above a aggregation of altered adherence programs, the aggregation is able to body and consistently enhance chump profiles to actuate the optimum business strategy. There accept been 6 launches/expansion in 2017 and 3 in 2018.

The bigger of new affairs with Emirates was launched in backward Q2 and is still expanding. Emirates flew an estimated 58.5 actor bodies in 2017 and the abounding appulse of Emirates is accepted to breeze through starting Q4 2018/Q1 2019. This complete has not been factored into the valuation. Accepting absorption in Asia and middle-east with contempo wins presents a ample opportunity

Lufthansa Credit Card Review - 10,10 Bonus Miles - lufthansa credit card usa
Lufthansa Credit Card Review – 10,10 Bonus Miles – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

Points Biking = A white-labelled Hotel/Cars booking Agent for Adherence Programs

The Credibility Biking band-aid enables adherence programs to accord their associates miles/points for booking auberge or hire a car on their website. Their basic competitors are Priceline and Expedia with PCOM demography the beforehand from Priceline with a 60% win-rate while Expedia languishes at a abroad aftermost with about no wins. In fact, Priceline has won deals with “Loyalty Program’s” biking solutions as a aftereffect of RocketMiles accretion in 2015 for $20m. RocketMiles was a Chicago startup that offered airline afar in barter for auberge bookings. Priceline/Booking.com has been the ascendant champ until PCOM’s band-aid was actually developed in 2017.

This is advantageous business for the airlines! I accept every airline in the apple will eventually accept the Credibility Biking or an agnate platform. Actuality is why! – Expedia swears by auberge attach ante for air admission sales.

In fact, one of the active factors for the Orbitz accretion by Expedia for $1.2B in 2015 was that Orbitz had a aerial accumulated of airline admission sales and with Expedia’s attach rates, the accretion would be successful.

Dara Khosrowshahi afresh CEO of Expedia (now CEO of Uber) said the afterward in the Orbitz accretion call: “we do apprehend to angle Orbitz into our back-end auberge platforms and tools, et cetera, and we actually do apprehend there to be a net account not abandoned in agreement of actuality able to drive college about-face on the hotel, on the Orbitz standalone auberge path, but additionally on upselling — what Mark was talking about — upselling air shoppers into added products, whether it’s auberge or allowance or car, et cetera, or attractions. This is a allotment of the business that we’ve been alive on the cast Expedia ancillary for a few years and in accepted our attach ante accept been convalescent appealing consistently on a year-on-year basis”

Q3 2015 Antithesis call:

“So air tends to be abundant added of a complete business. So the attach acquirement tends to be college allowance revenue, so to speak. But we’re actual abundant attractive advanced to accommodating added aggressively in capricious channels on the air side.”

“I anticipate that as we accept congenital out our attach platforms, accepting ambience as to area the chump is going, I think, is activity to accord us lots of up-sell opportunity.”

Q2 2018 Antithesis call:

CEO, Mark D. Okerstrom: “Listen, it’s early, but aboriginal break are actual solid. We’re seeing college chump attach ante and about college allowance night beforehand than contrarily we would accept seen.”

“Generally, aback hotels get appointed with a flight or commodity else, you get lower abandoning rates, you get best lengths of stay, and that’s about a abundant affair for our auberge partners.”

This is how Credibility Biking works: An archetype of a archetypal transaction

I can book 2 nights break in New York annual $800 with 100,000 of my Lufthansa miles. The $800 is usually actual aing to what I will see at Booking.com or Expedia. In the accomplishments PCOM buys allowance at broad amount of $550 from one of the suppliers – Priceline, Expedia, Hotelbeds. The aberration amid retail and broad amount is $250 ($800 – $550).

Since PCOM is anchored into the Airline website/App they accept no business cost. Instead PCOM buys the points/miles from the airline for say $200 (could be $220 or $180 depending on how advancing PCOM wants to be). PCOM afresh gives the chump $200 annual of points/miles. The $200 that the chump receives is the agnate of what Priceline, Expedia absorb in business dollars on Google, Tripadvisor and added cartage sources to admission a auberge customer.

The actual $50 is PCOM’s revenue, which has actual little associated aerial cost. Best of the amount associated was in architecture the white-label artefact and that is abaft us.

Lufthansa achieves a aerial akin of cast assurance with its adherence affiliate in accession to a aerial accumulation auction of their afar to PCOM.

Key Highlights of Credibility Travel:

In a March 2017 presentation administration categorical that PCOM has a activity of $40M in gross accumulation visibility. They additionally appropriate accepted complete Ebitda in 2018. However, Ebitda is on clue to be about -$6M due to acquirement adjournment associated with GDPR and dispatch in new accomplice on-boarding.

Points Belvedere Partners: Offers seamless actually managed transactional (credit/debit) admission to dozens of adherence programs and 100s of millions of adherence associates about the globe.

This is how Belvedere Ally works – “GroupOn as an example”:

GroupOn basic to actualize a adherence program. It had 2 options – 1) actualize their own – for archetype “GroupOn Rewards” agnate to “Marriott Rewards”/“Hilton Honors” or buy credibility like the banks do for their acclaim cards. GroupOn absitively to go with the latter. However, GroupOn basic to present its user abject the advantage to admission credibility from assorted programs. The easiest, fastest and best able-bodied way to acquaint adherence to the millions of GroupOn associates was to accept “Points Partners”. PCOM allows GroupOn to accept from 30 adherence programs. Groupon afresh discussed with these adherence programs to assuredly bang a accord with Alaska Air, Best Privilege, IHG, Jet Blue and United. Now at GroupOn I can admission United Afar because I am a United common flyer Vs, my acquaintance Sam who will accept Jet Blue because he has been accumulating Jet Blue credibility for the aftermost 3 years. Already again, it takes PCOM a few weeks to barrage such a program!

Now let us attending at the economics of Credibility Partners. Aback I buy a $100 accord to my admired restaurant on GroupOn, they pay PCOM $12 for 500 United Breadth afar and PCOM in-turn buys 500 afar from United at the broad amount of $10 because PCOM already buys a few actor dollars’ annual of afar from United every year (hence the broad rate). PCOM admission $2 in acquirement from the transaction.

Lufthansa Mobile - lufthansa credit card usa
Lufthansa Mobile – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

GroupOn get a bureau from the restaurant for the auction of a bench like how OpenTable gets a bureau for banquet reservation. GroupOn additionally improves chump acquisition, because consumers are incentivized to admission the adopted miles/points, affective the chump afterpiece to a accretion threshold.

“One affiliation delivers admission to the complete Adherence industry.”

(Source:Company presentation)

A Administration that is arena the connected game

The founders of PCOM abide to accomplish the company. However, clashing our archetypal investments, actuality administration does not accept abundant buying in complete dollars. The buying is as follows:

Ideally, I would accept admired to see college cabal ownership. However, the accident accolade and business economics is compelling. I additionally accord acclaim to administration area it is due. They accept congenital the amount business of “Loyalty Bill Retailing” from $ $18M in Net acquirement (gross profit) in 2009 to $51M in LTM and $24M in Core-Ebitda for the abaft 12 months.

I would absolutely catechism their basic allocation on “Points Travel” and “Points Belvedere Partners”, abnormally on the abridgement of acquirement dispatch that was accepted this year but has not yet materialized.

Nevertheless, I accept the banal amount assumes losses from arising businesses accept some akin of permanence. In fact, one could additionally altercate that these levels investors are accepting the amount business at a discount.

I would accord administration the account of doubt, abnormally in a book area accumulated of the arising business beforehand is abaft us. Accelerating allotment buybacks additionally point to slowing investments and growing business momentum. Shares outstanding bargain from 15.6 actor to 14.2 million


It is important that you attending at PCOM’s gross accumulation (or net revenue) as the accurate acquirement because PCOM’s bureau acquirement is the agnate of gross bookings for Expedia or Bookings Holdings (Priceline).

Another key takeaway is the alive capital. PCOM has consistently had alive basic allowances from accepting points/miles from adherence programs in beforehand and advantageous them afterwards these credibility accept been monetized. I appraisal a 45 canicule lag amid accumulating of gain by PCOM and acquittal to adherence partners. The arbitrary is below. It is annual acquainted that 2013 saw the arrangement of “Payables to adherence partners/Principal revenue” aiguille and afresh abatement off afterwards American Airline/US Airways churned. However, it recovered bound and is now on an uptrend. Overall the arrangement looks healthy. I accept not factored application the added banknote from alive basic into an advancing allotment acknowledgment plan. However, that is possible, and administration has mentioned it before.

Source: From aggregation banking statements

Base appraisal assumptions for 2018, 2019 are as follows:

Source: From aggregation banking statements

12x EV/Ebitda advanced assorted which is bourgeois for a aggregation that has connected aerodrome for bifold chiffre Ebitda and FCF growth. Aback there are no complete comparable, the aing commensurable is Expedia which at $125/share trades at EV/Adjusted Net Income 2019E = 20x and 2020e = 17.5x. PCOM today trades at 7.3x and 5.2x in 2019 and 2020. I use EV/Adjusted Net Income for Expedia because it does not agency in any alive basic adjustments and appropriately carefully aligns with my appraisal for EV/FCF for PCOM. I don’t use EV/Ebitda as a allegory amid PCOM and Expedia because Expedia has Debt/Ebitda of 2x while PCOM has no debt.

Scenario: Not factoring the allowances of complete alive basic (Expected acknowledgment = 73% in aing 12 month)

Source: From aggregation banking statements

The appraisal makes no sense. This is a aggregation that has developed while advance in new businesses. It begs the question, “Why is the aggregation trading this cheap?”

Why is the banal mispriced? (Lack of communication? Poor screening? Complicated business? No Comparable?) – The acknowledgment is, all of the above!


Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 10 - The Points Guy - lufthansa credit card usa
Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 10 – The Points Guy – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

Stock amount animation has connected in 2018 affective from $10.29 1 Jan 2018 to a aerial of $18.48 July 9th. It has aback been trending downwards for no complete reason. There are 2 banderole news, neither should accept any actual appulse on PCOM.

1. PCOM is not in Aimia’s business. There is the achievability that investors accede PCOM and Aimia as comparables . However, they are not! Until afresh Aimia endemic the Aeroplan common flyer program, with about 60% of the Aeroplan business advancing from Air Canada. PCOM about does not own any adherence program, but artlessly facilitates the affairs of credibility for assorted adherence programs. For that reason, clashing Aimia there is no abiding credibility accountability that resides in PCOM’s antithesis sheet.

Air Canada, forth with TD, CIBC, and Visa acquired Aeroplan on 21 Aug 2018 (which is Air Canada’s adherence program) from Aimia. PCOM does business with Air Canada and Aeroplan (Aimia). In fact, Air Canada was brought into the LCR affairs (currency retailing) in 2017 which implies PCOM performs bigger than Air Canada’s centralized system. There is no added bell-ringer that does what PCOM does.

In fact, administration declared in Q2 2018 that the Aeroplan accretion is a net complete for PCOM

2. As of 18 Aug 2018, Starwood and Marriott alloyed their adherence programs, 2 years afterwards the companies merged. There could be affair that Marriott ability accompany the accumulated credibility monetization in abode afterwards the programs are merged. I accept this is unlikely. it is annual acquainted the following;

The net aftereffect is that the banal traded bottomward to low of $12.88 as of September 19th, 2018. That is a 31% bead aback the aftermost 2 abode (Q2 and Q1 2018) has apparent 51% and 66% Ebitda growth. Administration has guided to 35% to 40% beforehand in Ebitda for 2018 and apprehend contempo wins to advance beforehand drive into 2019. While this translates to some consecutive deceleration in Ebitda growth, a 35% beforehand at the mean of the advice for the abounding year is actual strong.

In Q2 2018 administration additionally provided added accuracy in accession to articulation Ebitda in the anatomy of “contribution” of anniversary business afore aerial (which they alarm “Indirect adapted operating expenses”) is added. Indirect adapted operating costs comprise of costs that are accumulated amid the Adherence Bill Retailing, Belvedere Ally and Credibility Biking operating segments, including costs associated with assorted accumulated functions, such as Finance, Human Resources, Legal and assertive costs associated with advice technology infrastructure.

In the past: Near-term missteps & miscommunication


PCOM was a high-flying Canadian tech banal that grew from a low of $3 in 2009 to $30 in 2014. Afresh in 2014 two of their ample barter American Airlines, US Airways alloyed and absitively to accompany their credibility monetization in-house. While there is no accessible abstracts on how acknowledged the centralized arrangement is, PCOM administration continues to accept PCOM can do bigger than American Airlines.

While PCOM connected to abound net-revenue (gross margin), the accident of ample audience resulted in abrogating chargeless cashflow in 2014 as the alive basic allowances from 2 ample audience went away. The banal amount declines from $30 to a low of about $9.50 in 2015.

In accession to the accident of 2 ample customers, administration started advance in 2 new businesses which added depressed advantage and banknote flow. This included the accretion of PointsHound in 2014 for $2M to access the advantageous auberge booking OTA business. PCOM additionally acquired Crew Marketing, a adept United Airlines MileagePlus technology bell-ringer for $18M which at that time looked added like an act of agony to atone for the accident of American Airline and US Airways. Crew Business additionally had some elements of what was appropriate to body the “Loyalty Commerce Platform” of today. In accession Credibility Ally investments we additionally initiated.

Lastly, PCOM additionally fabricated investments into China with a start-up by the name China Rewards.

With so abundant accident investors absent confidence.


Gross allowance decline: While acquirement grew, net acquirement margin/gross allowance declined, and the acceptance was that PCOM was undercutting on amount to get business. While they did accord up on price, it was a ancient activity to lock in best affairs while growing the afar allocated from adherence programs. It is annual acquainted that the net acquirement allowance continues to be bigger than Expedia at > 11% in 2016, 2017 and YTD 2018.

Source: Expedia banking statements

To add to the confusion, administration did not accommodate any articulation advertisement until 2017. It took activist captivation afore administration began to accommodate articulation transparency. Cannell Basic took a a 7% position and recommended Chuck Gilman to the Board of Directors. He aing in May 2017. Cannell Basic still owns 3.49% of PCOM.

Finally, aback PCOM started advertisement articulation breakdown in 2017, it showed 2 accident authoritative capacity that connected to be in beforehand phase. As a result, the banal amount connected to abatement to a low of $6.37 in 2017. In the meanwhile, core-Ebitda (LCR) grew from $9M in 2014 to $19.9M in 2016 admitting accident American Airlines and US Airways. 2017 Amount Ebitda was $20.7M, a 4% beforehand on the aback of 100% Ebitda beforehand in the above-mentioned 2 years. Core-Ebitda is on clue to for $25M in 2018. LTM Core-Ebitda = $24.1M

Today PCOM’s administration expects to bang a antithesis amid net acquirement beforehand and profitability. Admitting poor banal performance, operational after-effects abide to be strong. PCOM has adjourned $20M in acquisitions, 9% of shares outstanding has been repurchased and launched 2 new businesses application banknote flows from the amount business of affairs miles. The banal amount has been artlessly penalized for abridgement of accuracy in the businesses and what may for now assume like poor basic allocation in their arising businesses. Naturally, I accept in the arising businesses and Credibility Biking in particular.

Another abstracts point that shows that Bazaar is focused on banderole numbers:

PCOM acclimated to address “#Miles transacted” and “number of transactions” which I anticipation was acutely important to adjudicator the bloom of Core-LCR business. Together these two items showed that admitting accident of American Airlines and US Airways, the “transactions” and “Miles Transacted” connected to grow. However, they accept been discontinued as allotment of the articulation advertisement change. I asked administration Why?

10 Best Ways to Earn Lots of Lufthansa Miles  - lufthansa credit card usa
10 Best Ways to Earn Lots of Lufthansa Miles – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

Source: Credibility all-embracing 2015 Annual report

Management’s Acknowledgment was as follows: This was removed as allotment of articulation advertisement enhancements that investors basic because Credibility Biking and Credibility Ally were in beforehand approach and investors in accumulated basic afterimage into banking performance. In fact, aback it has been removed no broker or analyst has asked about it.

My Interpretation: This shows investors and the analyst association is focused on banking metrics and not operations which is a compound for baloney in businesses while they are in beforehand phase. The bigger of such mistakes in contempo history has been Amazon area reinvestment in business were advised abiding for a connected time. Clearly PCOM is no Amazon, but it goes to appearance how alike the bigger companies in the apple can be mis-judged for a connected time.

PCOM does not awning well:

Contrary to the branch “Company does not awning well”, it does appear up on top for EV/Sales filters amid technology/software names. However, it is bound accounting off for 2 reasons: (1)Gross allowance has beneath from 22.7% in 2009 to 14% in the aftermost 12 months. (2) Adapted Ebitda allowance is sub 5%.

This about matches the banking contour of a commoditized technology business or a accouterments abundant business.However, the accuracy is far from it.

Comparing PCOM to Expedia, Booking Holdings:

Expedia 2017 Gross bookings = $88B and Acquirement = $10B. If gross booking was accustomed as acquirement and acquirement as gross allowance Expedia would accept a gross allowance = (10/88) = 11.3%; Ebitda allowance = (1.6/88) = 2%. In fact, Expedia Amount OTA acquirement margins were 9.7% and 9.9% for the aboriginal 6 months of 2017, 2018. Expedia gross allowance & ebitda allowance would be LOWER than PCOM, if Gross booking was acclimated instead of net revenue.

Booking Holdings (Priceline) would accept a gross allowance of 15.7%. Expedia has a allusive accession from airlines and appropriately a bigger commensurable to PCOM. PCOM has a Accurate Ebitda allowance (Ebitda/Net Revenue) of 28% for 2017 affective to 30% in 2018.

What are the Risks to the PCOM businesses?

Source: Credibility all-embracing 2017 Annual report

A alien case for Accessible Accretion

I accept not factored an accretion book in my assumptions, but in the accepted ambiance it is adamantine to aphorism out that possibility.

Alliance abstracts systems:

ADS’s Epsilon business articulation provides end-to-end, chip business solutions that advantage affluent data, analytics, adroitness and technology to advice audience added finer acquire, absorb and abound relationships with their customers. The basic solutions are: Business Services, Bureau services, Business technology services, Abstracts services, Activity and insights services, Traditional and agenda marketing, Agenda CRM casework and Affiliate business services.

Epsilon today has $2.27B in acquirement and 1600 companies as barter primarily in the banking services, insurance, media and entertainment, automotive, chump packaged goods, retail, biking and hospitality, pharmaceutical/healthcare and telecommunications industries.

However, Epsilon does not accept a able attendance in the biking industry (especially airline) and would be an ideal applicant acquirer of PCOM.

Expedia could be absorbed in Credibility Travel:

Since Credibility Biking is acceptable 60% of the bids and Priceline paid $20M in 2014 for a beneath developed product, the acquirement amount I would altercate could be abounding multiples of the $20M that Priceline paid.

In Sum, PCOM represent a low risk, low valuation, asset light, abstinent to low antagonism business that is advancing out of a multi-year beforehand appearance that should see advantageous amoebic beforehand and convalescent operating leverage. The accident accolade is compelling.

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ANA Mileage Club: Using The U.S. Based Credit Card To Ease Status Re .. | lufthansa credit card usa

Disclosure: I am/we are connected PCOM.

I wrote this commodity myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not accepting advantage for it. I accept no business accord with any aggregation whose banal is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: In adjustment to aerate complete allotment I or Valsef Basic assets the appropriate to accomplish beforehand decisions apropos any aegis after added notification except area such notification is appropriate by law.

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Barclaycard Lufthansa 10,10 Mile Offer (Also Gives 10 Lounge Passes ..
Barclaycard Lufthansa 10,10 Mile Offer (Also Gives 10 Lounge Passes .. | lufthansa credit card usa
Lufthansa - Great-value flights | Flight offers | Book great-value ..
Lufthansa – Great-value flights | Flight offers | Book great-value .. | lufthansa credit card usa
Lufthansa Mobile Prepaid SIM Card - Lufthansa Preflight Shopping - lufthansa credit card usa
Lufthansa Mobile Prepaid SIM Card – Lufthansa Preflight Shopping – lufthansa credit card usa | lufthansa credit card usa

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