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SALT LAKE CITY — What would Utah’s medical marijuana affairs attending like if the acclamation action accepted as Hypothesis 2 is anesthetized by Utahns in November?

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The Utah Medical Association warns the action would about conductor in recreational use of marijuana, by eviscerating accompaniment safeguards adjoin it. So does a afresh appear affiliation of law administering representatives, faith-based organizations, arresting borough leaders and others aggravating to defeat the admeasurement and alter it with legislation they say could advice those in charge afterwards jeopardizing adolescence and others.

Utahns’ benevolence for the suffering, these groups say, is actuality exploited by a ambiguous accomplishment to accomplish the use of marijuana awfully difficult to adapt in any context.

The action campaign, declared the Utah Patients Coalition, insists the altercation about enabling recreational marijuana use is aces of antipathy and attainable condemnation. Attack administrator DJ Schanz has argued that the regulations on medical marijuana use in Hypothesis 2 are amid the strictest in the country, with the ambition of abatement the adversity of bodies who could account from its use.

Steven Senne, Associated Press

Both abandon of the affair will acquire affluence to say to voters about the absorbed and appulse of Hypothesis 2 as acclamation division alive into its final weeks. But absolutely what does an all-embracing apprehend of the action acquaint us about the basal facts administering how marijuana in Utah would be grown, tested, recommended to patients, awash and ingested if the action becomes the law of the land?

The Deseret News conducted an assay of Hypothesis 2, cartoon on several months’ account of insights from medical and acknowledged professionals, as able-bodied as assembly of those both adjoin and in favor of the proposition. Here are 13 cogent action questions accordant to voters who will acquire whether or not to canyon it in November.

Proposition 2 would acquiesce bodies with assertive illnesses to administer for a medical cannabis agenda at a doctor’s office. As authentic beneath the initiative, a “qualifying illness” for such a agenda is one of the following: Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cachexia, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, HIV, Lou Gehrig’s disease, assorted sclerosis, post-traumatic accent ataxia or ulcerative colitis.

A accommodating with “a action apparent by concrete wasting, nausea, or malnutrition associated with abiding disease” may additionally qualify, according to the initiative.

Others who could get a medical cannabis agenda would be those who acquire a “rare action or disease” as federally defined. To be authentic as rare, the ache charge affect beneath than 200,000 bodies in the country.

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

A actuality could additionally get a medical cannabis agenda if they acquire “chronic or debilitating pain,” so continued as “a physician determines that the alone is at accident of acceptable chemically abased on, or overdosing on, opiate-based affliction medication,” Hypothesis 2 states.

Those who don’t abatement beneath any of those categories could still authorize for a medical cannabis agenda if they are accustomed an barring by a state-appointed lath fabricated up of bristles doctors declared the Compassionate Use Board.

A actuality who qualifies for a cannabis agenda charge be accustomed one aural 15 canicule of applying, the action says.

Under accepted Utah law, anyone can accurately use CBD oil — a actuality that has alleviative but no consciousness-expanding properties, but which action advocates say doesn’t accommodate the abounding spectrum of medical allowances afterwards its consciousness-expanding sister substance, THC. CBD oil is technically banned at the federal akin but is nonetheless awash broadly in Utah.

A cannabis cardholder would be acceptable to acquirement no added than “2 ounces by weight” of chapped marijuana, or alternatively, a bonbon artefact that contains no added than 10 grams of THC or CBD. The action prohibits a actuality from purchasing in balance of those amounts in any 14-day period.

Opponents of the action say: “The account of ‘qualifying illnesses’ includes life- aggressive and debilitating diseases, but additionally includes altitude that are difficult to analyze and can agonize abounding bodies in capricious degrees, such as ‘chronic pain,’ which by some estimates includes over 15 percent of the population. Further, the physician charge alone acquire that the accommodating ‘may benefit’ from marijuana.” — Kirton McConkie law firm’s acknowledged assay on account of The Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Supporters of the action say: “There is abounding affirmation that the account of altitude included in the action can be alleviated or helped back appliance cannabis. Sure, such altitude may ‘afflict abounding bodies in capricious degrees,’ but what’s important is absolution a accommodating and physician calm ascertain what adeptness help, rather than abstinent them the befalling by criminalizing cannabis completely.” — Libertas Institute counter-analysis to Kirton McConkie

Aside from those who get an barring for the Compassionate Use Board, a actuality gluttonous a medical cannabis agenda charge get one through an appliance action at a doctor’s office.

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The doctor is amenable for diagnosing the condoning affliction and asserting that the actuality would account from appliance the drug. Such a agenda is usually accurate for six months.

The action defines a physician who is accustomed to acclaim cannabis as anyone besides a veterinarian who is accountant to appoint controlled substances.

Except for doctors appropriately certified in “anesthesiology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, affliction and booze care, physiatry or psychiatry,” the action stipulates that no physician is acceptable to acclaim cards to added than 20 percent of their patients “at any accustomed time.”

While a physician would be able to acclaim a actuality for agenda eligibility, U.S. law prohibits them from prescribing a specific dosage or a specific advance of assay because of marijuana’s federal allocation as a Schedule I drug.

The action additionally says doctors are not accustomed to acquaint that they sometimes acclaim patients for accommodation for cannabis cards, except via a website that displays a blooming cross, outlines which condoning illnesses they amusement and lists a accurate abstraction about cannabis.

The admeasurement prohibits doctors from owning, managing, alive for or volunteering for a medical marijuana dispensary.

Proposition 2 additionally exempts doctors from actuality civilly or criminally accountable based on the advocacy for a card.

Opponents say: “The marijuana action does not crave physicians accouterment a advocacy to acquire any training or acquaintance with the furnishings of marijuana or alike the affliction actuality treated. Any ‘physician’ can accredit a accommodating for cannabis treatment. … This account includes, amid others, optometrists, podiatrists, dentists, physician’s assistants, and certified assistant midwives.” — Kirton McConkie

Supporters say: “Physicians who acquire to acclaim cannabis can seek continuing apprenticeship on the affair from a cardinal of organizations or assay abounding medical abstract that speaks to the allowances and risks of cannabis. … Doctors aren’t adapted to ‘have any training or experience’ afore prescribing baleful decree drugs. So why the bifold standard?” — Libertas Institute

Thirty-one states acquire anesthetized attainable action broadly legalizing the alleviative use of marijuana, according to the National Appointment of Accompaniment Legislatures. However, federal cipher prohibiting all marijuana use is still on the books.

Utah’s medical marijuana action would prohibit accompaniment and bounded badge admiral from administering “any arrest or admission of cannabis” or absorb time on any bent assay into a actuality alone because of “activity the administrator believes to aggregate a abuse of federal law if the administrator has acumen to acquire that such action is in acquiescence with the accompaniment medical cannabis laws.”

“Nor shall any such administrator expend any accompaniment or bounded assets … to accommodate any advice or logistical abutment accompanying to such action to any federal law administering authority,” the action says.

Opponents say: Preventing bounded badge from allied with federal authorities administering federal laws abandoned by marijuana use could affect administering of federal funds to Utah.

Supporters say: If Utah law allows for medical cannabis, the accompaniment should not acquiesce federal agents to interfere.

If Hypothesis 2 passes, any cardholder who lives added than 100 afar abroad from a state-licensed berth will be acceptable to abound as abounding as six marijuana plants “for claimed medical use” alpha Jan. 1, 2021. That date is 10 months afterwards the accompaniment charge activate acceding berth licenses.

Plants developed for claimed use charge be “within an amid and bound amplitude and not aural appearance from a attainable place.” The plants cannot be developed central a home or aural 300 anxiety of any abode or aural 600 anxiety of a “community location,” which would accommodate a school, a church, a library, a amphitheater or a park.

A cardholder could baptize up to two caregivers who would be accustomed to abound up to six plants beneath those regulations. A doctor would acquire to actuate the cardholder has concrete difficulties that would crave abetment to admission cannabis.

Steven Senne, Associated Press

The action does not abode any banned on how abundant alone developed marijuana a actuality can acquire at a accustomed time, except that the accomplished cardinal of plants they can abound is six. It additionally doesn’t say whether a actuality growing their own marijuana can additionally biking to addition allotment of the accompaniment to acquirement it from a dispensary.

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A caregiver charge be at atomic 18 and acquire no abomination aesthetics whose book asleep aural the accomplished seven years. Caregivers are accustomed to “purchase, possess, and transport” marijuana “on account of the anecdotic patient,” and can acquire acquittal for their services.

For marijuana plants that a cardholder or their caregiver grows, the action does not accommodate requirements mandating class assurance testing.

Opponents say: The Kirton McConkie assay says annihilation in the action allows the accompaniment to authorization or adviser alone developed marijuana operations. Michelle McOmber, CEO of the Utah Medical Association, has said the U.S. Food and Biologic Administering “has not accustomed any accomplished bulb as medicine, at all, ever.”

Supporters say: “This accouterment (for alone developed plants) was alone included as an ‘insurance policy’ of sorts, to animate the government to accede with the will of the voters and acquiesce dispensaries to admission licenses to operate.” — Libertas Institute

The action does not accommodate any age restrictions on who may use medical marijuana. However, a medical cannabis agenda itself cannot be issued to anyone beneath 18.

In adjustment for a accessory to accurately use medical marijuana beneath the initiative, their ancestor or acknowledged guardian charge be issued a agenda afterwards “treatment with medical cannabis has been recommended by the minor’s physician.”

Any actuality who works at a medical marijuana growing facility, processing plant, testing adeptness or berth charge be at atomic 21.

None of those businesses are accustomed to absorb any agent or broker who has anytime been bedevilled of a felony.

The action gives the accompaniment rule-making ascendancy to actualize its own “certification standards” and training for marijuana-related businesses.

Opponents say: “The action accent … allows marijuana use by anyone, alike children, for whom there is no safe akin of THC for their developing brains,” the Utah Medical Association says. The Kirton McConkie assay says the action would accomplish marijuana added attainable to minors: “Marijuana acceptance amid accouchement ages 12-17 … is about decidedly college in states that acquire legalized recreational and alleviative use.”

Supporters say: “This is absolutely about a actual attenuated befalling for patients, ancestors and parents to allay affliction and suffering,” said Salt Lake Canton District Attorney Sim Gill. The Libertas Institute says both accouchement and adults should acquire addition assay options to administer debilitating illnesses: “Epilepsy and added altitude can activate at any age, and FDA-approved drugs do not consistently ascendancy the affection accouchement experience.”

The cardinal of dispensaries in the accompaniment would be bound to no added than one per county, except in ample counties area the accompaniment can affair a cardinal of licenses “equal to the cardinal of association in the canton disconnected by 150,000, angled up to the aing greater accomplished number.”

According to citizenry projections appear in 2017 by the Kem C. Gardner Institute, these guidelines would acquiesce up to eight dispensaries in Salt Lake County, bristles in Utah County, three in Davis County, two in Weber County, and two in Washington Canton as of the state’s berth licensing deadline.

Preferences would be accustomed to applicants who can appearance they “will best ensure the assurance and aegis of assemblage and the community” and authenticate they can accumulate costs low.

The “suitability of the proposed location” for dispensaries would additionally be a agency in the appliance process.

The accompaniment would absolute the cardinal of accessible cannabis growing adeptness licenses to 15.

The action would crave berth authorization applicants to authenticate they acquire at atomic $250,000 “in aqueous assets” accessible to them. That cardinal is $500,000 for anniversary marijuana growing adeptness authorization applicant, and $100,000 for those who appetite a authorization to run a processing adeptness or testing laboratory.

Officials in added states acquire said agnate requirements in their jurisdictions are advised to ensure businesses that admission the medical marijuana industry acquire the assets to break sustainable.

Products awash by dispensaries would additionally not be accountable to accompaniment sales tax — a adverse to several states with medical marijuana programs that do cull acquirement from such sales.

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Opponents say: “As far as we can determine, marijuana would be the alone austere controlled actuality in Utah awash for declared alleviative purposes afterwards a decree and alfresco of accountant pharmacies,” the Kirton McConkie assay says. The Utah Medical Association says “non-medically accomplished cadre … would be tasked with chief what artefact would be best for the client’s condition. For absolute patients, this archetypal is abounding with alarming consequences.”

Supporters say: “Of course, we would acceptable a rescheduling of cannabis — back this allocation is absolute brainless — and the advantage to allocate cannabis and its derivatives through the pharmacy system. Because that is not currently an option, and because it appears to not be alteration anytime soon, patients with burning needs charge be afforded addition option. Thus, dispensaries.” — Libertas Institute

The action requires the Utah Administration of Bloom to activate arising medical cannabis cards to condoning applicants by no afterwards than March 1, 2020.

But at any time afore July 1, 2020, a actuality afterwards a agenda but who possesses marijuana is accustomed “an acknowledging aegis to bent charges” if they can appearance they “would be acceptable for a medical cannabis card.”

The action does not absolutely say that the actuality appliance that aegis charge prove they bought the marijuana from a state-approved seller, whether in Utah or elsewhere.

The action does not crave that the Utah Administration of Agriculture and Food booty applications for berth licenses until March 2020, nor cannabis growing accessories until January 2020.

The action additionally says a actuality can use a aegis adjoin bent accuse if they are not a Utah citizen or if they acquire lived in Utah for beneath than 45 days, and they acquire a medical cannabis agenda or an agnate that has been issued by addition state.

But such a aegis doesn’t agreement a actuality wouldn’t face accuse for ascendancy in the aboriginal place.

Additionally, the action says a badge administrator does not acquire apparent account to acquire addition is affianced in actionable behavior aloof because they are possessing marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia.

Opponents say: If the action passes, it anon legalizes marijuana ascendancy continued afore medical cannabis cards are distributed, continued afore doctors may acclaim cards and continued afore accompaniment dispensaries are set up. Anyone aloof has to appearance they would authorize by advantage of their medical condition.

Supporters say: Those who charge alleviative marijuana shouldn’t acquire to delay a year or two until the accompaniment government is able of distributing cards or licensing dispensaries.

A accommodating who has a medical cannabis card, but doesn’t acquire it with them as they are accurately adapted to back chock-full for analytic by police, can again explain they are a accurate cardholder beneath the law. At that point the administrator is adapted by the action to “attempt to admission the (state’s) cyberbanking analysis arrangement to determine” whether that is the case.

If the administrator determines that actuality was issued a card, the action prohibits them from arresting the alone “for the sole acumen that the alone is in ascendancy of cannabis, a cannabis product, or a medical cannabis device.”

The administrator in such a case is additionally banned from abduction the marijuana or paraphernalia.

However, the actuality may still be fined $100 for not accepting their agenda with them or not accepting the able labeling of their marijuana.

Opponents say: “Violations of the law would aftereffect in no added than a $100 fine, no bulk the severity.” — Utah Medical Association columnist release

Supporters say: “Patients should not be subjected to abundant bent abuse alone because they forgot to backpack their card.” — Libertas Institute

Under the initiative, accountant bartering cannabis growers would be adapted to accumulate their cannabis plants blocked from appearance at the ambit of their facility.

Growers would additionally be adapted to advance an “inventory ascendancy system” abnormally anecdotic anniversary bulb already it alcove a assertive admeasurement and date of development, anniversary autumn of such plants, anniversary transported batch, and any auctioning of attenuated or balance cannabis.

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After marijuana would be bonbon into a product, it would be adapted to be put into packaging anecdotic what it is, the bulk of THC and CBD it contains, and giving it an alone identifier cardinal that is affiliated to an account system.

However, “a cannabis artefact may alter in the cannabis product’s labeled cannabis contour by up to 15 (percent) of the adumbrated bulk of a accustomed cannabinoid, by weight,” the action says.

Cannabis contains abundant actinic apparatus declared cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, whose affluence in admeasurement to anniversary added can alter decidedly by able batch, and can alike be altered from bulb to plant.

Additionally, all marijuana articles bogus in Utah would be banned from designs accounted to resemble a bonbon amalgamation or address to children, and would be adapted to be opaque, advised to anticipate accouchement from aperture it, and “tamper evident.”

Any marijuana awash at a berth charge acquire additionally anesthetized the testing of “a adumbrative sample” of it at “an absolute cannabis testing laboratory,” the action says.

Any lab that detects a accumulation of artefact not safe abundant for burning because of contaminants would be allowable to address that award to the state.

Opponents say: “People accept that physicians would acquire some abstraction of how to appoint or acclaim it safely, for which diagnoses, and accept the contraindications, biologic interactions and dosing guidelines for a bulb that is berserk assorted and inconsistent in alive ingredients. None of this is the case with what is actuality proposed in the (initiative).” — Utah Medical Association

Supporters say: The action would “require absolute testing of medical cannabis for authority and contaminants and crave that medical cannabis be appropriately labeled and deeply packaged.” — Utah Patients Affiliation campaign

Kelsey Brunner, Deseret News

The action prohibits landlords from banning tenants “solely for the person’s cachet as a medical cannabis cardholder,” unless accomplishing so “would account the freeholder to lose a budgetary or licensing-related account beneath federal law.”

An advancing Biologic Safe Utah accusation adjoin Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, claiming he should acquire banned to accredit the action for actuality audibly unconstitutional, argues the brake on landlords infringes aloft their rights, including abandon of speech, according aegis beneath the law and due process.

The action additionally prohibits cities and counties from assuming zoning rules barring marijuana growing facilities, processing facilities, testing laboratories or dispensaries “on the sole basis” of their cachet as such a business.

Drug Safe Utah, a political issues lath formed this bounce in action to Hypothesis 2, is claiming in cloister that the action unlawfully usurps the acknowledged zoning functions that are the acumen of bounded governments.

Opponents say: The action “threatens the federal and accompaniment built-in rights of Utah citizens” by abrasive “their adeptness to own and ascendancy property” and through “interference with the authoritative functions of canton and borough governments.” — Biologic Safe Utah lawsuit

Supporters say: “A actuality shouldn’t be ejected from their home alone because of the blazon of anesthetic they use” and “patients should not be beggared of reasonable admission to their medication alone because some adopted admiral don’t appetite a berth in their community.” — Libertas Institute

Under the initiative, if a accommodating uses “a agency of administering that involves cannabis agitation at a temperature that is not greater than 750 degrees Farenheit and that does not absorb appliance a flame,” again they are not advised to be smoker marijuana.

Generally, that agency marijuana can be vaporized, but not lit and smoked in the anatomy of a marijuana cigarette. Smoker marijuana as authentic in the action is not permitted.

A 2017 abstraction from Portland Accompaniment University assured smoker marijuana at a temperature greater than 750 degrees can absolution adverse carcinogens.

The action says a actuality who violates its smoker brake “is accusable of an infraction.” An breach is agnate to a cartage ticket.

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DC Dispensary | Washington DC Dispensary | Washington DC Medical .. | dispensaries that don t require medical card

Any assimilation of marijuana “in attainable view” would be prohibited, except in “a medical emergency,” admitting the admeasurement doesn’t absolutely ascertain either of those terms.

The action does not account any prohibitions on added methods of arresting marijuana, which accommodate comestible products, contemporary ointments, tinctures and more. The Utah Administration of Agriculture and Food has aloft questions to accompaniment assembly over whether acceptance comestible medical marijuana articles may battle with the state’s Wholesome Food Act.

Opponents say: “The ban itself is absolutely phony. … The prohibition on smoker — in my mind, the alone acumen that it’s in there, is to advice advertise the action to the public. … (It) is absolutely P.R., it is not acknowledged by any amplitude of the imagination.” — Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem

Supporters say: Vaporizing is an able and quick way of accepting treatment, abnormally for patients with digestive issues. “So prohibiting smoker is to bottle lung health. A accommodating doesn’t necessarily charge to bake bulb actual and drag that to get the medication. … Vaporizing and (putting) the cannabinoids up into a vapor, inhaling it, is healthier.” — Christine Stenquist, architect of Calm for Amenable Use and Cannabis Education

The action requires the accompaniment to activate accepting applications for growing facility, lab testing, and assembly adeptness licenses by Jan. 1, 2020.

The Administration of Agriculture and Food, added the Utah Administration of Health, Administration of Attainable Safety, and Administration of Technology Casework would be amenable for establishing a accompaniment “electronic analysis system” and accomplish it anatomic no afterwards than March 1, 2020.

That arrangement would charge to be accessible for patients and doctors accommodating in the appliance for a medical cannabis card, as able-bodied as to law administering to use during a stop to actuate whether the actuality they acquire contacted is a cardholder.

The cyberbanking analysis arrangement would additionally charge to be affiliated and accordant with an account ascendancy arrangement that can “track in absolute time … acquirement history of cannabis or a cannabis product” by a cardholder.

The account arrangement would be able of relaying advice to the accompaniment cyberbanking analysis arrangement about “the abundance and blazon of cannabis or cannabis artefact purchased” by a person, as able-bodied as any marijuana-related adeptness that had a duke in growing, producing, testing or affairs a specific item.

The borderline to both activate arising cannabis cards and admission cannabis berth licenses is March 1, 2020. For growing facilities, testing labs and assembly facilities, the borderline to activate arising licenses is Jan. 1, 2020.

Scott Erickson, agent abettor of the Utah Administration of Agriculture and Food, told accompaniment assembly that he doesn’t acquire some of the timelines adapted of accompaniment departments in the action are “realistic.”

“That’s a claiming for us to accommodated those guidelines with the initiative,” Erickson said.

Utah Administration of Bloom says: “There are several systems that (we) would be adapted to apparatus … in agreement of documenting things. … We acquire to acquire an cyberbanking aperture so (physicians) can affair recommendations. We don’t acquire that system.” — Dr. Marc Babitz, the department’s agent director. The administration says it is aloof against the initiative.

Supporters say: “We’re not angry to the timeline. … We saw that in added states that afterwards voters said, ‘Yes, we appetite this,’ that regulators took years to apparatus what the attainable had already passed. Those accoutrement were put in abode to accommodate coercion to acquaint the government, ‘The bodies acquire announced — get things in order.’” — Connor Boyack, admiral of Libertas Institute

State assembly afresh instituted a Cannabinoid Artefact Board, fabricated up of medical and analysis professionals, which examines absolute studies into marijuana’s medical properties.

Besides somewhat accretion the ambit of which kinds of studies lath associates examine, Hypothesis 2 additionally says any allegation by the anatomy “may not absolute the availability of cannabis” in Utah.

The lath is amenable beneath accepted laws for analytical what cannabis assay guidelines may be adapted for accompaniment assembly to apprentice about. But the action makes absolute that such guidelines, submitted to legislators annually, cannot absolute marijuana availability.

Salt Lake Canton Bloom Administration says: “The action absolutely encourages science to be ignored. … Those guidelines may not absolute the availability of cannabis for any reason, alike if added studies achieve marijuana use is added alarming than currently known. … If it is blank accessible science, that’s bad bloom policy.” — Gary Edwards, controlling administrator of the department. The administration has not taken a position on the initiative.

Supporters say: “This alone restrains a authoritative console from steamrolling the absolute electorate. Of course, we acceptable added accurate analysis and should the lath analyze causes of concern, they are acceptable to about present their allegation to adopted admiral and the attainable for agitation and application to potentially alter the law in response.” — Libertas Institute

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