Card for NJPW Dominion 10 - Wrestlecorp
Card for NJPW Dominion 10 - Wrestlecorp | njpw dominion 2018 card

This Is How Njpw Dominion 10 Card Will Look Like In 10 Years Time | Njpw Dominion 10 Card

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WELCOME aback to cavalcade time with Larry! Today, I am activity to altercate and examination tomorrow’s NJPW Dominion 2018 event. Dominion is the aing big accident on the NJPW calendar, sandwiched amid the BOTSJ finals and the alpha of the G1. On tap for today are some big matches, including Naito vs. Jericho, The Bucks arduous for the IWGP tag titles, and of course, Okada vs. Omega IV; it’s a hell of a agenda and I accept a activity that the actualization will see a big anarchy in commendations to appellation changes. Feel chargeless to accomplish your picks in the animadversion section. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we adulation it and will disagree. The alone rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a .”

Card for NJPW Dominion 10 - Wrestlecorp - njpw dominion 2018 card
Card for NJPW Dominion 10 – Wrestlecorp – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card

IWGP Junior Tag Aggregation Appellation Match: Champions Desperado & Kanemaru vs. Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh): Now that we’re done with the blah three-way altercation over these titles, Sho & Yoh are aback on clue afterward able runs in the best of the Super Juniors clash and are focused on accepting their titles back. Desperado & Kanemaru accept done actual little with and or for the titles, and were aloof placeholders to booty the titles off of Sho & Yoh, which I accept acquainted for some time was a huge mistake. Back v are motivated and the matches aren’t absolutely overbooked, they are added than able of accepting a acceptable match, and I achievement that this is the case here. Sho & Yo are on a cycle and absolutely charge to booty their applicable places on top of the juniors tag division, and win aback the titles here. WINNERS: Roppongi 3K

Juice Robinson & David Finlay vs. Jay White & YOSHI-HASHI: This bout feels like a assiduity of the aggravate for Juice vs. White for the US Title, which I accept will be set up actuality for the Cow Alcazar in July. Juice and Finlay are absolutely a absolutely acceptable and fun tag team, and the CHAOS boys tend to consistently assignment able-bodied together. I apprehend a acceptable bout here, with Juice acrimonious up the win, possibly over White, to lock in the US Appellation bout for July. It makes the best faculty and is the alone US Appellation bout that makes faculty appropriate now, abnormally afterwards White already exhausted Finlay again, although I’d be bottomward for addition affair bottomward the band as their aftermost bout was great. WINNERS: Juice Robinson & David Finlay

NJPW News: Final Card For This Weekend’s Dominion – The Chairshot – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card

Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: This was set up through the Ishii vs. Suzuki alternation at the BOSJ Finals event. This will either set up Ishii vs. Suzuki bottomward the band or a accessible tag altercation as Ishii & Yano accept been on addition acknowledged run as a team. Suzuki & Sabre as a concise tag aggregation isn’t the affliction idea, as they tag calm alfresco of NJPW, and abacus addition applicable aggregation to the analysis isn’t the affliction idea. I brainstorm that Sabre will ache Yano a lot while Ishii & Suzuki try and annihilate anniversary other. This could be good. WINNERS: Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr

Rey Mysterio, Jushin Liger, & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Marty Scurll, Cody, & Adam Page: This was set up at the BOSJ Finals event, afterwards canicule of Marty messing with Liger, and afresh Marty advancing Tanahashi and Liger authoritative the save and challenge. I am a bit afraid that Ishimori wasn’t included on the Bullet Club aggregation afterwards such a acceptable Super Juniors tournament, but it makes faculty to get Tanahashi, Cody, & Page on the card. It additionally feels like Rey is still banged up and they appetite to assure him while accepting his actualization in. This absolutely has a adventitious to be fun, and it will be air-conditioned to see Rey in NJPW. I apprehend the babyfaces to win actuality so that Rey can accept some drive in adjustment to get him on the Cow Alcazar card. But they could additionally go with Rey & Liger accepting issues, arch to their bout assuredly happening. WINNERS: Rey Mysterio, Jushin Liger, & Hiroshi Tanahashi

NJPW Dominion (10) - Results, News And Videos - WrestlingInc
NJPW Dominion (10) – Results, News And Videos – WrestlingInc | njpw dominion 2018 card

IWGP Jr Ample Appellation Match: Best Will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi: These two aftermost faced off in February of 2018 at the NJPW New Alpha in Osaka, putting in a 20-minute banger that was the best bout on the show. They showed amazing allure in that match, and I apprehend added of the aforementioned as actuality as Ospreay has been on an amazing streak, and Takahashi aloof dead it in the BOSJ tournament. I anticipate that a lot would accept to go amiss actuality for this to not be at the actual atomic great, because both guys are top bank performers. I see a lot of appellation changes on this show, and while allotment of me wants Takahashi to win abominably and go on addition breach as champion, Ospreay’s the hot duke appropriate now, accepting amazing matches accepted the apple and his adventure as the new ace, avenging losses, and absent to authorize his bequest is absolutely absorbing to me. I may be amiss on what appellation changes happen, but it feels like this one is safe as if Ospreay wins, he has asphalt matches set with both Ishimori & BUSHI afterwards bottomward matches to them in the tournament. WINNER: Best Will Ospreay

NEVER Openweight Appellation Match: Best Hirooki Goto vs. Taichi vs. Michael Elgin: Hirooki Goto overcame the barbarous Minoru Suzuki at WrestleKingdom and won aback the title. It was a abundant moment for Goto, but unfortunately, his latest run with the appellation has been absolutely forgettable. It has featured about 1000 tag matches, a appealing acceptable aegis adjoin EVIL, a acceptable appellation aegis adjoin the Beer City Bruiser, and a abundant aegis adjoin Juice Robinson. So while Goto can be great, his appellation run, afterwards a abundant Wrestlekingdom moment, has been defective and I see no acumen that they accept to accumulate the appellation on him. They started to calefaction Elgin up, which fabricated faculty afterward letters that he had re-signed with the company, and for the actuality that stylistically, Elgin and Goto bout up well. And then… afresh Taichi started to get involved. He hadn’t been ambience the apple on blaze and was boilerplate a a appellation attempt in my eyes, but basically got his way into he bout by actuality a and advancing people. In years past, they accept downgraded who holds the IC & Never champions so tat the added important talents don’t booty a lot of losses with the belt. I anticipate NJPW holds a lot of bulk in Goto & Elgin branch into the G1, and that they appetite to accord the Taichi at ample experiment/move a chance. I haven’t been a fan of NJPW accomplishing so abounding multi-man matches this year because best of the time, the haven’t been actual acceptable (minus the juniors bout at Wrestlekingdom), so I don’t accept the accomplished of hopes for this, but achievement I am wrong. WINNER: Taichi

NJPW Dominion Full Match Card - YouTube - njpw dominion 2018 card
NJPW Dominion Full Match Card – YouTube – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card

IWGP Tag Aggregation Appellation Match: Champions EVIL & SANADA vs. The Young Bucks: EVIL & SANADA won the titles at Wrestlekingdom, and had their run batty by EVIL’s alternate cartilage fracture. They remained champions, but the run hasn’t been what best had hoped for. The Bucks fabricated the jump to ample during the Bullet Club Civil war, and while accomplishing well, did bead a bout in a archetypal to the Golden Lovers. NJPW has a lot of bulk in all four, as they are abundant performers and genitalia of acutely accepted and assisting stables in LIJ & Bullet Club. With the G1 advancing up, you apperceive that EVIL & SANADA will be a big allotment of that afresh as both are apparent as approaching capital accident guys. And abundant like the Taichi move to heavyweight, I feel that the aggregation will appetite to accomplish after-effects actuality and absolve the acclivity of the Bucks, and that we’ll get a appellation change here, acceptable arch to an closing rematch with the Golden Lovers; this should be great. WINNERS: The Young Bucks

IWGP IC Appellation Match: Best Tetsuya Naito vs. Chris Jericho: In backward 2017, Chris Jericho started a altercation with Kenny Omega, one that bent the absorption of the angry apple because it led to him accepting a bout alfresco of the WWE. Jericho would go on to face Omega at Wrestlekingdom in aboriginal 2018, putting in an accomplished achievement in a accident effort. The aing day at New Year’s Dash, Jericho wasn’t done with NJPW, as he attacked Tetsuya Naito and laid him out. Jericho afresh went aphotic in agreement of NJPW, actualization at RAW 25 and afresh the Greatest Royal Rumble event, affairs his chargeless abettor status, and causing agnosticism of a NJPW return. But at the NJPW Angry Dontaku event, Jericho alternate to NJPW. Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, EVIL, SANADA, & Tetsuya Naito defeated Desperado, Kanemaru, Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr, & Minoru Suzuki in tag aggregation action. Afterward the match, as Tetsuya Naito was departure the arena, Chris Jericho (dressed as a masked fan of Los Ingobernables de Japon), attacked Naito and hit Naito with the cipher breaker and afresh bankrupt him accessible by hitting him with the arena bell. It was a amazing chase up angle. At the NJPW BOTSJ Night Four event, Chris Jericho appeared via video package, acid a promo on Naito, to added set the date for the bout actuality at Dominion. Jericho silenced a lot of critics and doubters at WrestleKingdom, and while the bout had a lot of smoke and mirrors involved, he still delivered a absolutely abundant achievement at age 47. While Naito application wouldn’t be a shock at all, I candidly anticipate that there is a absolute adventitious that the appellation changes here. Aboriginal of all Jericho isn’t aloof activity to appear in and lose all of his matches, and if he drops addition match, is there absolutely bulk in a third match? Secondly, the Cow alcazar needs a covering match, and Jericho as IWGP IC Champion, alive his aboriginal US non-WWE actualization in acutely forever, would be a huge draw for that actualization in a rematch with Naito. It may assume unlikely, but I’ll go with the appellation change here, which will acquiesce Jericho to affirmation he’s the greatest Intercontinental Best that anytime lived. WINNER: Chris Jericho

NJPW Dominion: Current Match Card - YouTube - njpw dominion 2018 card
NJPW Dominion: Current Match Card – YouTube – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card

IWGP Appellation No Time Limit Best 2 of 3 Falls Match: Best Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega: I am a HUGE fan of all three of their 2017 matches, giving them all bristles stars; they all disqualified and were alarming in actual altered ways. So you’d anticipate that back the big tie-breaking bout (they are 1-1-1) was announced, I’d anon be thrilled. But while the agreement makes sense, I was abounding with agitation instead of instead of burning enthusiasm. I anticipate that both men are acutely able performers, and that Okada is authoritative a case for an all time great. I am abiding that the bout will be great, but the abundant agreement absolutely anguish me. My abhorrence is that with this actuality “No Time Limit Best 2 of 3 Falls” that they will feel the charge to accomplish this FEEL like an ballsy and booty it way too continued as far as time goes. Hell, you can altercate that the G1 match, which was beneath and formed with a greater faculty of urgency, was the best of the three due to the actuality that it wasn’t as continued and as fatigued out. I am acquisitive that they don’t feel that they accept to go article like 70-minutes to prove a point, because I feel that back you try to force the affair in creating a abundant bout or classic, that you added generally than not aching the match. The acceptable account is that both guys are acutely actual good, and I anticipate that we’ll get a abundant match, maybe not a classic, but a aerial affection bout nonetheless. The catechism now is, will Okada absorb again, or is this the time to lose? Business is good, the Okada matches are still affairs actual well, and mostly affairs out. But there is assertive bulk of fatigue from allotment of the fanbase. I won’t say that now is the absolute time to accomplish the change, but I additionally don’t anticipate that it’s the amiss time either. In theory, Okada accident advanced of the G1 could actualize added ball for the tournament, which could advance to the alike added ball after on if they accept this year to be the one area they assuredly accept the G1 champ lose the attache advanced of WrestleKingdom. There are a lot of absorbing means that they can go if they adjudge to accomplish the move and not authority serve with Okada. I anticipate that with the adventure the two accept and that Okada assuredly overcame Tanahashi to breach the record, and the actuality that Omega as best freshens up the appellation arena and he as best could be big for the all-embracing expansion, that they may accomplish the big move here, and we’ll see a new champion. WINNER: Kenny Omega


The Wrestling World is on Fire (Part 10) - njpw dominion 2018 card
The Wrestling World is on Fire (Part 10) – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card

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NJPW Dominion 10
NJPW Dominion 10 | njpw dominion 2018 card

This Is How Njpw Dominion 10 Card Will Look Like In 10 Years Time | Njpw Dominion 10 Card – njpw dominion 2018 card
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Young Bucks vs. LIJ and Goto vs. Elgin vs. Taichi set for Dominion ..
Young Bucks vs. LIJ and Goto vs. Elgin vs. Taichi set for Dominion .. | njpw dominion 2018 card
NJPW Dominion Custom MatchCard By: KalistOMG by KalistOMG on DeviantArt - njpw dominion 2018 card
NJPW Dominion Custom MatchCard By: KalistOMG by KalistOMG on DeviantArt – njpw dominion 2018 card | njpw dominion 2018 card
NJPW Dominion 10
NJPW Dominion 10 | njpw dominion 2018 card

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