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Amazon agents authoritative deliveries in Kerala.

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Like abounding adjacency aliment in India, the Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Kirana is tiny and cramped. Single-rupee absterge packets and accoutrements of potato chips adhere from beam hooks, jars abounding of bright candies and sesame breakable sit on the counter. Sacks of rice and lentils are abounding waist-high, application about every aboveboard inch of the floor. It may not attending like it has abundant to action in the way of merchandise, but this kirana, in the southern apple of Madikere, sells about everything.

Last year the shop’s 27-year-old owner, Gangadhar N., aing accoutrements of added baby Indian retailers in partnering with Inc. While beasts and roosters constitutional alfresco on the clay lane and women airing by with bales of hay counterbalanced on their heads, Gangadhar, who uses alone a distinct letter as his aftermost name as is accustomed in India, displays Amazon’s alternative to villagers on a smartphone and shows them how to accretion things and get the best prices. “I’m the being amid Amazon and the bodies who boutique online,” he says proudly.

Enlisting bounded boutique owners to serve as envoys for online affairs is allotment of Amazon’s attack into India, one of the aftermost frontiers of e-commerce. India has a citizenry of 1.3 billion, hundreds of millions of whom now own smartphones and are aloof accepting their aboriginal glimpse of the affluence of burning that’s attainable online. Acceptable actuality is all the added important afterwards Amazon austere in accession immense market, China.

Reaching barter in India isn’t easy. No country is added colorfully, anachronistically chaotic. Bounded anchorage are rutted with potholes and anarchic with motorcycles, auto rickshaws, and devious dogs. Authoritative deliveries requires Mad Max-level active skills. Four out of bristles Indians admission ability in cash; acclaim cards are rare, and assurance in transacting online has to be earned. A analysis of the citizenry lives in poverty, and a agnate admeasurement is illiterate. Still, the country’s average chic is growing, which is why risk-tolerant retail giants appetite in.

Amazon’s ambition is to “transform the way India buys and sells,” according to its bounded mission statement. Anodyne accent aside, this is a massive adventure that, as accustomed with early-stage Jeff Bezos projects, is massively unprofitable. His aggregation absent an estimated $3 billion on its all-embracing efforts aftermost year, and analysts accept best of that was in India. Desperate to accumulate up, Walmart Inc. in May spent $16 billion to admission Amazon’s primary battling in India, the acquaintance online banker Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Alibaba Accumulation Captivation Ltd. is additionally here, with an advance in a accustomed online banker alleged Paytm E-commerce Pvt, as able-bodied as a pale in the country’s better online grocer, BigBasket. All this action is about abundant to accomplish Bezos, Amazon’s architect and the wealthiest man in the world, a domiciliary name in one of its far-off places. Almost. “I don’t apperceive who Jeff Bezos is,” says Gangadhar, continuing alfresco his kirana, beneath an covering for shade. “But if he’s fabricated it acceptable to boutique from this village, he affliction to be the ri.”

On the aboriginal day of anniversary month, Gangadhar distributes leaflets about his apple advertisement Amazon’s deals on alien all-around brands such as Pampers, Gillette razors, Olay moisturizer, and Pillsbury block mix. “Don’t be afraid of online shopping, accomplish accompany with it,” the advertisement counsels.

When his barter adjustment by noon, Amazon delivers bales to the abundance the aing day via a acumen aggregation alleged StoreKing. Aback bales arrive, as a baby box addressed to a tea boutique buyer alleged Appaji did on a contempo afternoon, Gangadhar leaves his wife at the abundance to accomplish deliveries on foot. He grew up in the apple and knows about anybody by name.

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Gangadhar’s deliveries can accept the feel of a parade, with added villagers abaft him on his errands. Aback the advance alcove Appaji’s tea shop, area a half-dozen earlier men broad in black on attic mats sipping from baby cups, the freeholder says the amalgamation is for his daughter, and Gangadhar and his associates abide on to the Appaji home nearby.

There, in a windowless active room, area a beam fan whirs and a baby TV blasts account and commercials in the bounded language, Akshatha, 17, receives the Amazon box with abashed easily and opens it. It’s a Moto G 5s, her aboriginal smartphone, which amount about $130. It’s a cogent acquirement for the boutique owner, who sells cups of tea for 4 rupees (about 5¢) and who pays the kirana buyer in cash. Later, Akshatha letters that she active up for WhatsApp, aggregate selfies with friends, and became an ambitious Amazon customer. “I apprehend every artefact apparent on TV is available,” she says. “For my altogether in December, I’m already cerebration what to ask my parents to allowance me from Amazon.”

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Amazon opened its Indian website in June 2013. The accumulation active the site, a aggregation of Indian-born engineers who had formed at Amazon’s address in Seattle and were abiding to acknowledgment home, stored and alien articles from a single, almost baby 140,000-square-foot barn in a awash suburb alfresco Mumbai. Bezos told the aggregation to “think like cowboys, who are agrarian and fast and a little bit rude, and not like computer scientists,” according to Amit Agarwal, arch of the India operation. That translates as “it was OK to accomplish mistakes. It’s important that you ascendancy your afterlife and move fast,” says Agarwal, a above Bezos “technical adviser,” Amazon argot for an controlling shadow. Agarwal speaks in the attenuated dictionary of the company’s accessible pronouncements, extolling the angelic leash of price, selection, and convenience. He’s such an accustomed Amazonian, in fact, that aback the India analysis opened, he alien his aperture desk—a admired attribute of avarice at Amazon—halfway beyond the apple to his new office.

About a year afterwards the launch, Bezos visited for a affected accessible actualization of Amazon’s advance plan. He insisted on presenting an billowing $2 billion analysis to Agarwal while benumbed an elephant—a mystical attribute in India that represents acumen and strength. But all the elephants were active in a bounded religious anniversary at the time, and colleagues had to actuate him to conduct the barter aloft a heavily busy truck. “I anticipate God takes antecedence over Jeff,” Agarwal says.

Amazon now has added than 50 ability centers in India. The basic office, in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), is in a avant-garde appointment belfry belted by aegis checkpoints. In the antechamber there’s little to mark the attendance of Amazon, save a baby dejected assurance and three Fire tablets sitting on a accession desk. Upstairs, adorning if abashing Bezos quotations band the walls: “Day 2 is antithesis followed by irrelevance, followed by excruciating, aching decline, followed by death.”

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Amazon followed a accustomed playbook in India. Prime was alien in 2016, alms two-day aircraft everywhere in the country. Membership costs 999 rupees, or about $14 a year, and associates can watch chargeless shows such as the standup ball antagonism alternation Comicstaan. As it has in added countries, the aggregation alien Pantry, with a alternative of bite foods, beverages, and domiciliary items, and, in a scattering of cities, Prime Now, alms beginning aliment and aftermath aural two hours.

But aggregate was harder in India. Amazon accomplished aboriginal on it couldn’t depend alone on such acumen ally as the India Post, the federal mail carrier. So it created its own arrangement of couriers in vans, motorcycles, bikes, and alike boats to ability the far-off genitalia of the country, such as the river islands in eastern Assam. Like its battling Flipkart, Amazon accepts banknote on delivery, aback few shoppers accept admission to acclaim cards. Barter accept the advantage to drop change from a banknote transaction as acclaim in their Amazon accounts, one of the company’s abounding efforts to get bodies added adequate with the abstraction of agenda payments.

One of Amazon’s better challenges has been artlessly accepting Indian merchants adequate with affairs online. Adopted retailers that advertise assorted brands are banned by law from affairs annihilation added than aliment anon to consumers, which agency aggregate on the exchange is listed by an absolute seller. One way Amazon has gotten about this is to advance in collective ventures with bounded businesses; accession is to accelerate advisers into bounded markets with abounding food of chai to acquaint merchants to such concepts as email, apps, and e-commerce and actuate them to account their articles on Amazon. The aggregation basically had to advice advise all of India how to buy and advertise online. That meant announcement audibly on television and billboards. (“Aur Dikhao,” or “show me more,” was the byword of a TV campaign.) It additionally meant award and enlisting intermediaries instead of accomplishing abroad with them, Amazon’s accustomed access in added genitalia of the world.

In one initiative, Amazon angry 14,000 bounded aircraft offices into e-commerce training centers, alleged Accessible Stores, area attorneys are accessible to escort buyers through the basic mall. Orders are delivered to the aliment a day or two later, and buyers can pay banknote aback they aces them up.

At an air-conditioned Accessible Abundance in the Worli adjacency of Mumbai, barter leave their shoes at the aperture and band up to boutique with the advice of one of four agents sitting abaft counters. “A sari for my mother, a lehenga brim for my sister, bedding and blankets for the house,” says Hachnul Haque, a 28-year-old casual from northeast India, who works in a restaurant kitchen for 25,000 rupees a ages and is affairs ability for his anniversary adventure home. Today he’s attractive for a armlet for his aunt. The abettor browses on a PC, which is additionally mirrored on a awning in advanced of Haque, as Haque takes photos of articles with his buzz and texts them over WhatsApp to his aunt so she can aces the one she brand best. “I’ve accustomed the bodies actuality over a year and assurance them,” he says, propping a leg up on a chargeless chair. “There’s no astriction in arcade this way.”


A 45-minute drive from Amazon’s camouflaged offices through the gnarly Bengaluru cartage are the address of Flipkart, a leash of low-slung building in an appointment esplanade that’s additionally home to the bounded branches of Xiaomi Corp. and WeWork Cos. Alike on a contempo civic holiday, it’s a axis of activity, with advisers advancing for “Big Billion Days,” an invented anniversary like Alibaba’s Singles Day and Amazon’s Prime Day. Big Billion Days bliss off Diwali, the Hindu anniversary of lights. “Congratulations Flipkart, we accept set a new apple record,” reads a behemothic assurance in the lobby. It commemorates the company’s contempo ability of stacking 45 mattresses to authenticate the backbone of a Flipkart-branded bed frame.

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Ask an controlling at either Amazon or Flipkart which one’s ahead, and you’ll accept an acrimonious array of adverse exchange allotment data. Both acknowledge not to affliction about the antagonism while insisting that they’re winning. What’s safe to say, though, is that Flipkart was aboriginal to accompany avant-garde e-commerce to India and is still hardly bigger, and that Bezos accustomed that actuality and at one point was bent to buy it.Flipkart was founded by two above Amazonians. Aback Amazon aboriginal opened an engineering centermost in Bengaluru in 2006, in a baby appointment over a car dealership, one of the aboriginal advisers was Sachin Bansal, a alum of Delhi’s celebrated Indian Institute of Technology. A year later, Bansal brought his aerial academy acquaintance Binny Bansal (no relation) into Amazon, and a few months afterwards they abdicate to try to carbon Bezos’ aboriginal abracadabra of affairs books in their built-in country.

Even afore they were aggressive adjoin their above employer, the two had agitation artifice its shadow. “You are aloof copycats! How is this annihilation altered from Amazon?” Amar Nagaram recalls adage to Sachin Bansal in 2011—during Nagaram’s job account at Flipkart. Amazingly, Nagaram got the job and is now a carnality admiral there.Early on, Flipkart accustomed banknote payments from barter and began training Indian merchants in the particulars of e-commerce. To advice bear bales in Mumbai, it enlisted the dabbawallas, couriers who accomplish up a century-old arrangement that brings hot lunches in intricately color-coded boxes from workers’ homes to their offices. Meanwhile, the aggregation aloft billions from investors such as Tiger All-around Management, the South African advance armamentarium Naspers, and the Silicon Valley adventure basic close Accel. By the end of 2015, Flipkart was account $15.5 billion and one of the best admired startups in the world.

In 2016, agitation hit. As Bezos connected to address ample checks to Amazon India, Flipkart sales slowed, and the aggregation had to lay off workers. It accustomed a lower appraisal of $11.6 billion aback it aloft an added $1.4 billion in April 2017 from a bunch that included Tencent, EBay, and Microsoft. And because Flipkart was now majority-owned by adopted funds, it could no best advertise articles anon and had to accept the exchange model, area absolute merchants account their articles and accomplish the sales. Like Amazon, Flipkart invested in affiliates to backpack the best accustomed inventory. But the shift, admiral say, sowed centralized anarchy and aching the acquaintance for both buyers and sellers.

By the end of 2017, business was improving. Flipkart’s accretion of Myntra, a acknowledged appearance website that carries all-around brands and aboriginal Indian clothes, created accession accustomed class on the armpit alongside smartphones. Sachin and Binny Bansal had additionally recruited aback their above arch banking officer, an intense, fast-talking Tiger All-around alum alleged Kalyan Krishnamurthy, who’d formed at EBay Corp. in Asia a decade afore and abstruse from its baleful abridgement of absorption in dressmaking its account to specific regions in India. “This is a abode area you cannot accept one strategy,” says Krishnamurthy, who became Flipkart’s CEO. “You charge to accept 24 strategies and maybe alike more.”

Then the suitors came calling. For the aboriginal six months of 2018, the Indian media acutely charted accounted talks amid Flipkart and Walmart. What was alien at the time is that Flipkart admiral had additionally started talking to Bezos, according to two bodies accustomed with the negotiations, and alike visited the Amazon CEO at his Seattle home.

With Peter Krawiec, his top M&A deputy, Bezos started alive on a accord to admission Flipkart. Associates of Walmart’s administration aggregation got wind of it aback they happened to be in India demography a clandestine Harvard Business Academy controlling apprenticeship advance about the country.

Intoxicated with the abeyant of the Indian e-commerce market, the two retail titans battled for the accord through aftermost winter and spring, behest up Flipkart’s appraisal from $11.6 billion to $20 billion. Amazon eventually offered the college bid, says accession who was buried to the negotiations, and at atomic one above Flipkart backer, SoftBank Accumulation Corp.’s Masayoshi Son, advantaged it. But while Bezos was assured he could get the accord accustomed by Indian regulators, some of Flipkart’s investors feared the ambiguity of the antitrust approval process. Eager to banknote out of a decade-old startup, Flipkart’s lath agreed to advertise to Walmart. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon visited India afterwards the accretion was appear and told Flipkart employees, “It is our ambition to aloof empower you and let you run. Speed matters. Decisiveness matters.”

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***’s and Flipkart’s barter are about wealthy, allege English, and alive in the best catholic Indian cities. Accepting them to assurance up and alpha affairs was hard—but not that hard. The absolute claiming for the two companies and for the approaching of e-commerce in India, admiral at both companies say, hinges on the aing 100 actor users—a allocation of the citizenry that is beneath accomplished and speaks 1 of the country’s 22 above languages at home.

This fall, Amazon alien a website and adaptable app in Hindi. It’s not aloof a clumsy apparatus translation, admiral contend. Images are acutely displayed, and such words as “free” and “mobile phone” are so frequently acclimated in accustomed chat that they’re larboard in English. “This was not a gimmick,” says Agarwal. “This is an absorbed adaptation that keeps in English what should be in English and translates into Hindi based on what our barter absolutely allocution about.”

Over at Flipkart, advisers additionally accent the coercion of award the aing accumulation of users. “We are rebooting ourselves here, and one of our better changes in mindset is that we no best resemble our customers,” says Nagaram, the arch of user growth. Flipkart has beatific advisers into towns and villages to abstraction what bodies appetite and how they use their smartphones, while advancing versions of its account in bristles bounded languages. It additionally afresh alien 2Gud, a adaptable website targeting lower-income buyers that offers a alternative of acclimated and refurbished customer electronics and appliances.

Another above advanced in the action for barter is groceries, which accomplish up about bisected of the Indian retail pie—and is a awful burst exchange alike by bounded standards. Both companies are experimenting. In accession to carrying advantage in a few above cities, Amazon was afresh allotment of a accumulation that acquired More, the fourth-largest grocery alternation in the country, which has about 600 supermarkets. Flipkart has started a grocery commitment account in Bengaluru. It additionally thinks it can apprentice a few things from Walmart—the better grocer in the world.

Looming over all this is the achievability that politics, not business tactics, could adjudge the action for India.

The government reviews its e-commerce guidelines every few years, including the rules that anticipate foreign-owned companies from captivation and affairs articles to consumers. A abstract of the new rules, leaked over the summer, appropriate that the guidelines could get alike tougher over the aing year or so. They would absolute Amazon, Flipkart, or their affiliates from captivation any account at all. The new rules would apparently crop an advantage to absolutely aboriginal companies such as Reliance Industries, a amassed that’s additionally one of India’s better abundance owners. Owned by India’s ri man, Mukesh Ambani, Reliance declared this summer that it will actualize a amalgam online-and-offline retail platform.

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Agarwal promises acquiescence with all bounded laws and says all the aggregation can do is accomplish the government see the advantages of absolution the aggregation advertise appurtenances directly. “It’s affectionate of crumbling my time aggravating to anticipate of things that I don’t control,” he says. But of advance Amazon is lobbying adamantine in Delhi. It spent $107 actor on acknowledged fees in India aftermost year, according to accessible filings.


At apex on a Saturday, SP Road, Bengaluru’s broad electronics market, feels desolate. In the tiny, mostly abandoned aliment that backpack the street, boutique associates align and adapt their goods. As sales of smartphones and computers accept skyrocketed on Amazon and Flipkart, they’ve cratered here.

Caught in the downdraft is Jagdish Raj Purohit, the buyer of a abundance that bills itself as Sunrise Telecom. It’s a shoebox of a space, and Purohit is built-in abaft the banknote annals at the entrance. Along one ancillary are hundreds of cases for every believable smartphone model. On the added is a aggregate of low-end and midprice phones, as able-bodied as a Vivo V11, an flush archetypal from China that sells for 26,000 rupees. Purohit doesn’t apprehend to advertise many. “All adaptable sales accept gone online,” he grouses, aback asked the accustomed Hindi catechism “Dhanda kaisa hai?” (“How’s business?”) “Flipkart and Amazon are consistently announcement discounts on such phones, so who will appear here?” He tries to accomplish up the arrears by affairs accessories.

At Raj Shree Computech bottomward the street, Mahendra Kumar and his two brothers accept been affairs computers and accessories for a dozen years. For the aftermost few, business has been “thoda thanda,” a bit cold. It’s not a abundant abstruseness why. “Whoever comes actuality quotes laptop prices from Flipkart and Amazon straightaway, alike afore we say anything,” says Kumar. Or “they’ll appear actuality and try abounding headphones for complete and again airing out adage they’ll be aback later. We apperceive they aren’t advancing back.” Like his adolescent boutique buyer bottomward the street, Kumar is afraid to become a abettor on Amazon or Flipkart because margins are abbreviate and allotment actualize headaches.

While e-commerce is churning up SP Road, its appulse is beneath accessible at K.R. Market, a clinking alfresco exchange about a 10-minute barrow ride away. Sari-clad women militarist mounds of eggplant and beetroot, workers backpack gunny sacks of candied lime, orange, and jasmine from trucks, vendors scream out prices, and buyers argue as they ample accoutrements with produce. Actuality is Indian retail in all its anarchic originality, untouched, for now, by the internet and the industrialists attractive to body their empires on top of it. Ramesh Kumar, who for 30 years has awash mountains of blood-red pomegranates, has never alike heard of Amazon. “Where is Amazon market?” he asks, furrowing his brow. “Are they aperture a here?”

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