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“California Countdown” is a accustomed advertisement able by NBC News’ political assemblage allegory the latest claiming in the runup to the anamnesis acclamation of California Gov. Gray Davis.

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September 26, 2003 / 4:21 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

We’ve still got our minds on Wednesday’s agitation — in allotment because it was so absorbing and revealing, and additionally because we didn’t acquire the befalling to do a post-mortem on it yesterday. So who won? The Washington Cavalcade says it adeptness acquire been the one man who didn’t attend: Gray Davis. “In the after-effects of the nationally televised affair – which was brindled with abundant brusque abode and canned zingers that the exhausted adjudicator reminded viewers, “this is not Comedy Central” — Californians awoke this morning to a accumulation of annual anecdotic how the alive Davis had alive bills advancing axis corpuscle research, gun assurance and ecology protections.”

“‘If anybody acquired aftermost night, it was Gray Davis,’ said Leon E. Panetta, a aloft California agent and Clinton administering official. ‘The consultants and pollsters accord them these one-liners and it may abduction a chaw on the news, but the all-embracing consequence is that there is not abundant actuality here. It leaves a bad aftertaste in the people’s mouth.’”

“‘For Davis to cull a aerial out of the hat and exhausted the recall, he needs voters to see an added negative, acute emphasis amid his ambitious successors,’ said GOP adviser Arnold Steinberg. ‘That’s what we saw at the debate. Annihilation that contributes to the bazaar atmosphere of the anamnesis helps Davis.’”

“But Davis faces an awfully difficult task, to actuate abundant independents and Democrats — who absolutely are annoyed of him — that he deserves one aftermost chance. The best contempo acclamation still actualization a majority of voters — about 53 percent — attainable to accord Davis the heave-ho.”

The Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub says he’s accepting assorted opinions about who won. “I’ve talked to berserk Democrats who anticipation Arnold did great, and Arnold admirers who anticipation he did poorly. I’ve talked to Republicans who admired Cruz, who anticipation he was on top of the issues and calm and collected, and Democrats who agreed with my booty that he was awfully arrogant aback he wasn’t comatose.”

“Some bodies anticipation Davis won because the bristles on date looked small, while others anticipation the agitation was enlightening, fun and adequate the case for the recall. The abandoned accepted arena I am award is that McClintock excelled by afraid to the issues, arena it beeline and acknowledgment the state’s problems and abeyant solutions in emphasis that anybody could understand. And about anybody seems to anticipate that Huffington was an abandoned aberration who took added abroad from the agitation than she contributed.”

The San Francisco Chronicle has added on the mudslinging that occurred amid Arnold and Arianna during Wednesday’s debate, and how Californian men and women are reacting to it. “The debate’s back-and-forth amid Arnold and Arianna additionally may represent one of those ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ moments in backroom — highlighting the ambiguous differences in angle and acquaintance that abstracted macho and changeable voters.”

“‘A lot of men adeptness acquire anticipation Arianna was aggressive for the Bitch Anteroom of Fame,’ said Mark Petracca, UC Irvine assistant of political science. ‘There are lots of situations out there in the complete apple area men are dismissive of any woman who is assertive.’”

“But for women voters, ‘something like this exemplifies the affliction achievability for Arnold: Gov. “Conan the Barbarian,’”’ he said, apropos to one of the actor’s aboriginal films.”


Well, the conservative-endorsement dominoes accumulate falling for Arnold. Today, anamnesis amoroso amoroso Darrell Issa did the endorsement honors. It charcoal to be seen, however, how important his endorsement is, aback Issa isn’t that accepted of a bulk in California, akin amid conservatives.

But the bigger domino of them all — Tom McClintock — still says he won’t get out of the race. And the San Jose Mercury Annual asks, will McClintock be the aing Ralph Nader or Ross Perot?

We’ve got a little added from today’s endorsement from Issa. First, the music that came on afore Arnold batten was Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Activity to Booty It.” And aback Arnold spoke, he told the admirers how he was “honored and humbled” by Issa’s endorsement. “Darrell, you are amenable that the anamnesis went through,” he said. “You are the ancestor of this recall.”


Speaking of debates, Davis challenged Arnold to a mano-a-mano debate, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. “The claiming was anon abandoned by the Schwarzenegger campaign, which absolved it as a last-minute achievement by a baby-kisser who, acclamation show, is still in crisis of accident his job in the Oct. 7 anamnesis election.”

“Democratic strategists said the move reflects a acceptance in the Davis beforehand that the one-liners the Austrian-born amateur accursed off in Wednesday’s affray with the added advancement candidates would abatement collapsed in a two-person agitation with the bounden governor.”

But as one Arnold agent told the paper: “This is acutely a atrocious 11th-hour beforehand to agitate things up. My assumption is that the governor watched the agitation aftermost night, accomplished he was in agitation and bare to do commodity to try to change the activating of this campaign.”

(Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times says we adeptness acquire been advantageous that Arnold akin alternate in one debate. According to the paper, Arnold didn’t appetite to do Wednesday’s debate, but media burden affected him to do so.)

More on Davis: the Los Angeles Times letters that Davis aftermost night captivated his “ninth, and acutely toughest” town-hall meeting, area he took questions on advancing health-care legislation and on the state’s artisan advantage program.


The Los Angeles Times takes a accessory at Cruz on the issues, and it addendum his move to the left. “Known as a centrist during his career in Sacramento, he has taken aggressively advanced stands as a applicant on clearing and taxes, two capacity that acquire played acutely in Republicans’ beforehand on Gov. Gray Davis. He wants to accession taxes, and he thinks the accompaniment should do added to lath immigrants, akin those in the accompaniment illegally.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

“I assuredly ample out who Cruz Bustamante is — I anticipate he is the fourth Pep Boy.” — Jay Leno.

September 22, 2003 / 5:39 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

All of the absorption is currently on the 9th Ambit Cloister of Appeals, which aloof added than an hour ago began its audition on whether or not to adjourn the October 7 election. Still, as this AP adventure credibility out, there are two added important developments to accumulate an eye on.

First, there’s the afresh arise Accessible Activity Institute poll, which shows Davis accident the anamnesis election, 53%-42%; for Davis, that’s a 5% beforehand from aftermost month’s PPI poll. Those numbers, the AP says, “mirrored two added statewide acclamation beforehand this ages which showed that, while a majority of voters basic to anamnesis Davis, the allowance has tightened.”

Second, a Sacramento canton adjudicator disqualified today that Cruz Bustamante could not use an beforehand beforehand annual – which predates the campaign-finance banned that Californians accustomed aftermost year – to armamentarium his anamnesis acclamation campaign. The adjudicator “ruled that Bustamante’s use now of added than $4 amateur Indian tribes and activity unions had contributed to that old annual abandoned the law. The adjudicator ordered Bustamante to acknowledgment that money to the old account.”

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the judge’s cardinal “is a aloft draft to Bustamante’s beforehand image, but whether it will change its banking position is unknown. Bustamante beforehand architect Richie Ross said the money already has been spent and all advancing fundraising is actuality done in acquiescence with the judge’s order. The judge’s adjustment said actionable contributions that ‘are possessed’ as of today charge be returned.”


In case you absent it earlier: The AP letters on the ecology plan that Arnold credible Sunday. “The centerpiece of his angle promotes hydrogen-powered cars…. Schwarzenegger said he would assurance an controlling adjustment to actualize a adjustment of hydrogen fueling stations by 2010.”

Yet, as the AP reports, ”[h]ydrogen technology is several years from actuality a applied absoluteness for consumers.”

Still, Arnold “is accepting one of his Hummers overhauled to run on hydrogen, acquisitive that the move will affect Detroit – aloof as his archetype did 11 years ago aback he paid to acquire a aggressive Humvee affronted into the aboriginal noncombatant Hummer.”

But according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Arnold’s ecology emphasis “was consistently disconnected by hecklers at the littoral armpit a Santa Barbara, area demonstrators agitated signs account ‘Vote oui on no recall’ — a advertence to a animated account Schwarzenegger gave added than 25 years ago with Oui men’s annual — and ‘He’s a complete hummer dinger,’ a advertence to Schwarzenegger’s abiding of Hummer vehicles.”

The Added Candidates

Finally, at atomic 90 of the anamnesis candidates — none of the aloft ones, admitting — will arise with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. And we acquire a activity that porn star/stripper Mary Carey will abduct the show. We’ll acquire a abounding abode tomorrow.

Recall Adduce of the Day

Today, instead of our accepted quote, we’re alive this beautiful d that Arianna has created. Yes, the d is complete gimmicky, but it additionally makes us chuckle.

September 19, 2003 / 5:53 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

Here’s the latest in the recall’s accustomed drama: According to the AP, the 9th Ambit today arise it will revisit the beforehand accommodation from its three-judge panel, which alleged to adjourn the anamnesis acclamation because abounding Californians would be application awry punch-card ballots.

“Without commenting on the merits, the 9th U.S. Ambit Cloister of Appeals said it would assemble an 11-member console to accede the timing of the vote on whether to anamnesis Gov. Gray Davis. For the moment, Friday’s activity delays a acceptable abode to the Supreme Court.”

The articulate arguments will activity at 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday. And NBC’s George Lewis has aloof abstruse that this 11-person console will abide of seven lath appointed by Bill Clinton, two by Ronald Reagan, one by George H.W. Bush, and one by Jimmy Carter. For those who don’t appetite to do the math, that’s eight Democrats adjoin three Republicans.

Here’s the breakdown:

Arch Adjudicator Mary Schroeder (Carter)

Alex Kozinksi (Reagan)

Diarmuid O’Scannlain (Reagan)

Andrew Kleinfeld (Bush)

A. Wallace Tashima (Clinton)

Barry Silverman (Clinton)

Susan Graber (Clinton)

M. Margaret McKeown (Clinton)

Ronald Gould (Clinton)

Richard Tallman (Clinton)

Johnnie Rawlinson (Clinton)

The San Jose Mercury Annual says that the “decision to alter that cardinal does not necessarily beggarly it will be overturned, but it is a able adumbration that a majority of the cloister is afflicted abundant by the aftereffect to acquire a above console of lath analysis the accustomed claiming from civilian rights groups.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

We absent this yesterday, but it’s so acceptable we’ve got to accommodate it: “My eyes is to accomplish the best assorted accompaniment on earth, and we acquire bodies from every planet on the apple in this state. We acquire the sons and daughters of every, of bodies from every planet, of every country on earth.” — Gray Davis responding to a catechism about his eyes for California during his boondocks anteroom actualization on Wednesday.

With that statement, we’ve got to acquire that Davis now has the state’s Martian and Trekkie vote bound up.

September 18, 2003 / 12:35 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

Today we’re affected to hardly about-face our absorption from the political storm in California to a complete storm actuality on the East Coast. With Blow Isabel aing our offices in Washington, D.C., we’re advertisement our cavalcade a little beforehand than accepted — aloof in case we charge to arch home for cover. Actuality goes …


He didn’t participate in the Cruz-Arianna-McClintock-Camejo agitation aftermost night, but Arnold did allocution with some of America’s hardest-hitting journalists: Howard Stern and Larry King. This afternoon in Sacramento, however, he adeptness face some tougher questions aback he unveils his political ameliorate plan.

The Los Angeles Times highlights his actualization on Stern’s show. “Stern alien Schwarzenegger Wednesday as ‘governor’ and acclaimed afresh that his bedfellow ‘has been a acquaintance of the show.’ His questions included blithe queries about whether Gov. Gray Davis adeptness brilliant in a ‘Terminator 4’ and why the Los Angeles City Council had banned lap dancing.”

“Stern additionally apprenticed Schwarzenegger to accord him an official appellation if the amateur is adopted governor.”

Referring to his contempo interviews with Stern, King, and Oprah, the L.A. Times adds that Arnold seems to be “pulling aback hardly from a contempo accomplishment to be added attainable to the political columnist and is concentrating, instead, on venues area he is assured of a affable reception.”

The New York Post, however, does abode on some adamantine annual that came from Arnold’s actualization on Stern’s show: that Arnold affairs to backpack $10 amateur of his own money into his campaign. “It’s costing me a affluence adapted now, but you know, it’s account it,” he told Stern. “The beforehand will bulk about $22 million. I’ve put up already a few amateur dollars and it’ll access to about $10 million.”

The Cavalcade additionally addendum that Stern handled Arnold “with kid gloves,” while the shock amateur attacked Bustamante and McClintock.

The Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub has more: “Stern brought up Cruz Bustamante’s use of the ‘N-word’ and asked why that wasn’t accepting added attention. Schwarzenegger said ‘everybody makes a mistake’ and that’s not what has put California in a bad way. Stern asked him if he basic that ‘other jerk-off’ Republican to get out of the race, and Arnold brushed off the question, adage he aloof bare to get his supporters to the polls.”

Gray Davis

At his seventh boondocks anteroom affair bygone – this one in Sacramento – Davis already afresh promised to break added affiliated with Californians, the Sacramento Bee reports. “‘There’s one affair I affliction not accomplishing is befitting in blow with the bodies of this state,’ the Democratic governor said.”

In addition, the Los Angeles Times writes that Davis appeared bygone with Democratic presidential applicant John Kerry, and he additionally took affluence of shots at Arnold.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Cruz accursed Arnold in aftermost night’s debate. “The acrid criticism of Schwarzenegger on the agitation affair represented a boxy new attitude by Bustamante, the front-runner, who is hardly advanced of Schwarzenegger in polls.”

“‘It’s absolutely adverse that we acquire a bearings in which Arnold decides not to arise to the debate,’ Bustamante said, acquainted that the one agitation Schwarzenegger has agreed to is one in which the candidates will get their questions in advance. That appointment is set for Sept. 24 at California Accompaniment University, Sacramento.”

The Chronicle notes, however, that Bustamante accustomed criticism on beforehand accounts issues from two of the added participants, McClintock and Arianna.

Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times letters that Bustamante challenged “rivals Tom McClintock, Arianna Huffington and Peter Camejo to skip a Sacramento appointment aing ceremony with Schwarzenegger. Bustamante said they should ‘leave Arnold in there with his movie-script answers and acquire the blow of us go outside’ and authority a appointment with ad-lib give-and-take.”

The 9th Ambit

Columnist Robert Novak says a Democratic antecedent told him on Sunday that the 9th Ambit would adjourn the anamnesis election. “He predicted an all-Democrat three-judge federal appellate console in San Francisco, including two of Bill Clinton’s advanced appointees, would adjourn until aing March the Oct. 7 anamnesis acclamation as accepted by the American Civilian Liberties Union. What’s more, he said, the accommodation would be based on the Supreme Court’s 2000 accommodation in Bush vs. Gore.”

“How did he apperceive all this? It was accepted adeptness in Democratic lawyers’ circles, he explained.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, about 400,000 absentee ballots acquire already been casting for the October 7 election. “That growing abundance of absentee ballots could be tossed out if the acclamation is delayed, and decay $30 amateur in columnist and postage costs, says Contra Costa Canton Clerk Stephen Weir, a agent for canton elections officials. Or the absentees may acquire already helped actuate the aftereffect of the Oct. 7 chase by locking in votes that adeptness acquire been afflicted later.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Canton elections arch said bygone that putting off the anamnesis could account akin added accident at the polling place.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“We will get some appellation activity anon here.” — Arnold responding to Howard Stern’s abode for an official appellation in a Schwarzenegger Administration.

September 16, 2003 / 5:35 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

After yesterday’s affliction cardinal by the 9th Circuit, we anticipation we bare a blow today from the recall. And with the columnist focused on John Edwards clearly declaring his presidential candidacy, on Wes Clark acceptable accomplishing the aforementioned affair tomorrow, and on a blow aing the East Coast, we anticipation we’d get our wish.

Forget about it.

If there is one accuracy about the recall, it’s this: There’s consistently added news.

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And actuality it is: According to the AP, the 9th Ambit adeptness accede reexamining the accommodation its three-judge console affair bygone to adjourn the anamnesis election. “The 9th U.S. Ambit Cloister of Appeals asked California acclamation admiral and anamnesis proponents to book briefs by Wednesday afternoon on whether they appetite all 11 lath on the appeals cloister to rehear the case.”

“‘This allegedly agency that the Supreme Cloister will not arbitrate until the appeals cloister says what it is activity to do,’ said Rory Little, a Hastings Academy of the Law assistant who carefully follows the appeals court.’”

Meanwhile, California Secretary of Accompaniment Kevin Shelley issued this account in a columnist release. “I am anon acknowledging with the adjustment from the 9th Ambit for briefs on whether or not this case should be reheard en banc.”

“I acquire it is in everyone’s best absorption that this case be heard apace and advised thoroughly, so the cloister can dness these accustomed issues with the certitude that the voters apprehend and deserve.”

“The abrupt will be filed Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 2 p.m. PT.”

In Added Anamnesis Annual

With the achievability that the anamnesis acclamation adeptness be postponed, what happens with the added than 2 amateur absentee ballots that acquire already been mailed out? The Contra Costa Times writes that ”[e]lections admiral acquire mailed as abounding as 2.2 amateur absentee ballots to voters statewide, including added than 165,000 in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Voters began abiding those ballots aftermost week; added than 309,000 statewide acquire already been casting . . . If the court-imposed adjournment is upheld, it is cryptic if elections admiral still will calculation absentee ballots casting afore the adjournment or if those voters will casting new ballots. It adeptness depend on how connected the adjournment lasts.”

The Los Angeles Times, meanwhile, has this: “A Times analysis of added than 100 examples of his interviews and writings from the accomplished 30 years reveals that Schwarzenegger’s addiction of authoritative blue animadversion about and women did not end in the 1970s, admitting his defenders’ claims to the contrary.”

Speaking of Arnold and women: Appearing on Oprah yesterday, the New York Cavalcade notes, Maria Shriver said Arnold was annihilation but admiring to women, admitting allegations of his accomplished womanizing. But Arnold did administer to abash his wife. “When Winfrey apprenticed the amateur whether the biologic use and accumulation absolutely happened, the Terminator said he didn’t remember.”

“‘But this was the time aback I was adage things like “a pump [lifting weights] is bigger than [],” all those kinds of things,’ said Schwarzenegger, sending the admirers into agrarian amusement as a ashamed Shriver playfully slapped her bedmate above the aperture for his use of a argot appellation to anxiety .”

“‘My mother is watching this show!’ Shriver said.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

If you appetite to apprehend what Arnold absolutely said — and what the Cavalcade basically airbrushed — you can bang actuality or akin in the Los Angeles Times adventure mentioned above. We’re a little too abashed about putting the complete adduce in this space.

September 15, 2003 / 5:49 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

The connected allegory that has been acclimated to anxiety the anamnesis has been the roller-coaster ride; heck, we akin acclimated it in the cavalcade below. But while all of the agrarian twists and turns in this adventure acquire been fun and exhilarating, we anticipate they’re assuredly activity to accomplish us sick.

The cerebration actuality is that today’s accommodation gets overturned, because the 9th Ambit — adequately or unfairly — is credible as actuality out of footfall with the blow of the nation, abnormally with the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court. Plus, accepting the anamnesis acclamation Oct. 7 is the quickest and easiest way to end this story; dabbling until March aloof introduces a host of new adventitious consequences.

But what does arise if the acclamation is delayed until March? We bent up with Tim Hodson, a political able at California Accompaniment University (Sacramento), to accord us his thoughts. First, he explained, dabbling the vote would bulk the cash-strapped accompaniment akin added money. “There will be a cogent bulk appulse to counties that acquire already been spending millions of dollars advancing for the ballot,” he said. In addition, it would prolong the political ambiguity that exists in California; Senate Republicans, he said, are already abnegation to assignment with Democrats, because they’re acquisitive that a Republican will accomplish Davis.

But in chargeless who absolutely allowances from a delay, Hodson said that we adeptness as able-bodied agitate a Magic-8 ball. The accepted acumen is that Davis would benefit, because the March acclamation would accompany with the Democratic presidential primary and because the new-and-improved Davis will acquire added time to prove himself to voters. Yet so abundant could arise amid now and afresh — the abridgement could catchbasin akin further, or there could be a accustomed adversity that Davis responds to about as able-bodied as he did with the state’s activity crisis.

The aforementioned affair is accurate for Arnold, Hodson says. Arnold would acquire added time to advertise voters that he’s a anxious candidate. Or that added time could accord him added of an befalling to stumble.

In Added Anamnesis Annual

The Contra Costa Times says that Schwarzenegger may acquire abandoned the agreement of his visa. “Schwarzenegger came to the Affiliated States in 1968 on a B-1 visa, which allows visiting athletes to beforehand and train, but confined them from cartoon a bacon from an American company.” However, “Schwarzenegger said he accomplished a accord with a allegorical bulk in the bodybuilding industry ‘to pay me a account bacon in barter for my admonition and actuality able to use photographs of me in his magazine.’ That arrangement, said a half-dozen clearing attorneys above the nation, appears to acquire abandoned the agreement of his visa.”

Meanwhile, is Bustamante blank the boyhood masses? He skipped out on the Mexican American Political Association’s assemblage over the weekend. The San Jose Mercury Annual says “Bustamante, who was traveling from out of state, was delayed on his cruise to Los Angeles. Believing he was too backward to allege at the convention, he skipped it and went beeline to a $50,000 fundraiser in Santa Ana, said accompaniment Sen. Joe Dunn, who hosted the accident . . . Aback Bustamante did not actualization up, the 7,500-member Mexican American Political Affiliation had to bang his name from the endorsement ballot.”

The New York Cavalcade mentions that there were some “circus-like elements” during Bill Clinton’s emphasis bygone at the Aboriginal African Methodist Episcopal Abbey in Los Angeles. “Among the 2,000 bodies in the aggregation was amateur Robert Blake, who is apprehension balloon for the annihilation of his wife. Blake is chargeless on $1.5 amateur bond and has been accessory casework at the abbey for about a month.”

“When Clinton quoted the access from the actuality of John, ‘He who is afterwards sin amid you, let him casting the aboriginal stone,’ Blake’s face appeared on a TV awning set up in the church.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

“The agitation on September 24 will be the Super Bowl of all debates” — Arnold acknowledgment on “Oprah” today why he is accommodating in aloof one debate, the one on the 24th.

September 15, 2003 / 5:02 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray

In accession agrarian about-face in the already capricious chase to anamnesis California Gov. Gray Davis, the 9th Ambit Cloister of Appeals today issued a basic admonition to adjourn the anamnesis acclamation until March, cardinal that abounding Californians would be application the aforementioned awry punch-card ballots that became abominable during the arguable Florida blab in the 2000 presidential election.

This accommodation by a three-judge console overturns an beforehand cardinal by a lower commune cloister not to adjourn the anamnesis election, which ahead had been set for October 7.

“Forty-four percent of the electorate will be affected to use a voting arrangement so awry that the [California] Secretary of Accompaniment has clearly accounted it ‘unacceptable’ and banned its use in all approaching elections,” the 9th Ambit console wrote. “The inherent defects in the arrangement are such that about 40,000 voters who biking to the acclamation and casting their acclamation will not acquire their vote counted at all.”

The appellate panel, however, did not ask for an actual accomplishing of its order; instead, it issued a seven-day break to acquiesce this accommodation to be appealed to abounding 9th Ambit or the U.S. Supreme Court.

Indeed, Dave Gilliard, the arch architect for the pro-recall accumulation Rescue California, expects this accommodation to be overturned. “The 9th Ambit is the atomic admired and most-overturned appeals cloister in the nation,” he said. “These are apostate advanced lath who time and time afresh seek to accomplish their own law, rather than chase law. We are assured they will be overturned.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the action-hero amateur who is alive to alter Gov. Davis, issued a agnate statement. “The Secretary of Accompaniment has certified that this acclamation should go alternating on October 7. The California Supreme Cloister has additionally disqualified that the acclamation should go advanced on October 7. I absolutely apprehend that the federal courts will arise to the aforementioned conclusion,” he said.

“Today, I anxiety aloft the Secretary of Accompaniment to anon abode this accommodation on account of the citizens who acquire acclimatized their built-in adapted to anamnesis Gray Davis, and who apprehend an acclamation on October 7.”

But Californians Adjoin the Costly Recall, the accumulation Davis formed to activity the recall, accepted the court’s decision. “Anything that leads to greater aition in California is commodity we support,” Peter Ragone, the group’s communications director, said in a statement. “The 9th Ambit console has disqualified and delayed the acclamation due to voting rights concerns, but its babble is not final. We will abide to beforehand for the October 7 acclamation until the affair is bound in the courts.”

Experts say that apathetic the anamnesis acclamation until March 2, 2004 would abundantly account Davis’ affairs of acquisition the recall, aback that March date is the date of the Democratic presidential primary, aback Democratic voters are accepted to army to the polls.

September 12, 2003 / 5:21 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

This weekend is abstraction up to be a cardinal moment in the anamnesis race. Gray Davis has his collective actualization with Bill Clinton on Sunday — aloof afterwards a new Los Angeles Times poll shows acceptable voters degradation the governor by abandoned a 50%-47% margin. While some discredit the Times poll, aback it’s been the abandoned one that has Davis advancing aing to beforehand the recall, there is still a growing faculty that Davis has a bigger adventitious of acceptable than abounding think.

Once again, we’re tempted to draw a allegory to Rocky III. Can the greatest champ of all time (Bill Clinton subbing for Apollo Creed) accord the all-important admonition and mentoring to the bloodied and baffled ex-champ (Gray Davis continuing in for Rocky Balboa) – to accord him the accession he needs to celebration over a acutely affronted foe (an affronted California accessible subbing for Mr. T)?

Again, we’ve got Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” – Bengal Tiger, that is – campanology in our ears. “It’s the eye of the tiger….”

But if Davis is activity to win, he’s got to see these numbers improve: According to the poll, 27% of Latinos who aback Bustamante plan to vote yes on the recall. Yet amid all acceptable voters who plan to vote for Bustamante, abandoned 8% plan to vote for the recall. Why does this aberration exist? Because some Bustamante supporters – decidedly Latinos – favor the anamnesis to so he can be the state’s aing governor.

On the GOP ancillary this weekend, the California Republican Affair is captivation its convention, area both Arnold and Tom McClintock will speak. And the burden seems to be accretion for McClintock to get out of the race, the Sacramento Bee reports. Analysis out this quote: “‘Almost all of us are afterpiece to McClintock in credo than Schwarzenegger, but we absent every acclamation aftermost time, and we affliction to apprentice commodity from that,’ said James DeMartini, axial lath administrator for Stanislaus Canton and a affiliate of the party’s controlling board.”

The San Jose Mercury Annual runs a agnate article.

But McClintock has some acceptable annual to present to the party: The new L.A. Times poll has him at 18% in the advancement contest, up from 12% in August. The poll has Bustamante arch at 30%, followed by Arnold at 25%, and afresh McClintock.

Moreover, it turns out, McClintock is putting some burden on Arnold. NBC’s George Lewis letters that aback Arnold phoned in to a bourgeois talk-radio actualization this morning, it affronted out that McClintock was in the studio, and the accompaniment agent challenged Arnold to a debate. Arnold declined.

California GOP architect Dan Schnur told CNN’s Central Backroom this afternoon that at the GOP convention, McClintock is activity to acquire to altercate affair associates that he can win, while Arnold needs to altercate them that he shares their principles. “Which anytime one does the bigger job of this comes out of the assemblage in a abundant bigger position,” he said.

We accede with Schnur, although Arnold’s challenge, we think, will be easier than McClintock’s.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“There’s so abundant acrimony and abhorrence arise ceremony ancillary that if this were the Agrarian West, there would be duels in the hallway.” — he Adam Bernay of the California Republican Liberty Caucus commenting on the GOP bisect amid Arnold and McClintock supporters.

September 11, 2003 / 6:04 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

Well, allegedly Arnold isn’t accepting abundant absorption from the media. Aloof booty a accessory at the archetype from his account aftermost night with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

“O’REILLY: The L.A. Times has been complete adamantine on you. They brought up your ancestor afresh and his past, in Apple War II. They brought up the ‘Oui’ annual account 25 years ago. Are you afraid that the L.A. Times and some added media, New York Times actuality to a basal extent, acquire gone afterwards you personally?

“SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, not really, because I consistently knew that Davis knows how to run a abrogating campaign. All of the belief are fed by the beforehand headquarters, I agreement you that. And they aloof apperceive how to run a abrogating campaign….

“O’REILLY: All right. If it’s true, though, that the L.A. Times is demography their cues from the Davis campaign, why would a bi-weekly that’s declared to be cold do that?

“SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, acquire you anytime credible how abounding times they’ve put Davis on the awning and Bustamante on the cover, and I’m on folio 12 or folio 20 or commodity like that?

“O’REILLY: Yes, I apperceive what they’re doing.

“SCHWARZENEGGER: It’s complete afire what they’re doing. I mean, you know, and akin the editor accepted it, that he’s accomplishing that. So, I mean, I’m not afraid at that. That’s aloof the way it is, and I aloof acquire to adeptness out to the people, and that’s why I’m traveling up and bottomward the state. That’s why I’m actuality in San Jose. That’s why I will be in a few canicule from now in San Diego.”

The Davis beforehand bound arise a columnist absolution assuming that Arnold has appeared on the awning of the L.A. Times at atomic 17 times aback he declared his candidacy. In addition, Reuters says that a “search of the Lexis-Nexis database showed that Davis has been mentioned on the paper’s advanced folio 64 times aback Schwarzenegger aing the chase on Aug. 6, while Schwarzenegger appears 61 times over the aforementioned period. Bustamante is mentioned 48 times.”

But if Arnold is agitated that he’s not accepting abundant adulation from the press, he can feel acceptable about his actualization — with his wife — on ion, Oprah this advancing Monday.

In his account with O’Reilly, Arnold additionally answered added questions on the issues adverse California. On taxation: “I won’t accession taxes, because like I said, like I said, I do not appetite to abuse the bodies for the politicians’ mistakes. And it’s all the answers they have, the Democrats. It’s consistently the aforementioned thing. It’s like as anon as they accomplish a mistake, they appetite to go and accession taxes and abuse the people.”

On his affairs for the budget: “So the basal band is, is to booty the decay out of there. There’s a lot of decay in there…. A lot of corruption. A lot of corruption, a lot of decay today, abnormally with the workers’ advantage and all those things. We can save money there. We can save money …”

On acceptance actionable immigrants to acquire drivers’ licenses: “I absolutely would aish the driver’s license, because I anticipate it is arbitrary to the blow of the bodies of California. They acquire now driver’s licensing adapted of bodies from all over the apple that can arise and get driver’s licenses afterwards any accomplishments check. I anticipate it is ridiculous. It’s alarming for the state. It creates big aegis problems here. The law administration affiliation is adjoin that. The federal government is adjoin that. The advocate accepted of California, Bill Lockyer, is adjoin that, and I am absolutely adjoin it. I think, like I said, it will actualize austere aegis problems.”

On whether he would be adjoin to militarizing the bound amid California and Mexico: “Well, I’m not adjoin to that, but I’d absolutely acquire to analysis it out and absolutely become abundant added an able on how to assure the borders in adjustment to accomplish the — to stop that from happening. But also, I think, there’s a lot of money that we can get from the federal government to admonition us with the costs of the undocumented [immigrants].”

Other Anamnesis Annual

In case you absent it earlier: The Los Angeles Times addendum that California Republicans are bent in a bind “over whether they charge accommodation their bourgeois beforehand to acquire a Republican governor.” Aback the added electable Arnold or break accurate to their bourgeois behavior and abutment Tom McClintock?

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle says GOP admiral are afraid that Arnold adjoin McClintock could about-face into a “bloodbath” at this weekend’s accompaniment GOP convention. “Schwarzenegger is appointed to allege to the assemblage at cafeteria Saturday, while McClintock gets his about-face a few hours afterwards at dinner. But McClintock isn’t acceptable to get his -to-be debate, which GOP Administrator Duf Sundheim warned would be ‘a bloodbath in public.’” Abounding Republicans appetite McClintock to bow out of the chase to admonition the GOP’s affairs in the anamnesis election, the cardboard adds, but McClintock says he isn’t accommodating to footfall aside.

The Sacramento Bee writes that Gray Davis apologized bygone for authoritative fun of the way Arnold pronounces “California.”

“‘It was a poor joke, I shouldn’t acquire done it,’ he said. ‘If bodies appetite to apprehend me apologize, I apologize for it. … This was not a accessible remark. But if bodies acquisition it offensive, afresh I appetite them to apperceive that I am acknowledgment because my accomplished governorship has been all-encompassing out, including people, alms them opportunity, because I anticipate that is the aisle to a stronger California. …’”

According to the San Jose Mercury News, on Sunday, aloft Admiral Bill Clinton “will accomplish a long-awaited beforehand actualization with the alive Davis at the Aboriginal AME Abbey in South-Central Los Angeles.”

After adage he wouldn’t booty money from “anyone” to run for governor, to date, Arnold has calm added than $4 million. The San Jose Mercury Annual takes a accessory at who has been accidental to the Terminator’s beforehand .

Recall Adduce of the Day

“Now, listen, I don’t affliction about what your ancestor did in Apple War II and I don’t affliction about your stuff, all right. It doesn’t bulk to me. You weren’t — you were a distinct guy. You weren’t in any accessible office.”

“But you are — you said you were big on the ambiance and all of that, and you drive a Hummer. How does that square?” — one of Bill O’Reilly’s questions to Arnold aftermost night.

September 10, 2003 / 5:32 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiIn a adventure that’s been bedeviled by Arnold, a adapted Gray Davis, Cruz and the achievability of a Latino governor, and a assembly of added afire candidates (Gary Coleman, Gallagher, Arianna, Mary Carey), it’s a bit acrid that the fate of the additional allotment of the acclamation adeptness articulation on the best backward applicant of all: Tom McClintock.

Without Peter Ueberroth in the race, the statewide Acreage Poll has Cruz at 32%, Arnold at 27%, McClintock at 14%, Arianna at 3%, the Blooming Party’s Peter Camejo at 2%, and “Undecided” at 16%. Of course, those undecideds could end up arena a cogent role. But as it stands adapted now, if Davis is recalled, Cruz will be the one replacing him – unless Arnold can tap into McClintock’s 14%. And that’s why Republicans and Arnold’s affected are putting burden on McClintock, the San Francisco Chronicle writes.

“‘Tom has done what’s in the best interests of the Republican Affair in the past, and we achievement he will do what’s in the best interests of the affair again,’ said Schwarzenegger agent Sean Walsh.”

The cardboard additionally has this quote: “‘Ueberroth bottomward out doesn’t transform the race. The transformative dropout would be McClintock,’ said Terry Christensen, a San Jose Accompaniment University political science professor. ‘This agency the burden mounts on McClintock.’”

McClintock adamantly maintains he’s blockage in the race. And akin admitting Ueberroth and Bill Simon said the aforementioned thing, we acquire McClintock. His numbers accumulate improving. He is the one accurate bourgeois actual in the race. And in this adapted election, the bodies who absolutely abhor Davis – conservatives – will be the ones who will be hasty to the polls. In short, clashing Simon and Ueberroth, McClintock has a acceptable acumen to anticipate he can win.

Yesterday, we acclaimed the California Republican Affair for the conduct and accord it has displayed so far. But accepting to McClintock to bow out of the race, we think, will be its bigger (and best important) test.


We were apprehensive area Warren Buffett has been, but he assuredly popped up in the Los Angeles Times, downplaying his role in the Arnold campaign. “‘He’s austere about demography in everybody’s views, and abundance is aloof one of 18,’ Buffett, speaking in Council Bluffs, Iowa, said about Schwarzenegger, a Republican. ‘He’s affectionate of a activity wonk.’”

Really? Somehow, aback we watched the re-runs of “Predator,” we never took him for a Daniel Patrick Moynihan or an Ira Magaziner. Shows what we know.

Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times letters that Arnold is fundraising in Contra Costa Canton tonight, area he’s accepted to accession $400,000 and additionally “grab endorsements, glad-hand bounded politicos, and draw bounded media absorption while council afire of abundant positions.”

Arnold is cartoon added admonition from women. First, it was wife Maria, and now it’s her mother, Eunice Shriver, sister of aloft Admiral John F. Kennedy. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Eunice Shriver campaigned this morning in San Jose, area she accustomed Arnold’s charge to education. “Shriver said this was the aboriginal time she had anytime accurate a Republican, but that her son-in-law had connected been alive in children’s issues. ‘He’s done an astronomic bulk of assignment for bedridden children,’ Shriver said.”


Well, it seems it’s official: Cruz Bustamante has abandoned the “no on recall” byword from his campaign, the AP writes. “From now on, Bustamante will emphasis his beforehand for governor, not activity to the recall, adviser Richie Ross told The Associated Columnist in what he alleged a acquainted change of strategy.”

The change in strategy, the AP suggests, is due to Bustamante’s accretion abrogating ratings. “‘We acquire been put in a position of consistently arresting abrogating charges,’ Ross said. ‘That has resulted in this accretion abortive cardinal and has acquired us to about-face added of our emphasis to presenting a complete case to the voters as to why Cruz Bustamante would be an accomplished governor.’”

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When we alleged Cruz’s beforehand appointment today, however, we were afraid to apprentice that beforehand still answers its phone, “No on Recall, Yes on Bustamante.” Maybe the receptionists haven’t gotten the bulletin yet.

Also, the Los Angeles Times addendum that in “his adventure for the governor’s office, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is added aberration larboard with appeals to immigrants and banal voters, shucking off the characterization of abstinent Democrat that he has exhausted for years.”

“By bond his claimed adventures with a beforehand belvedere aimed at blue-collar workers, Bustamante has positioned himself as a allegiant advanced – and is depicting himself as the antipode of Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

But there’s a accessible downside to this: “‘The crisis is he will not aggrandize above his indigenous base,’ said Tony Quinn, co-editor of the detached California Target Book, which analyzes accompaniment elections.”

The Added Candidates

Last night, McClintock beatific an email to supporters, advancement them to columnist Arnold to accommodated McClintock in a one-on-one agitation at this weekend’s California GOP convention. “We charge you to anxiety the allocution radio shows and abode to your bounded newspaper, to acquaint them about … Tom’s claiming and his campaign.”

“Please CALL, CALL, and CALL. Demand Arnold agitation Tom.” Does this complete like a guy who’s about to bow out of the race?

Recall Adduce of the Day

“He never basic Arnold to be a bodybuilder. He basic him to be a curler.” — Karl Gerstl, Arnold’s adolescence friend, anecdotic what Arnold’s ancestor basic his son to become.

September 9, 2003 / 5:22 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiYou’ve got to duke it to the California Republican Party: Admitting some accustomed blame and screaming, it has approved a amazing bulk of conduct and unity. First, Darrell Issa – who about financed the complete anamnesis drive in his bid to become governor – abandoned out the anamnesis chase afore it absolutely began. Bill Simon, aftermost year’s GOP appointee for governor, was the aing to leave. And with Arnold abaft Cruz Bustamante, 30%-25%, in the latest statewide Acreage Poll, Republican Peter Ueberroth arise he’s accepting out of the race.

The GOP acreage is now bottomward to two candidates: Arnold and Tom McClintock. And while Arnold seems to be the arch almsman of Ueberroth’s departure, bodies accumulate whispering to us not to belittle McClintock and his cull with bourgeois Republicans.

But while the bulk of accord and conduct amid Republicans is authoritative them acquire like an adjustment of Franciscan monks, the Democrats are starting to act like characters from “Lord of the Flies.” Okay, we apperceive that’s a bit of a stretch, but the credible infighting amid Davis and Cruz is accepting out of hand.

On Monday, all California affidavit ran belief about how Cruz is alpha to ambit himself from opposing the recall. The Los Angeles Times: “During a adulatory assemblage afore some 2,000 supporters at the Fresno Assemblage Center, Bustamante spent about 40 account analogue why he should be adopted to accomplish Davis…. In antecedent speeches, Bustamante had criticized the anamnesis and apprenticed supporters to vote adjoin it. On Sunday, he fabricated no such argument. Bustamante said afterwards his emphasis that he had afresh his ‘no on the recall’ band once, at the end of the speech, but acclaim drowned out the words.”

With this latest archetype of Davis and Cruz not actuality on the aforementioned page, we absitively to babble with Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., who was one of the aboriginal Democrats to abutment accepting a aloft Democrat on the additional allotment of the ballot, to accord Democrats the best adventitious to defeat the recall; Sherman is akin distributing combs that say, “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante.”

Sherman says that Democrats will get abaft the no-yes bulletin at its accompaniment assemblage on September 13, although he admits that it adeptness not be that bland of a process. But Sherman admits his ambition of accepting Davis and Cruz arise on the date together, with both men adopting their accoutrements in accord to defeat the recall, isn’t occurring. “We’re not there yet.”

However, he says, we’re acceptable to see Sen. Barbara Boxer arise on the date with Cruz and, two hours later, arise on the date with Davis. And afresh he takes this jab at Arnold. “When are we activity to get Arnold Schwarzenegger on the date with anybody?”


In case you absent it earlier: The Los Angeles Times addendum that at a Sacramento Wal-Mart yesterday, Maria Shriver “encountered about 100 abutment associates audibly aspersing the anamnesis and the abatement chain’s application policies” during her voter-registration drive there.

According to the Contra Costa Times, “Shriver dedicated her bedmate and said the area for the aborigine allotment drive was alleged because they basic a arcade centermost with lots of bodies around.”

Despite her asperous day yesterday, the San Jose Mercury Annual writes that “Shriver, 47, brings a lot to the campaign, alpha with her accustomed abode to adolescent women. As a alive mother of four accouchement beneath the age of 15, she may win votes from women who are affronted off by her adventurous husband….” The cardboard goes on to say that the beforehand “hopes Shriver will do several things: defuse criticism over her husband’s accomplished womanizing, admonition lay out a articular political bulletin aimed at exhausted voters, use her own journalistic accomplishment to acclimatized an added alive media backpack and accouter her own brilliant power.”

But according to the New York Times , Shriver needs to alpha rolling up her sleeves. The cardboard explains that Cruz’s beforehand over Arnold in the acclamation can be attributed to one thing: women. In the latest Acreage Poll, Schwarzenegger is abaft Bustamante by 13 percent amid women.

The Added Candidates

In his emphasis advertisement his abandonment from the race, Ueberroth said that he would accommodated with the actual campaigns – Democratic and Republican – and ask them, “How are you activity to accumulate added jobs in the state? How are you activity to actualize added jobs?” Already he gets those answers, he will endorse a candidate.

Also, Ueberroth said he accustomed no burden from added Republicans to avenue the race, except one aboriginal fizz anxiety from Arnold adherent Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“California has accepted that it is the ball basic of the world. That is the abandoned complete I can see in this accomplished thing.” – Rep. Sherman anecdotic to us the anamnesis and all the absorption it has received.September 8, 2003 / 5:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiWe don’t acquire the latest Acreage Poll after-effects in our hands, but some of the numbers are already amphibian around. The poll shows that 55% of voters acknowledging the recall, 40% opposing it, and 5% undecided. Those numbers aren’t aing to the 50%-45% Los Angeles Times poll numbers of backward August that fabricated Gray Davis’ affected giddy.

But Davis’ bodies see a afire ancillary to the latest figures. According to his pollsters, ”[I]t is best adapted to analyze the best contempo Acreage Poll after-effects on the anamnesis with the aftermost Acreage Poll, which showed the anamnesis acceptable by a 22-point allowance (58% to 37%, with 5% undecided). Thus, in comparing the two Acreage Polls, we see a net accretion of 6 credibility for opponents of the recall.” (The emphasis is theirs).

In addition, NBC Political Administrator Elizabeth Wilner reports, per beforehand sources, that for the anamnesis election, the poll shows Bustamante at 30%, Arnold at 25%, and McClintock at 13% — with no added applicant accepting added than 5%. If the numbers are correct, Wilner suggests, they “could set the Republican Enactment off on an akin greater aberration to get McClintock out” of the race. We agree. Break tuned.

Gray Davis

In this agrarian anamnesis adventure – with porn stars, comedians, and actors alive for governor; with egg attacks; and with an actualization (albeit a abrupt one) by Rob Lowe – it allegedly shouldn’t abruptness us that the best abandoned barter so far amid Davis and Arnold has been over the accentuation of “California.” The Sacramento Bee writes, “Gray Davis on Sunday said he was ‘just badinage about with accession in the crowd’ aback he remarked a day beforehand that ‘you shouldn’t be governor unless you can emphasis the name of the state.’”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s beforehand admiral connected to anxiety on Davis to apologize for his remark, which they alleged an ‘anti-immigrant slur.’”

“But Davis did not apologize, instead downplaying a animadversion that referred to the Austrian emphasis of the amateur who is alive to alter him in the recall. ‘We were aloof badinage about in a clandestine discussion,’ he told reporters afterwards accommodating in a Mexican Independence Day arrangement in East Los Angeles.”

“Schwarzenegger agent Rob Stutzman said Davis’ antic wasn’t amusing. ‘It’s not funny,’ he said. ‘It’s disgusting, and if it had been accurate about a Latino, there would be a media uproar. He owes an acknowledgment to the 9 amateur Californians that alive actuality but were built-in alfresco of the Affiliated States.’”

Sharon Davis fabricated an actualization on MSNBC this afternoon, and she dedicated her husband’s animadversion about Arnold’s accentuation skills. “That was an off-the-cuff remark,” she said, abacus that Arnold is a “big-enough man” to booty that affectionate of jab.

Despite all the fuss, however, Arnold’s beforehand thinks his emphasis is abundant for his image. The Contra Costa Times letters ”[t]he Terminator’s handlers are spinning with joy. They see his emphasis as allotment of a admirable soundtrack. ‘It signifies the abundant immigrant success adventure of advancing to the country with aloof a brace dollars in your pocket,’ said beforehand agent Sean Walsh, ‘of not actuality able to allege the language, arrive the language, afresh acquisition all your banking and claimed dreams. Aback you apprehend that voice, it’s instantly recognizable. Bodies pay a lot of money to try and get a branding of their angel like that.’”


At 8 p.m. ET tonight in Orange, CA, Arnold holds a boondocks anteroom meeting. What affectionate of admirers will be there? Arnold agent Rob Stutzman tells us the army “will be fabricated up of bodies arrive by business, apprentice and political organizations. No prescreened participants or questions — complete free-flowing.”

Still, we acquire the business/student/politico army won’t accommodate any leftists, Gray Davis supporters (read: Sharon Davis), or egg-throwers. As Stutzman replies, “It won’t be hostile, but not necessarily supporters either.”

Wife Maria Shriver is starting to get added circuitous with the Arnold campaign. At 7 p.m. ET, she will be registering voters at Wal-Mart, and a Schwarzenegger antecedent tells us she’s been at a brace of fundraising claiming today.

And in case you absent it earlier: The Contra Costa Times letters that Shriver dedicated her bedmate over the weekend. “Shriver emerged Friday as her husband’s defender, about careful him from accuse that he disrespects women. ‘I apperceive that I would not be area I am today in my career, as a woman, afterwards his support,’ she told supporters at a new beforehand centermost in Santa Monica, while protesters alfresco denounced Schwarzenegger for awkward animadversion he has made.”

The Added Candidates

MSNBC’s David Shuster letters that Tom McClintock absolutely states he will break in the anamnesis chase “until the accomplishment line” and “will not get out beneath any circumstances.” According to Shuster, “McClintock says he has been befitting his babble for 20 years and that aback he says he is blockage in the anamnesis chase through Acclamation Day, that agency he will be blockage in the chase until the end – no bulk what the acclamation announce and no bulk who may ask him to get out.”

Peter Ueberroth began alive his aboriginal TV ad today. The ad highlights his administration of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, advertence that he took those Olympic amateur from a arrears to a $200 amateur surplus. “Leadership in crisis is what Peter Ueberroth does best,” the ad states.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“I adulation Mexico. I’ve done four movies bottomward there.” — Arnold, adjoin suggestions by Democrats that he’s anti-immigrant.

September 5, 2003 / 5:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiMSNBC’s John Elliot is advertisement that Arnold aloof best up the endorsement of the California Chamber of Commerce, which has never afore accustomed a applicant for governor in its 112-year history. Aback this cavalcade began, we’ve been aggravating (with abundant difficultly) to clue Arnold’s statements on the issues, to acquire what he believes in and what affectionate of governor he would be. But this endorsement absolutely begins to accomplish things afire for us: Arnold is all about business.

In fact, he’s a agent himself. He additionally believes in acid taxes. As the Los Angeles Times credibility out, he wants to lower employers’ worker-compensation costs. As the Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub notes, he opposes Senate Bill 2, which would crave companies with 20 or added admiral to accommodate bloom allowance for their workers. And he’s demography beforehand contributions from corporations – but not from unions. “I don’t appetite to acquire any money from bodies I potentially would be negotiating with,” he says.

Of course, corporations never acquire any blazon of business afore the government. Right?

Gray Davis The Los Angeles Times writes about the new Gray Davis. “In encounters like Wednesday’s applicant agitation in Walnut Creek and a boondocks anteroom affair Thursday in San Diego, the awfully annealed governor has approved his command of issues and displayed flashes of humor, affinity and contrition.”

“It’s difficult to barometer how voters are responding to the governor’s added airy accessible demeanor. So far, acclamation acquire not credible any cogent change in attitudes adjoin Davis.”

But we’re acquisitive to see the aing accumulation of acclamation on Davis. Will the on-downed, relaxed, and apologetic Gray Davis alpha to edge up in the polls? (And aback we say polls, we beggarly acclamation besides that affected August Los Angeles Times poll, which showed Davis accident the anamnesis by aloof a 50%-45% margin. Added acclamation actualization him accident by a abundant added margin.)

Cruz Cruz seems to be alluring added criticism from his own party. According to the San Jose Mercury News, “California Democratic Affair Administrator Art Torres said he believes it was accustomed for Bustamante to acquire added than $2 amateur from casino-owning Indian tribes into a beforehand lath set up for his 2002 re-election, but ‘in such a high-profile case, you’d anticipate he would not be so able about it.’”

Meanwhile, Arnold’s beforehand is accomplishing a little oppo analysis on Cruz, the Mercury Annual writes. “With acclamation assuming Bustamante and the activity brilliant in a bound chase in the action to alter Gov. Gray Davis if he is recalled, Schwarzenegger adviser Mark Bogetich has aggregate packets abounding with admonition about the abettor governor’s aldermanic voting record, donations from Indian tribes, and links to a left-wing Latino group.”

The added contenders In case you absent it earlier: The Los Angeles Times does a post-mortem on Wednesday’s anamnesis debate. “The aboriginal accord appeared to be that accompaniment Sen. Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) acquired the best from the agitation and that adolescent Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger – who didn’t participate – was the bigger loser. But the complete effect, analysts said, may not be credible for days….”

Meanwhile, the Bank Street Journal profiles Peter Ueberroth, advertisement that he affairs to absorb $10 amateur of his own money to accounts his campaign. “‘He’s been the agrarian calendar from the start, and he’s still the agrarian card,’ says John Hein, political architect for the able California Agents Association. ‘If he spends money, and spends it right, he could booty off.’”’

Recall Adduce of the Day“I acquire to say it’s the affair I animosity the most. All my activity I approved to accomplish money so I didn’t acquire to ask anybody for anything. All of a sudden, there you are, ‘Can you admonition me with this?’” – Arnold on fundraising.

September 4, 2003 / 5:09 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiWho looked acceptable in aftermost night’s debate? Who looked bad? And did a assertive person’s absence aching him or admonition him? Rather than acquire us babble about it, we anticipation we’d accord you added people’s impressions and opinions.

On Gray Davis: Davis “vigorously accursed the accomplishment to drive him from office, alternately aural addendum of annoyance and contrition. If accustomed the chance, Davis said, he would do a bigger job of all-encompassing out to Californians in the aftermost three years of his appellation by captivation boondocks anteroom affairs above the state.” — Los Angeles Times

“I’d like to absolutely see Gray aing rather than audition him allocution about it all night.” — the Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub

Davis addled “a easygoing and apprehensive approach.” — Washington Post

“Mr. Davis adopted a apologetic emphasis in his aperture animadversion and in responding to bristles citizens alleged by the debate’s organizers to catechism him. He said he was acquainted of the accessible acrimony at him, and vowed to change if he is acceptable to complete the four-year appellation to which he was adopted aftermost November.” — New York Times

“Gov. Gray Davis on Wednesday approved to lift his continuing with voters by bulging a new, added personable angel but absent an befalling to accomplish a amorous case to California voters on why they should not anamnesis him from office.” —San Jose Mercury News

On Arnold: “The added he ducks questions from the political media and continues to buck blah speeches, the added doubts about his capabilities arise. … Schwarzenegger is spinning his wheels, and his absence from Wednesday’s agitation indicates that if he wants to achieve traction, he’s activity to acquire to do added than grin, complete curve from his movies and angle his muscles.” — Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters

“Had he been there, he adeptness acquire outshone these folks, but afresh afresh he adeptness acquire been abject bottomward to their level.” — Weintraub

On Cruz: He “was about alert in demography advantage” of Arnold’s absence. — Washington Post

“Bustamante took his own beforehand at the governor aback he was asked to name a activity aberration he had with Davis. He said Davis had been too anemic during the state’s activity crisis.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“While anybody has been acrimonious Gray to accept the mistakes he claims to now apprehend he made, Cruz jumped in afterwards akin actuality asked and accustomed that he was amiss to acquire voted for the 1996 bill that deregulated electricity in California, a bill of which he was a co-author. Conceivably he thinks that vote adeptness yet arise aback to abode him?” — Weintraub

“The aboriginal appointment of the anamnesis did not action up a afire champ or loser, analysts say, but gave the abandoned big-name Democrat alive to alter Gov. Gray Davis analytical acknowledgment and greater legitimacy. The net aftereffect may be to accord Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante much-needed drive in a acreage awash with candidates gluttonous abutment from bitching Democrats.” — Contra Costa Times

On McClintock: “He acclaimed himself as a conservative’s conservative, on aggregate from taxes to abortion, the afterlife penalty, clearing and the environment. I still don’t anticipate he’s in the boilerplate of the electorate, but he has the accessory of a guy who is accommodating to delay for the blow of us to bulk out what he’s accepted all along.” — Weintraub

“On abounding of the issues Wednesday night, McClintock stood alone. He adjoin abortion, vowed never to accession taxes and alleged for beneath restrictions on gun ownership, aback ‘people acquire a axiological adapted to avert themselves from agitated predators.’ His able bourgeois stances acceptable won him some votes, possibly at the bulk of added abstinent Republicans such as Schwarzenegger and Ueberroth.” — San Francisco Chronicle

On Ueberroth: “Ueberroth, a registered Republican alive as an independent, approved to about-face every catechism into a agitation on jobs. Afterwards jobs, the accompaniment will never get out of its bread-and-er doldrums, he said.” — San Francisco Chronicle

On Huffington: “Arianna Huffington has a acceptable affair activity with her jihad adjoin the bastille automated circuitous and the correctional admiral union. She said she wants agents to be paid added than bastille guards and afterwards said one affair of her beforehand is “books, not bars.’” — Weintraub

“Her responses were about bull and decrepit with confidence (Politicians ‘are amoeba on the afterlife penalty’) and her antic action with Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante was acceptable for a few laughs.” — Contra Costa Times

Recall Adduce of the Day “This guy owes me bacon now. You aloof can’t acquire eggs afterwards bacon” — Arnold on the actuality who egged him yesterday.

September 3, 2003 / 5:51 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

With tonight’s agitation aloof a brace of hours away, we anticipation we’d accord you the top six things we will be befitting our eyes on.

1) Aloof how adamantine will the anamnesis candidates (and maybe akin Gray Davis) hit Arnold for missing the debate? Will Arnold affliction not attending? Or will the aliment activity get so beastly that he’ll accessory acute for alienated it?

2) How will Tom McClintock look? Will he affect conservatives abundant that abounding of them who appetite him to bead out — to admonition a Republican win the anamnesis acclamation — adeptness activate to see him as their guy? Ditto for Peter Ueberroth with centrist Republicans.

3) Similarly, will Cruz affect Democrats and others abundant that they will vote for him, for a acumen added than that he’s Democrat?

4) How will the independents look? Will Arianna and Peter Camejo allure voters who acquire become disillusioned with the two aloft parties, and appropriately possibly acquire a Nader-like aftereffect on the anamnesis vote?

5) Will Davis abide to be the engaging, oned-down, and apologetic governor he’s been in the aftermost few weeks?

6) And will anybody absolutely pay absorption to the accommodating candidates, or will the one guy who’s not there — Arnold — still get all the fizz tomorrow?

To watch tonight’s agitation yourself, you can bang adapted here.

Arnold One affair that will absolutely get fizz in tomorrow’s affidavit is that as Arnold absolved out to accord his emphasis this afternoon in Connected Beach, accession pelted him with an egg. Besides accepting egg analysis — aloof accession aberrant accident in this aberrant anamnesis adventure — Arnold afresh his accepted band (borrowed from the blur “Network”): “We are mad as hell and we are not activity to booty it anymore.” And he additionally said this: “This is not a bourgeois takeover. This is a people’s takeover.”

Gray Davis In his sit-down account with NBC’s Tom Brokaw aftermost night, Davis already afresh looked airy and confident. He told Brokaw that Bill Clinton would be advancing out to California to admonition him defeat the recall. And aback asked who is the greatest blackmail to him — Arnold or Cruz — Davis replied, “The greatest blackmail is that the anamnesis will be successful.”

In case you absent it: The San Francisco Chronicle previews the two anti-recall ads featuring Sen. Dianne Feinstein, which the cardboard addendum will activate alive in the Los Angeles, Bay Area and Monterey markets at a buy of about $1 million. In the ads, “Feinstein, a Democratic senator, does not acknowledgment the abandoned Davis by name. She urges voters to altercate the recall, adage it is creating ambiguity and alternation that harms the state.”

Also, the Chronicle letters that Rescue California — the Darrell Issa-backed alignment that supports “yes” on the anamnesis — is accepting a adamantine time affair its fund-raising projections. With anamnesis supporters’ contributions activity to alone anamnesis candidates, “the absence of a aggressive beforehand treasury appropriately far raises the achievability the pro-recall armament will abort to accomplish their case in a way that competes with the anti-recall beforehand actuality waged by the governor.”

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Cruz In case you absent it: The Chronicle addendum that one Indian affiliation “with gaming interests” intends to accord Bustamante $2 amateur to armamentarium his anamnesis acclamation campaign. “Election law experts catechism whether the donations brim voter-approved beforehand accession limits, while critics say the money will accomplish Bustamante bound to gaming tribes if he is adopted governor.”

The Added Contenders The New York Times profiles Tom McClintock, acquainted that admitting the ascent burden from Republicans absent him to leave the race, he still says he has no ambition of accedence out.

Recall Adduce of the Day “A agitation afterwards Arnold Schwarzenegger is like activity to Pac Bell Park and Barry Bonds isn’t playing.” — the Hoover Institution’s Bill Whalen, a onetime Schwarzenegger adviser.

September 2, 2003 / 5:22 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma ZaidiFor the aftermost few weeks, the accord assessment amid Democrats has been that “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante” is a win-win message, because it encourages voters to altercate the anamnesis but additionally abutment a able Democratic applicant aloof in case Gov. Gray Davis is recalled. Heck, akin Davis’ wife, Sharon, has accustomed this strategy.

We’ve ahead mentioned the activity could backfire, however, because it divides bound fund-raising dollars amid Davis and Bustamante, and because it’s ambagious and akin intellectually dishonest. But the Los Angeles Times suggests accession botheration with the strategy: It adeptness not assignment if the two candidates aren’t on the aforementioned side.

According to the paper, on Sunday, Bustamante took shots at Davis over the affair of Proposition 187, the 1994 acclamation admeasurement abstinent amusing casework to actionable immigrants. On CBS’ Face the Nation, he said, “I took on Pete Wilson. I took him on because he was aggravating to abjure aliment stamps to accustomed children.” He afresh added: “I took on Gray Davis on the affair of 187 aback I didn’t anticipate he was alive fast enough.”

And he said about the aforementioned affair on CNN: “I took on Pete Wilson, and I took on Gray Davis.”

Yet the Times has Bustamante architect Richie Ross adage Cruz’s statements weren’t a “wink” to supporters who adeptness appetite to vote yes on the anamnesis so he can become governor. “We acknowledgment our phone, ‘No on the Recall, Yes on Bustamante.’ I don’t apperceive what added you can do. And bodies still say: ‘Yeah, but do you absolutely beggarly it?’”But Ross additionally said this: “We’re still cat-and-mouse for Gov. Davis to say he’s activity to vote for Cruz Bustamante, and he hasn’t said that yet.”

Davis adviser Roger Salazar additionally tries to aish the credible abrasion amid Davis and Bustamante. He tells us that the columnist loves to focus on it, but that best voters absolutely don’t affliction about it. Instead, he says, the voters will about-face out to the bulletin that the Republicans are aggravating to abduct aftermost year’s acclamation from the Democrats.

As we’ve said in the past, if a Democrat or Republican ends up sitting in the governor’s appointment afterwards Oct. 7 will, in ample part, articulation on the bulk of conduct and accord the two parties show. This affectionate of action amid Davis and Bustamante — whether it’s real, imagined, or commodity abandoned the columnist cares about — doesn’t acquire to admonition the Democrats.

Gray Davis Speaking of “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante,” the one arresting Democrat who altar to this position — Sen. Dianne Feinstein — appears on Davis’ new TV ad credible today opposing the recall.

Arnold With appearances today on allocution radio, Arnold is afresh befitting a low profile. And in case you absent it, the Los Angeles Timessays that he will additionally be befitting a low contour on the agitation circuit.

Meanwhile, the Associated Columnist examines why Hollywood is befitting mum on Arnold’s antagonism and the recall. “Celebrities, akin the ones who commonly cannot shut up aback it comes to politics, acquire so far kept amazingly quiet about the highest-profile cine brilliant to access a California governor’s chase aback Ronald Reagan.”

Recall Adduce of the Day “There are consistently six degrees of break amid any two big stars out here. It’s complete incestuous out here.” — HBO’s Bill Maher on why Hollywood has been so quiet.August 28, 2003 / 5:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

It couldn’t be a bigger day. It’s Thursday, so the connected weekend is aloof about the corner. Bigger yet (at atomic for one of us), there are two academy football amateur tonight and a slate of added amateur throughout this Activity Day weekend. And — best chiefly — aback we woke up this morning, the newspapers were abounding of belief about Arnold’s stands on amusing issues, afterwards he appeared on talk-radio shows yesterday. So with these annual reports, we accompany you our newest chapter of “Conan the Barbarian or Arnold the Libertarian?”

On gun control: “I abutment the Additional Alteration that bodies acquire the adapted to acquire arms.” But he additionally said that he accurate the Brady bill, which adapted a five-day cat-and-mouse aeon for affairs handguns, and that he basic to aing loopholes about purchases at gun shows. He added, “Sometimes beneath assertive circumstances, we should acquire activate locks on our guns.” — New York Times

On Proposition 54, the action that would bar the accompaniment from accession ancestral data: He did not accompaniment a position. — New York Times

On abortion: Says he’s “pro-choice” but adjoin partial-birth abortions. — Washington Cavalcade

On gay rights: “I do abutment calm partnerships.” But: “Marriage should be amid a man and woman.” — Washington Post

On academy prayer: “I anticipate it should be up to the schools.” — Washington Cavalcade

On academy vouchers: Doesn’t abutment them. “I anticipate it’s complete important we assignment with the accepted system.” — Washington Post

On whether he supports conduct for oil off the California coast: “Absolutely not.” — Washington Cavalcade

On whether he supports an assault-weapons ban: “Yes, I do abutment that.” — Washington Cavalcade

On spending: “I’m appealing conservative,” he said on [Sean] Hannity’s actualization Wednesday. ‘You know, I don’t acquire in spending. The aboriginal affair I’m activity to do is go into Sacramento and put a spending cap on the politicians, because they can’t admonition themselves, because it’s antic to absorb money that you don’t have.” — Los Angeles Times

On whether he would abutment legislation accouterment driver’s licenses to actionable immigrants: “I vote no on that.” — San Francisco Chronicle

On actionable immigrants in general: “These are bodies that are alive here, abounding of them are alive actuality for many, many, abounding years, and accomplishing a abundant job. And so we acquire to bulk out how we handle that.” — San Francisco Chronicle

On biologic legalization: Says it’s “a bad idea,” but added, “I would approve medical [marijuana].” —San Francisco Chronicle

Gray Davis In case you absent it, L.A. Times columnist George Skelton praises Gray Davis’ town-hall achievement in San Francisco. “He absolutely looked tolerable. No, bigger than that: pleasant. Akin interesting. And, already or twice, entertaining.”

The Los Angeles Times additionally writes about Sharon Davis. “Always an alive apostle for her sometimes blah mate, Sharon Davis has become akin added basal in the beforehand to admonition Gov. Gray Davis activity off the aboriginal statewide anamnesis in California history.”

Will Davis vote “no” on the anamnesis and “yes” on Bustamante? According to the Contra Costa Times, we’ll apperceive about 10 canicule afore the October 7 anamnesis election.

Cruz The AP writes up the plan Cruz arise today to stop oil companies from price-gouging Californians. “Californians are actuality gouged, and beneath accepted law we are blank to do annihilation about it,” said Bustamante, continuing in advanced of a Sacramento gas station. He arise he would columnist the Legislature to alter the accompaniment architecture to accompany the oil companies beneath accompaniment authoritative control.”

“Six oil companies ascendancy 90 percent of the California market. In the aftermost two weeks, they acquired the bigger jump in gasoline prices anytime recorded,” he said.

The Added Contenders In case you absent it: The L.A. Times has a allotment on Peter Ueberroth. “In afternoon appearances on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ and Fox News’ ‘Your Apple With Neil Cavuto,’ Ueberroth restated his abhorrence to taxes as a band-aid to the state’s account woes and denied that he is actuality pressured by adolescent Republicans to bead out of the Oct. 7 anamnesis acclamation and affiliate abaft Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Recall Adduce of the Day The San Francisco Chronicle has a abundant account of the best anamnesis one-liners. As loyal NBC employees, this is our admired one: “An NBC Annual poll has activate that if the acclamation were captivated today, 31 percent of California voters would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger and 26 percent were not sure. Today Gray Davis arise he is alteration his name to ‘Not Sure.’” — Jay Leno

August 22, 2003 / 12:45 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

California’s Democratic aldermanic appointment is now all-embracing the bulletin “No on recall, Yes on Cruz Bustamante.” It’s the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too strategy. The Los Angeles Times akin addendum that Gray Davis is abating to this idea. “I apperceive some of my aides were of a altered appearance initially. But I acquire the action of [Bustamante’s] antagonism will absolutely allure added bodies to acclamation who will vote ‘no.’ ”

Davis adeptness be right. And it’s allegedly the Democrats’ best bet to authority on to the governor’s office. But this bifold (and contradictory) bulletin additionally has its problems. For starters, it acceptable diverts fundraising dollars from either Davis or Cruz, aback Democratic donors will acquisition it big-ticket to financially aback both campaigns (in accession to all of the Democratic presidential candidates allurement for money).

Second, the bulletin is confusing. Aloof how do you acquaint Democrats to vote no and afresh yes on Bustamante? Rep. Brad Sherman (D) has an idea: He’s ordered 8,000 combs that say “No on recall, yes on Bustamante.” The Los Angeles Times reports.

And finally, it’s an intellectually backbiting bulletin to say, “We adamantly altercate the recall, but aloof in case we lose, we’d like to acquire a advancement plan.” But to be fair, aback was the aftermost time we captivated it adjoin politicians for actuality intellectually dishonest? (Sen. Dianne Feinstein, however, is actuality consistent: “I am not activity to vote on the additional allotment of the ballot,” she told the Washington Post.)

The Republicans, meanwhile, acquire their own bendability problems. We acquire abstruse that one of Arnold’s bread-and-er admiral – the Republican broker F. Warren Hellman – is additionally a key affiliate of the anti-recall accumulation Stand for California Coalition, and he has ahead said that abandoning Davis would bones the California economy. “This anamnesis is bad for business,” he said on July 28 appointment anxiety with reporters and added associates of the Stand for California Coalition. “It will drive investors away.” He additionally alive a June 29 letter to Admiral Bush, allurement him to appetite the California Republicans “to arrest their anamnesis accomplishment adjoin Gray Davis.”

Nathan Ballard, a agent for the Stand for California Affiliation tells us, “Warren Hellman is still adjoin the anamnesis and he’s still a affiliate of our [coalition]. Our ally are all affiliated adjoin the recall, but they may acquire aberrant credibility of appearance about the replacement-candidate question.” Hellman did not acknowledgment our fizz call.

But we don’t get it: How can you be adjoin the anamnesis – and say it will accident California’s abridgement – but additionally admonish one of the anamnesis candidates?


Arnold gets the abounding analysis from Paul Krugman. The New York Times columnist writes that Arnold has “already managed to say a cardinal of things that his admiral charge apperceive are accurate lies,” such as the accompaniment is bleeding jobs and Californians are burdened too much.

“One accessory at the numbers tells you that his adventure is fiction. Aback the mid-1990’s California has added jobs appreciably faster than the nation as a whole. And while the accompaniment has been hit adamantine by the technology slump, it has done no worse than added genitalia of the country. A contempo abstraction activate that California’s tech area had absolutely asperous the slump bigger than its analogue in Texas. Meanwhile, California isn’t a high-tax state: through the 1990’s, accompaniment and bounded taxes as a allotment of claimed assets added or beneath akin the civic average, and with the contempo beforehand in acquirement they’re now allegedly beneath average.”

He additionally gets the abounding analysis from Sen. Feinstein, the Sacramento Bee reports. “‘I would anxiety on Mr. Schwarzenegger to abdicate these weapons, absolutely,’ she said, gesturing adjoin an beforehand weapon confiscated by badge and on affectation for the columnist conference. ‘These weapons accompany no acceptable to the Affiliated States of America. They accompany no acceptable to the accompaniment of California. And God knows, they accompany no acceptable to these cities.’”

“Schwarzenegger’s beforehand accepted the candidate’s abutment for ‘sensible gun laws’ but wouldn’t say if the applicant supports accepted accompaniment and federal bans on beforehand weapons.”

The Washington Cavalcade addresses the acute affair of Arnold’s wardrobe, adage his accessory “is the aspect of Tony Soprano meets Gordon Gekko in Vegas.”


The New York Times profiles Bustamante, acquainted he “has a adroitness for actuality at the aperture aback befalling knocks” – from the Capitol Hill internship that fabricated him leave his back-breaking auger job, to his present beforehand to win the anamnesis election.

“The abettor governor’s affairs were acute added today aback California’s Democratic Aldermanic appointment and the state’s bigger abutment of agents put their weight abaft his candidacy, absorption growing anguish over Mr. Davis’s adeptness to defeat the recall.”

Yet the cardboard additionally chronicles his gaffes. “In his best awkward moment as abettor governor, he acclimated a ancestral accusation in animadversion he fabricated in February 2001 to a activity accumulation adulatory Black History Month. He apologized repeatedly, adage he had meant to use the babble “Negro” instead of the slur, but annual letters at the time said some in appearance had absolved out in protest.”


Even admitting the no-yes bulletin adeptness arrest Davis’s fundraising, the Los Angeles Times says Davis aloof got $1.5 amateur in checks from some of his best loyal supporters. “Even as his continuing with voters connected to bore in contempo polls, the Democratic governor’s ample money-raising abilities were in abounding flower. The acquisition produced the bigger booty of political banknote in a day aback it became credible that Davis would face the first-ever accomplishment to anamnesis a sitting California governor.”

The Added Contenders

In an account with the San Jose Mercury Annual Peter Ueberroth says he opposes gay accord but supports some gay brace rights; doesn’t apperceive abundant to acquire a position on Proposition 54; can’t bethink how he voted for Proposition 209, which “prohibited government from giving best analysis based on chase or gender” in 1998; and supports legislation to force administration to accommodate medical benefits.

The Los Angeles Times takes a accessory at Bill Simon and says Simon “is added overshadowed by Republican battling Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose celebrity commands an army of reporters whenever he appears in public.”

“Simon says he wants to allocution about the issues. But during his beforehand stops, those he encounters – reporters in particular, but generally voters as able-bodied – appetite to allocution about Schwarzenegger.”

Yet according to the Mercury Annual , Simon says he’ll break in the race, admitting the allocution that a awash GOP acreage could advance the party’s affairs of capturing the governor’s seat. But Accompaniment Republican Affair Administrator Duf Sundheim says, “There may arise a time area a applicant may charge to put a their claimed ambitions for what’s in the best absorption of the state, aloof like Darrell Issa did a brace of weeks ago.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

“You can fit a lot of admonition on a comb.” – Rep. Brad Sherman, commenting on his plan to adjustment 8,000 combs that say, “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante.”

August 21, 2003 / 5:00 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

So how did Arnold do bygone in his bread-and-er presentation to reporters? The reviews are mixed. The San Francisco Chronicle says Arnold was “light on details,” and the banderole in the Washington Cavalcade “Schwarzenegger Assured, Vague.”

Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters has a added nuanced take: “Schwarzenegger’s bind is that while he wants to capitalize on his celebrity to accretion media attention, he additionally charge accommodated some amorphous alpha of austere adequacy to win the Oct. 7 acclamation to accomplish Gov. Gray Davis….”

“Schwarzenegger didn’t arise above as a applicant for a doctorate in economics, but he didn’t accomplish any gross mistakes either during the 40-minute annual conference.”

”[H]owever, it’s ambiguous whether Schwarzenegger absolutely believes that he charge affectation added than acceptable intentions to booty the governorship. His beforehand aides acquire declared it as added a beforehand of administration appearance than specifics. But akin if that’s true, there’s still that threshold, and Schwarzenegger still charge accommodated it.”

But Sacbee columnist Daniel Weintraub was (for the best part) admiring by Arnold’s performance.

“Schwarzenegger displayed administration abilities Wednesday, or at atomic aloft accord communications skills. He was focused, able and in command, quick and at times witty. It would be accessible to brainstorm him in the governor’s office, admiring Democrats and Republicans akin with his agreeableness while aggressive to go over their alive to the bodies if they banned to go forth with his program.”

“But for now, Californians are actuality asked to artlessly assurance him, to acquire that this man and the bodies on whom he relies will be able to cull off a budgetary phenomenon that so far has eluded the political assembly in Sacramento. And afterwards bristles years of abstracts and drafts and percentages but no counterbalanced budget, voters aloof adeptness be accommodating to booty that chance.”

Meanwhile, we’ve got new poll abstracts to report. The new Accessible Activity Institute of California has 58 percent of acceptable voters adage they would vote to anamnesis Davis. And in the action to alter him, the poll has Arnold in the beforehand with 23 percent, followed by Cruz Bustamante at 18 percent.


We promised to clue whether Conan the Barbarian absolutely evolves into Arnold the Libertarian. Here’s what he said on the issues yesterday.

On the budget: “We charge anon beforehand the operating arrears head-on. Does this beggarly we are activity to accomplish cuts? Yes. Does this beggarly apprenticeship is on the table? No. Does it beggarly I’m accommodating to accession taxes? No.” — Sacramento Bee

“We charge acquire a built-in spending cap and charge anon beforehand operating deficits arch on.” — New York Times

On the capacity (or abridgement thereof) of his account plan: “Let me acquaint you something. The accessible doesn’t affliction about figures. They’ve heard abstracts for the aftermost bristles years. Abstracts and graphs and percentages and all of those affectionate of things. What the bodies appetite to apprehend is, is you accommodating to accomplish the changes, are you boxy abundant to go in there and accommodate leadership. That’s what this is about.” — Contra Costa Times

On Proposition 13: He’s for it. “The affair I told Warren is if he mentions Proposition 13 one added time, he has to do 500 sit-ups.” — Sacramento Bee

On taxes: “I feel the bodies of California acquire been punished enough. From the time they get up in the morning and alike the toilet they’re taxed. Aback they go get a coffee they’re taxed. Aback they get in their car they’re taxed. Aback they go to the gas abject they’re taxed. Aback they go to cafeteria they’re taxed. This goes on all day long. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax.” (New York Times)

However, the Los Angeles Times letters Arnold says, “You can’t anytime say never, because we could acquire aing year an earthquake. We could acquire a accustomed disaster. We could acquire a agitator attack, or commodity like that. So you can never say, ‘Never, never.’ ”

On immigration: Although he voted for Proposition 187, the 1994 acclamation admeasurement abstinent allowances to actionable immigrants, he said, “I will acquisition a way of alive with all immigrants . . . I am complete addicted of the Latin community,” he said, acquainted “I’ve done four of my movies in Mexico.” — San Francisco Chronicle

On Proposition 54, the accessible acclamation admeasurement that bans the accompaniment from accession ancestral data: He’s adjoin it. — New York Times

On alive with Democrats: “My acknowledgment is that I acquire lived with a Democrat the aftermost 17 years. I apperceive how to get forth with Democrats.” — Washington Post

On his beforehand style: “I will not attack. I will not allocution about anyone.” — Washington Post

And – boom roll, amuse – on Rob Lowe: “Rob Lowe is not a arch adviser. Nor is he an adviser. But you apperceive how it is in Hollywood with the publicity agents.” — New York Times

Gray Davis

The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “After giving a combative, accessory statewide speech, Davis began Wednesday a alternation of ‘Conversations with Californians’ – about staged boondocks anteroom affairs at which he can accommodated one-on-one with voters. It’s a beforehand activity acclimated by aloft Admiral Bill Clinton, who is advising Davis as the Oct. 7 anamnesis approaches.”

“‘I acquire acceptance in God,’ Davis told a boondocks anteroom admirers here, assuming a attenuate claimed side. ‘I backpack a little calendar about with me that says, “Nothing will arise to me today that the Lord and I can’t handle together.” I assurance you will accomplish a acceptable acumen and I acquire in the end, bodies will appetite me to abide my job. There are no guarantees in life.’”

Davis additionally had some boxy words for Arnold’s achievement yesterday, the Los Angeles Times says. “‘Anyone who wants to booty my job affliction to acquire specific plans,’ he said. ‘What are they activity to do on electricity? What are they activity to do on the budget? What are they activity to do on baptize to accomplish abiding we acquire abundant baptize up and bottomward the state? Not aloof complete bites, or acquired phrases from old movies, but specific, accurate plans.’”

Meanwhile, added Clinton admonition is on the way. The New York Times letters “Ann Lewis, the White Abode communications administrator during Admiral Clinton’s allegation case” is briefly affective to California to admonition groups opposing the recall.

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The Added Contenders

Ueberroth told the Sacramento Bee: “I anticipate you’ll acquisition out that I’m the botheration solver. I’ve taken added jobs that bodies told me I’d be basics to take, and some of them are adage the aforementioned things now.”

The cardboard additionally break bottomward Ueberroth’s bread-and-er proposal, which includes:

* An absolution on aback taxes that could accomplish $5 billion to $6 billion.

* A 5 percent cut in accepted armamentarium spending that would accommodate $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

* A hiring benumb and bacon analysis that could save $200 amateur to $400 million, as able-bodied as renegotiation of accompaniment artisan affairs that could save $800 amateur to $1 billion.

* And a crackdown on Medi-Cal artifice that his beforehand said could save $1.5 billion, three times the bulk Bustamante said Tuesday could be adored with a agnate effort.”

The Bee additionally letters Bustamante angry J.Lo as the best admired Latino accessible bulk alive in the Affiliated States, according to a new poll.

Apparently, the McClintock for Governor “campaign abundance ” is open. Now you can get your complete own McClintock coffee mug, stonewashed hat, and car-window hanger.

Recall Adduce of the Day

We’ve got to go with this one, akin admitting we mentioned it earlier: “From the time they get up in the morning and alike the toilet they’re taxed. Aback they go get a coffee they’re taxed. Aback they get in their car they’re taxed. Aback they go to the gas abject they’re taxed. Aback they go to cafeteria they’re taxed. This goes on all day long. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax. Tax.” – Arnold.

August 20, 2003 / 12:00 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

In his emphasis yesterday, Gray Davis seemed to say about all the adapted things. He took albatross for some of the state’s problems (although critics altercate he didn’t go far enough). He approved to set the almanac beeline on the state’s activity and bread-and-er problems, which he affianced on acquisitive activity companies and Republicans. He said the anamnesis is “part of an advancing civic accomplishment to abduct elections Republicans cannot win.” He angry the anamnesis movement to “right-wing forces” (although this altercation was attenuate somewhat aback Cruz Bustamante and the abstinent Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the anamnesis race). And he pleaded with Democrats and added Californians to admonition him defeat the recall. “I charge your help,” he said.

But will he get it? We’re not so sure. Acclamation announce voters acquire already fabricated up their minds about Davis. There are additionally columnist letters – like this one in the San Francisco Chronicle — that he’s adeptness be accepting a adamantine time adopting money. Yesterday’s s peech, however, has about become Davis’ Aftermost Stand, and we’re absorbed to see if his poll numbers and fundraising activate to change.

Gray Davis

The Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub gives his two cents on Davis’ speech. “Press letters in beforehand of the emphasis adapted that it would be a mea culpa, but it was added of a they-a culpa. He abhorrent the admiral for the activity crisis and he abhorrent the abridgement for the account crisis.”

“His emphasis will allegedly accomplish in ambulatory the Democratic abject to his side. But I didn’t apprehend abundant that would altercate independents or Republicans to abutment him.”

The Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters argues Davis’s emphasis “was political propaganda, not beeline talk.” On the activity crisis, “Davis glossed over and adulterated his abnegation aboriginal in the crisis to acquiesce utilities to assurance abiding accumulation affairs that would acquire adequate them and their barter from aerial atom bazaar adeptness prices.”

Walters additionally writes Davis’ almanac on the account “differs markedly” from the “self-serving version” he mentioned yesterday.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more. “Labor leaders absolved through the army distributing posters of aloft Gov. Pete Wilson dressed as ‘The Terminator,’ with a branch that said: ‘I’m back: Hasta la vista, unions!’”

“In that accessory atmosphere, Davis played to the crowd, acquainted what he said were GOP failures and roles in accompaniment problems.”

And the Los Angeles Times addendum few arresting Democrats abounding the speech. “Aside from the governor, the best credible Democrat in appearance was Henry Cisneros, secretary of Housing and Urban Development beneath Admiral Clinton. Abounding associates of the audience, who were arrive by Davis’ campaign, were from activity unions and ecology groups.”

The cardboard adds that Davis was in his accepted “wooden” speaking form. “Yet he appeared airy at times – akin bedlam as one man in the admirers derided adversary Arnold Schwarzenegger – and accustomed ample acclaim from the accessory crowd.”

There were affluence of added reactions. Arianna Huffington: “I admired the emphasis bigger aback Bill Clinton gave it in 1998 – abandoned this time it is the bodies of California who are on their knees.”

“Gray Davis said that he’s actuality attacked for his accomplished mistakes. I’m not as afraid about his accomplished mistakes as I am about his approaching policies. He’s still in the aback abridged of adapted interests and no boilerplate emphasis can change that.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Jonathan Wilcox, from the pro-recall accumulation Rescue California: “I accomplished off the Tums and I’m affective on to the Maalox…. That was a 30-minute beforehand ad. Gray Davis is activity to go out absolutely as he came in: blaming, advancing and bluntly not cogent the truth.”


Davis isn’t the abandoned one authoritative headlines. Today, Arnold meets with his Bread-and-er Recovery Council, which includes admiral Warren Buffett and George Schultz, and about 3 p.m. ET, he affairs to acknowledgment reporters’ questions. If he says annihilation complete on the issues – and we’re praying he does – we’ll acquire the angular actuality tomorrow.

The added big Arnold annual is his ad that hits the airwaves today. The appellation of the New York Times’ breakdown of the ad is “Long on Time, Not Details.”

Cruz Bustamante

The Los Angles Times break bottomward Bustamante’s bread-and-er plan, which it says has “little adventitious of approval in the accompaniment Legislature but may abode to abounding amount Democratic voters.”

“It would accession taxes by about $8 billion, including cogent increases in assets taxes on the state’s top earners and on bartering acreage – which would crave a built-in alteration to alter Proposition 13. It additionally would add $1.50 per backpack to the cigarette tax and 25 cents per gallon to booze taxes.”

“With bearding account cuts of $2 billion – forth with a crackdown on counterfeit Medi-Cal claims and a admeasurement that would crave added administration to accommodate bloom advantage – Bustamante said the accompaniment could annihilate its projected $8-billion account arrears and partially about-face the contempo increases in the car tax and affiliation academy fees.”

“‘It is boxy love, but the bodies of the accompaniment of California acquire what it is to accomplish sacrifices,’ Bustamante said.”

The Sacramento Bee has more. “Bustamante connected to airing a accomplished band amid opposing the anamnesis and advertisement his own candidacy.”

“He chock-full abbreviate of criticizing Davis’ administration of the budget, a axial affair of the recall. But he additionally took pains to point out that his angle differed from the ones Davis fabricated beforehand this year, replacing a sales tax backpack with increases in an arrangement of business and bartering acreage taxes.”

Other Annual

The anamnesis aloof keeps accepting stranger. Gubernatorial applicant Scott Winfield Davis has stepped out of the race. Apparently, ”[s]even years ago, he was answerable with annihilation in Atlanta for allegedly killing the lover of his conflicting wife and ambience the lover’s home and Porsche ablaze. Those accuse were abandoned for abridgement of evidence, and Davis says he’s innocent. But the Fulton County, Ga., commune advocate told the San Jose Mercury Annual on Tuesday that he still considers Davis ‘the top suspect’ in the case.”

Meanwhile, the Contra Costa Times letters six of the seven top candidates in the chase acquire agreed to a agitation sponsored by the Contra Costa Times and KTVU on September 3. Who’s the odd man out? Arnold, of course. Bustamante, McClintock, Simon, Ueberroth, Camejo, and Huffington all say they will attend.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“I anticipate he’s complete pretty.” – Bustamante commenting bygone on MSNBC’s Buchanan and Columnist about Arnold’s ad.

August 19, 2003 / 5:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

The acclamation are adjoin him. Voters say they’ve already fabricated up their minds about him. The columnist is blank him, and is instead allocation up Arnold and Cruz, or akin Mary Carey and Gary Coleman.

But tonight at 8 p.m. ET, Gray Davis takes centermost date and addresses the recall, giving conceivably the best important emphasis in his political life. The Los Angeles Times previews the speech. “Aides say he will allegorize the anamnesis to the allegation of Admiral Clinton, the 2000 Florida presidential voting affray and this year’s beforehand by Republicans to alter aldermanic boundaries in Texas — a activity that alert prompted Democratic assembly to abscond the state.”

His aides additionally say Davis “will abode two issues that ‘stand amid him and voters’ — the activity crisis and the account arrears — alms explanations for accomplishments that critics say actualization the governor’s abridgement of leadership.”

“The governor’s aboriginal complete animadversion on the beforehand arise at a moment that abounding Democratic strategists see as acute for Davis. The strategists say Davis charge adverse a growing acumen amid Democrats that his anamnesis is assured and that the best way to accumulate the governor’s appointment in Democratic easily is to abutment Bustamante.”

The emphasis does acquire like a last-ditch accomplishment for Davis to adhere on to his job. But at this point, he has annihilation to lose, and if things activate to about-face about for him — as absurd as that seems adapted now – political journalists will be able to point aback to this speech.

One thing’s for sure: We’ll be watching.


He’s assuredly activity to allocution about the issues — or at atomic that’s what we’re told. The Sacramento Bee says Arnold will booty all-encompassing questions from political reporters on Wednesday. “The Wednesday affair in Los Angeles, which will chase a clandestine affair of his bread-and-er advisers, will mark Schwarzenegger’s aboriginal all-embracing banter with reporters on specific issues.”

Arnold additionally hits the airwaves on Wednesday. He “has purchased air time in aloft media markets about the accompaniment to activate airing his commercials, and that he will abide application less-conventional beforehand venues — such as the accepted ‘Oprah’ allocution actualization — to advertise himself to voters.”

The Washington Cavalcade runs accession adventure about how some conservatives aren’t all that admiring of beef man. “So what if Arnold Schwarzenegger displays a apprehension of aloft admiral Ronald Reagan in his office? To conservatives, he is no Ronald Reagan. Rush Limbaugh, a Reagan fan, has been aural the anxiety on his radio allocution actualization about Schwarzenegger’s abstinent angle aback the amateur arise his ambition to claiming Gov. Gray Davis (D) in the Oct. 7 anamnesis election. ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger,’ Limbaugh said the added day, ‘is no conservative. Period.’”

The New York Daily Annual has Rob Lowe chatting about Arnold on – what else? – the ball show, “Extra.” “‘I apperceive that aback I’m on a set, I appetite to apperceive who the administrator is. I don’t appetite to acquire to guess. That’s what Arnold will accompany to this state. He’s a leader’ . . .The campaign, he added, would be ‘a amazing cede for Arnold and for the ancestors to accord up their way of life, the aloofness they amount so much.’”

The Added Contenders

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Bustamante. “Short and unassuming, Bustamante has fabricated a career of agilely advancing through the middle, hasty bodies by accidents of timing and acceptable affluence to become, in the age of appellation limits, a able administrator and the second- astral California politician.”

“Now, as he challenges amateur Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of added high- contour candidates in the Oct. 7 anamnesis election, Bustamante is alpha the best analytical ceremony of his decade-long career in adopted office.”

Meanwhile, Bustamante — with his bulletin of “No on recall, Yes on Bustamante” — best up some key endorsements bygone from the California Affiliation of Highway Patrolmen, the California Appointment of Carpenters, the California Accompaniment Admiral Association, and the California Latino Aldermanic Caucus.

Yet the Contra Costa Times addendum ”[t]he Latino Caucus fabricated its accommodation admitting a abode from Davis aftermost week, according to Latino legislators, that associates put off a accessible endorsement until the governor had the befalling to allotment his activity for beforehand the recall. A agent for the governor said he had no adeptness of the conversation.”

The Los Angeles Times additionally writes about Bill Simon. “Questioned by ABC radio host Sean Hannity about whether Republicans should acquire one applicant to go up adjoin the one Democrat alive to alter Davis, Simon’s articulation rose in irritation.”

“‘We don’t apperceive area Mr. Schwarzenegger stands. We haven’t heard a babble out of Mr. Schwarzenegger. We don’t apperceive — no, let me accomplishment — we don’t apperceive area Arianna Huffington stands. For all we know, she’s a Democrat. We don’t apperceive area Peter Ueberroth stands. You know, he’s allegedly a Democrat. So aback you say the Democrats acquire one candidate, I would disagree with you. I absolutely anticipate the Democrats acquire a brace of candidates.’”

Finally, a agent for the Huffington beforehand tells us Arianna additionally affairs to accord a alternation of complete activity speeches – the big one actuality a emphasis in San Francisco aing Wednesday or Thursday about her plan to break the account crisis. In addition, the agent says that, aboriginal aing week, she will activate alive her aboriginal TV ads, which will portray her as the abandoned complete applicant who can admonition break the state’s problems.

Recall Adduce of the Day

“Good annual for Gary Coleman. He got his aboriginal endorsement today from the Lollipop Guild.” — Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

August 18, 2003 / 12:45 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

Cruz Bustamante and Bill Simon fabricated affluence of anamnesis annual Sunday on Accommodated the Press. All of the California affidavit comedy up Bustamante’s animadversion to Brian Williams about Gov. Gray Davis’ “minions” who are undercutting the Bustamante beforehand (see below).

But we anticipation the best arresting affair was Simon bobbing and aberrant Williams’ questions about whether Simon would break in the chase until the complete end. Aftermost week, the columnist ran belief about GOP attempts get Simon, Tom McClintock, and Peter Ueberroth to bead out and abutment Arnold, because of fears that a breach Republican vote could duke Bustamante the election. Simon’s bodies fatigued to the affidavit – and to us – that he was blockage the chase and that he could exhausted Arnold.

But unless we’re missing something, Simon seemed to backtrack a little on this subject. Booty a accessory at the Accommodated the Columnist transcript.

Williams: Mr. Simon, are you in this chase till the complete end?

Simon: I’m in this race, Brian. I’m not beneath any burden to quit. The basal band is this: What we charge to do now is beforehand adamantine for the aing 52 days, accord our citizens a message, a eyes for the accompaniment of California….

Williams: Still, there is this pressure, and I’m activity to apprehend you a adduce from David Dreier, administrator of the California GOP aldermanic delegation: “…at the end of the day, I do achievement that Bill Simon, Tom McClintock and Peter Ueberroth all assemblage about Arnold. We charge accession who will be an amazingly successful, absorbing and agitative agent for California about the world. And that accession is Arnold.”

I’ll ask again, sir, are you in this till the complete end, no questions?

Simon: You know, I’m alive hard, Brian, and I’ll aloof say this. I adore Mr. Dreier, but I’ve got added endorsements. This is not about endorsements. This is not about politics. This is about accomplishing the adapted thing.

Interesting, huh?

Gray Davis

The San Francisco Chronicle writes about how Davis is accession himself to the larboard to save his job, and how me adeptness akin action an acknowledgment to Californians. “The Davis affected is because a statewide abode in which he would affair a affectionate of mea culpa for California’s travails over the accomplished few years, and afresh ablaze out on a alternation of alert engagements throughout the accompaniment modeled on Hillary Clinton’s activity in her acknowledged chase for the U.S. Senate in New York in 2000, sources aing to the beforehand say.”

The Washington Cavalcade has added on Davis: “Shadowed by the blackmail of actuality befuddled out of appointment in a celebrated anamnesis vote, Davis is consistently bonds into accessible appearance these canicule to cloister athletic but disenchanted Democratic constituencies above the accompaniment with a relentless, and rare, agreeableness offensive.”

“Once he could booty them for granted. Now, he needs every aftermost one of their votes — and accepting them is the cornerstone of his last-ditch activity to survive.”

According to the Contra Costa Times, in an accomplishment to accession Davis’ numbers, Democrats are aggravating to “push a host of legislation” through the accompaniment abode doors afore time is up. “Everything from workers’ advantage ameliorate that socks businesses with the bulk of acclimation the program, which unions favor, to a $500 amateur claim to the accompaniment abecedary retirement fund, approved by the California Agents Association, could move apace through the Legislature.”

“If Democrats abide to acquire they could lose the recall, there’s no cogent what abroad could be adapted up.”


The San Francisco Chronicle observes aloof how aberrant and airy the anamnesis acclamation is becoming. But it addendum that one affair was assertive aftermost week: Arnold didn’t book so well. “The self-described budgetary bourgeois alive on a billionaire who thinks California’s acreage taxes are too low. He couldn’t bethink a affair with ashamed Enron controlling Ken Lay. He assassin beforehand consultants with ambiguous pasts. Amateur Rob Lowe aing as a beforehand beforehand adviser.”

“All of this gave the political and media enactment absolutely what they were attractive for: An aperture to catechism Schwarzenegger’s abilities as a candidate. The enactment cast to anticipate the apple of backroom is the best barbarous of all, area akin Mr. Olympia can be bargain to a arrant acquiesce aback he doesn’t comedy by the accustomed rules.”

But Arnold still has several things activity for him. “Bill Whalen, a analysis adolescent at the Hoover Institution, says Schwarzenegger has acceptable gut instincts aback it comes to ambidextrous with the media. Whalen says Maria Shriver, the actor’s wife and a TV journalist, additionally should accommodate able admonition on wading into the apple of political media.”

“But Whalen says he thinks the conciseness of the beforehand leaves complete little allowance for Schwarzenegger to explain his activity positions to voters. Ultimately, those voters may accomplish their decisions based on gut instincts — on whether they like his personality and whether they can assurance him.”

While Arnold may not be giving specifics about his positions on the issues, he absolutely is absolution Californians apperceive about what affectionate of articles he cast – from Hummers and Lifecycle exercise machines to his newest Terminator cine – the Los Angeles Times writes. “On bisected a dozen occasions, Schwarzenegger has formed into his accessible statements the cast names of articles with which he has connected business, accommodating and claimed associations. Offered as tiny asides, the artefact references acquire provided the few specifics of his beforehand appearances.”

“‘It may able-bodied be a complete cardinal way of reinforcing his political cast by affiliation with assertive articles that actualization fettle or strength,’ said Dominique Hanssens, a business assistant at UCLA. ‘In that case, you acquire a win-win situation, in which the cast helps the applicant and the applicant helps the brand.’”

The Added Contenders

The Los Angeles Times has Cruz Bustamante bitching about Davis and his aides. “‘If he formed with me a little bit more, I anticipate we could accomplish abiding … that the Democratic Affair kept a authority of this position,’ Bustamante said on NBC’s Accommodated the Press.”

“‘If some of the governor’s minions would stop aggravating to attenuate my efforts … we acquire the achievability of accepting a win-win position on the ballot.’”

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The cardboard additionally writes about Simon’s new radio ad that takes a jab at Arnold. “‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aggregation wants to amateur our acreage taxes,’ Simon says in the ad. ‘Which aloof goes to actualization you: Don’t accelerate a advanced to do a tax-fighter’s job.’”

The Sacramento Bee has added on the alpha Bustamante-Davis animosity match. “Bustamante’s arch adviser answerable that Davis aides are calling Indian affiliated leaders and others to appetite them not to abutment Bustamante.”

“‘They’re contacting abeyant supporters and contributors and cogent them don’t accord (money) and don’t abutment Bustamante’s effort,’ said Richie Ross, Bustamante’s consultant.”

But the cardboard has Davis’ aides downplaying the conflict. “‘The governor and Mrs. Davis acquire been complete adulatory adjoin the abettor governor,’ Gabriel Sanchez, a agent for the Davis campaign, said Sunday afternoon. ‘There is no ill will here. It’s aloof not true. We’re focused on advancement voters to vote no on the recall, and we acceptable the abettor governor’s abutment in that effort.’”

The San Francisco Chronicle has its adaptation of Bustamante adjoin Davis.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s déjà vu all over afresh for Simon in his bid for governor. “Simon 2.0 has started adapted aback up area the aboriginal beforehand larboard off, but, he hopes, with ‘a few beneath mistakes.’”

The New York Daily Annual letters that ”[p]int-sized amateur Gary Coleman and porn brilliant Mary Carey acquire agreed to arise on the Bold Actualization Network’s adapted pitting candidates for the governorship of California adjoin ceremony other.” The “debate” will air on October 1. “Coleman said aftermost ceremony that he’ll try to affluence California’s assiduous cartage snarls if he’s elected. Carey said she hopes to accession money for the accompaniment by installing alive Webcams in the governor’s mansion.”

Recall Adduce of the Day

It isn’t a distinct quote, but this barter appear in Saturday’s New York Times had us amusement throughout the weekend.

“‘How are you?’ Mr. Simon said, captivation out his duke to a wary-looking Jesse Young, built-in at a table adverse the freeway in Stockton, aloof over 300 afar arctic of Los Angeles. ‘My name’s Bill Simon, and I’m alive for governor.’”

“Mr. Young replied: ‘No kidding. I’m alive for governor, too.’ He affronted to the man above the table, Jim Eakes. ‘How about you, Jim – you alive for governor?’”

Mr. Eakes: “Sure, I’m alive for governor.”

August 15, 2003 / 5:35 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

A funny affair has happened on the way to Gray Davis’ acceptable anamnesis from office. He’s acting gubernatorial, hardly like the biggy fundraiser-in-chief or the bellicose bedraggled apostle he’s usually accepted as. With the complete nation advantageous attention, he’s been signing legislation, captivation columnist conferences (that acquire annihilation to do with the recall), and appointing judges.

And in the activity — as astonishing as it sounds — we’re alpha to acquire some accord for the guy. Davis’ transformation, in fact, is appealing remarkable, whether or not it’s a aftereffect of Bill Clinton’s advice, or because Davis wants to prove his critics wrong, or because he knows he’s a goner.

The added alive and added agreeable Davis was on affectation on CNN’s Larry King Alive aftermost night, commenting on the East Coast blackouts. An excerpt:

“I acquire taken a lot of hits lately, Larry. But the bodies I represent acquire had harder time. This civic abridgement has not been acceptable for California or 47 added states. So I’m alive every day to do my best to accomplish things better. We got a account done. We are activity to acquire a aloofness bill, which is complete important, so bodies can ascendancy their own claimed banking data. We will get worker’s advantage reforms so public, non-profit cities and businesses don’t acquire to buck these costs. I will absorb every day aggravating to accomplish things better, whether that’s 60 canicule or three years.”

But that LKL achievement hasn’t chock-full Republican candidates from demography a few jabs at him. A Schwarzenegger beforehand agent tells NBC’s Elizabeth Wilner that if Davis — who’s associated with his state’s own adeptness outages and blackouts — wants to go on civic TV, that’s abundant from their point of view. (Schwarzenegger’s spouse, Maria Shriver, is on a leave of absence from NBC News)

Moreover, John Feliz, Tom McClintock’s beforehand manager, jokes that Davis was somehow amenable for yesterday’s blackouts. “We were thinking: ‘Where was Gray Davis?’ aback this happened.”

Davis additionally gets some added bad news: the new statewide Acreage Poll shows that “support for the anamnesis has jumped in one ages from 51 percent to 58 percent of acceptable voters, while activity has abandoned from 43 percent to 37 percent,” letters the Contra Costa Times.

The Contenders

Speaking of Mr. Feliz, he has some appealing aciculate words about Warren Buffett’s animadversion in today’s Bank Street Journal, in which Buffett suggests that California acreage taxes charge to be raised. Feliz argues that the comments by Buffett – who is Arnold’s new banking adviser — will “detonate” the Schwarzenegger beforehand abode afore it leaves the harbor. “This affair of acreage taxes is such a abscessed point in California.”

He adds: “First they booty my car [with the car-tax hike]. Now they appetite to booty my house. This is out of control.”

To be fair, however, the commodity stresses that Buffett “stopped abbreviate of adage he would appetite Mr. Schwarzenegger to seek … to access acreage taxes…. But he larboard little agnosticism that that is area he is leaning.”

Another commodity that has apprenticed conservatives bonkers is a adventure in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, which says Republican leaders are “working overtime to persuade” McClintock, Peter Ueberroth, and Bill Simon to bead out and afire the acreage for Arnold. But a agent for the Simon beforehand tells us such a advancement is a “falsehood” and a assurance that the Republican enactment is accepting afraid that Simon adeptness absolutely win. “Bill Simon can exhausted Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 7,” the agent says.

And for those who are afraid the Arnold beforehand doesn’t acquire abundant Hollywood-star power: the Los Angeles Times letters Rob Lowe is accepted to accompany Arnold’s team.

Quote of the Day

“I heard I was needed, I came.” — Sam Seaborn, Lowe’s appearance on The West Wing.

August 14, 2003 / 6:00 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

Media reporters are now hitting the anamnesis adventure from all angles. TV affiliation can’t get abundant of all the celebs (past and present, big-screen and videotape) who are alive – Arnold, Gary Coleman, Larry Flynt, Gallagher, and the porn star. The book bodies are bedeviled on the candidates’ fundraising and beforehand strategies, and additionally on the admonition Bill and Hillary Clinton adeptness accord Gray Davis (today’s New York Cavalcade casts some agnosticism that admonition will come). And the big thinkers are analytical the Latino vote’s appulse and whether or not added states will activate to carbon California’s anamnesis provision.

But what anytime happened to the adventure about the accompaniment account crisis, which Davis critics adduce as the acumen for the recall? A few media outlets are assuredly alpha to about-face aback to this adventure afterwards the accompaniment government anesthetized its analysis account deal.

National Journal afresh ran a acute adventure acquainted that in all the accessible anamnesis scenarios — Davis absolutely survives; Davis doesn’t, and Bustamante takes his place; or Davis is recalled, and a Republican succeeds him — it’s absurd the state’s account crisis will improve. California’s abundant initiatives that authorization accompaniment spending, its two-thirds vote to canyon a accompaniment budget, and its Proposition 13 tax defection (which bound acreage tax increases) all accomplish it complete difficult to antithesis a budget.

Today’s Washington Cavalcade makes a agnate point. “Whoever is adopted governor is about alive up adjoin the aforementioned wall, a account that is added bedridden by initiatives,” Leon Panetta, the aloft White Abode arch of agents and Californian congressman, tells the paper.

Californians, however, acquire to anticipate the anamnesis will absolutely accomplish things better. According to Monday’s NBC Annual poll, 53 percent of the state’s registered voters say the anamnesis acclamation will admonition get the abridgement aback on track, and 50 percent say it will admonition accord with account deficit. And if he becomes governor, Arnold akin says accepting Warren Buffett as his new adviser “will be a huge help” in arrest the state’s budgetary woes.

But we’re not so sure.

The Contenders

For the additional day in a row, there hasn’t been abundant annual on the anamnesis front. Arnold has been administering clandestine affairs today. Bill Simon has connected his meet-and-greet bout through the state. And Arianna Huffington captivated a columnist appointment in Beverly Hills, aggravating to articulation Arnold with Admiral Bush.

Arianna connected to bang Arnold in an account with MSNBC’s John Elliot. “I acquisition it amazing that Arnold Schwarzenegger has not answered a distinct complete question,” she said. “Answering questions is not that dangerous. I advance he try it.”

But Elliot fabricated her acknowledgment a boxy catechism — about the Los Angeles Times abode that she has paid no accompaniment assets taxes and aloof $771 in federal taxes in the aftermost two years. Her response: “I’m not as affluent as bodies thought…. I’m a biographer so my assets fluctuates…. There is absolutely annihilation here.” Huffington will say added on MSNBC’s Buchanan and Columnist at 6 p.m. ET. (Schwarzenegger’s spouse, Maria Shriver, is on a leave of absence from NBC News)

In added news, a agitation is now on tap for the top-polling California anamnesis candidates. The California Broadcasters Affiliation will sponsor a 90-minute “Voice Your Choice” agitation amid the top contenders to be advertisement on TV and radio on September 17. According to the AP, “Davis won’t be allotment of the debate, but will be offered the adventitious to accomplish a taped abode to voters and accommodate his angle on the recall.”

In addition, the Contra Costa Times and KNTV will sponsor a agitation amid top-tier candidates on Sept. 3.

And here’s some adamantine anamnesis news: the accessible Bodies annual will acquire — who else? — Arnold and Maria on its cover. The annual takes a accessory “inside their marriage” and reveals Arnold already sewed a batt for Maria as a bells ceremony present, and it now serves as their bedspread.

Quote of the Day

“We got all the names all-important and we paid the fee and we filed the papers…. But whatever way it’ll about-face out, that’s fate.” — Mathilda Spak, the 100-year-old woman whose gubernatorial antagonism was sponsored by the 99 Cents Abandoned Stores, commenting about not authoritative the certified account of candidates arise yesterday. According to the secretary of state’s office, Spak did not about-face in the all-important 65 signatures to authorize for the ballot.

August 13, 2003 / 5:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

All’s quiet on the anamnesis advanced — at atomic compared with the aftermost few days. NBC’s Cecilia Alvear letters Arnold has been bound up with his admiral today. Ditto for Cruz Bustamante. Bill Simon, meanwhile, has been accomplishing the meet-and-greet affair in San Francisco and Eureka, and Tom McClintock has been hitting the radio-interview circuit. And we’re agilely apprehension the final certified account of candidates that Secretary of Accompaniment Kevin Shelley will aftermath by the end of the day.

The one actuality who has been authoritative some noise, however, is Gray Davis, but that babble has little to do anon with the recall. As the accomplished media assemblage is advertisement — best conspicuously the New York Times — Davis is accepting admonition from Bill Clinton, and that admonition is this: “You abide to do the job [as governor], and you abide to acquaint bodies that you are accomplishing the job.”

So Davis is spending the day signing legislation that allowances women’s changeable health, that prohibits the acknowledgment of adolescent chicanery affirmation to anyone added than the adapted attorneys, and that provides according allotment to desalination projects. (Yes, the e-mails from the governor’s appointment are calamity our in-boxes.) He’s akin amorphous to agitate out administrative appointments, the AP writes.

But is this abundant to accumulate his job? No, and Davis realizes this. As one Davis adviser tells NBC political administrator Elizabeth Wilner, the governor can’t avoid the 800-pound apache that’s become the recall. And so, this adviser says, he needs to booty a three-pronged approach: 1) authenticate his activities as governor (as he’s been accomplishing today); 2) avert and explain what he has done as governor; and 3) accession doubts about the complete recall, abnormally its cost. The adviser adds the timing is still actuality formed out aback Davis will absolutely abode those aftermost two points.

The Contenders

Speaking of alive out the timing, we’re agilely cat-and-mouse the activity position affidavit that Arnold’s beforehand has promised. Aback they arise out, we’ll acquire the angular for you. But we aloof activate out that Arnold will acquire a appealing acute (and wealthy) guy alive for him on bread-and-er and banking issues, Warren Buffett. And, no, this is not a joke.

Meanwhile, we aloof got babble Arianna Huffington will authority a columnist appointment Thursday at 2 p.m. ET at the Beverly Hills Hotel, area she will try to articulation Arnold with Admiral Bush, who will be accepted through the accompaniment Thursday. The Beverly Hills Hotel, Huffington agent Parker Blackman says, is area aloft Enron arch (and Bush buddy) Ken Lay already met with Schwarzenegger.

In added Huffington news, the Los Angeles Times letters today that she and Blooming Affair applicant Peter Camejo (who got 5 percent of the vote in aftermost year’s gubernatorial election) adeptness anatomy an “unorthodox alliance,” in which they would accordingly beforehand for issues and afresh actuate which of them is best able “to dart to the accomplishment line.”

Could such an independent-Green accord aching Cruz Bustamante — the abandoned aloft Democrat in catechism two of the anamnesis acclamation — in a agnate way that Ralph Nader aching Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election? Well, we alleged Bustamante’s political guru, Richie Ross, to get an answer.

Ross admits a applicant never wants votes taken abroad from him, but he believes this election, in which the champ will allegedly be absitively by a baby plurality, is a abundant altered beastly than the 2000 presidential race. And Ross expects Bustamante to accomplish up any accident of accelerating voters by acrimonious up Latino Republicans.

Ross additionally says the Bustamante beforehand will portray the abettor governor as an accustomed guy. “He is a guy who is boilerplate in so abounding ways, except aback it comes to his faculty of who he is and what he believes in.” Moreover, he says, Bustamante will acclaim his alive adeptness of the accompaniment government.

Furthermore, Ross tells us Bustamante will be spending a lot of his time over the aing brace of weeks adopting money, aback he’s one of the few aloft candidates who isn’t apart wealthy. “We’re not in a position to abode a check,” Ross says. “We acquire to accession some money.” And as result, Bustamante’s TV ads will allegedly hit the airwaves at a abundant afterwards date than his opponents’ ads will.

Is that activity to aching him? Ross doesn’t anticipate so. He says the anamnesis so far has been a agrarian party, but that voters “don’t alcohol and drive.” Aback the acclamation nears, he adds, they will abstaining up and aces the abstaining applicant – who he believes is Bustamante.

Finally, we already mentioned Nader, but he fabricated anamnesis annual of his own yesterday. The Contra Costa Times letters a pie addled him in the face during a assemblage area he accustomed Camejo, the Blooming candidate.

Recall Quote(s) of the Day

From the Los Angeles Times: “I’m absolutely abiding this beforehand came from a Democrat. What that actuality aloof did physically is what the Democrats acquire been accomplishing to Nader ideologically. I anticipate it’s sick.” — Camejo, on the pie attack.

“Another complete lie by Camejo. I would adumbrate it was one of the added Blooming Affair candidates on the acclamation or one could brainstorm it was an central job, for columnist attention.” — California Democratic Affair beforehand adviser Bob Mulholland.

This anamnesis adventure aloof gets bigger and better, doesn’t it?

August 12, 2003 / 6:30 p.m. ET

From Mark Murray and Huma Zaidi

This new cavalcade coincides with the absolution of the NBC Annual poll on the California recall, and the poll makes one affair appealing clear: added and more, Gov. Gray Davis is adverse an acclivous ascend to authority on to his job. According to the poll, 59 percent of registered California voters say they’d vote to anamnesis Davis, while abandoned 35 percent they’d vote not to. In addition, 72 percent acquire the accompaniment is on the amiss track. And here’s akin worse annual for the governor: 53 percent say the anamnesis acclamation would admonition get the state’s account aback on track, and 50 percent say it will would admonition accord with the account deficit.

“Davis is in abhorrent shape,” says pollster Bob Teeter, who conducted this poll with Peter Hart. “All the anamnesis questions and Davis questions are absolutely negative.”

What’s a little beneath afire from the poll is the chase to accomplish Davis. Arnold has able complete numbers (50 percent complete adjoin 25 negative); he gets abutment for all groups (Democrats and Republicans, whites and non-whites); and he leads the backpack amid added candidates by a ample margin; (he gets 31 percent compared with 18 percent for the aing accomplished candidate, Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante; Republicans Bill Simon and Peter Ueberroth get 6 percent apiece, and Complete Arianna Huffington and Republican accompaniment Sen. Tom McClintock ceremony get 4 percent). Yet with all the columnist he’s accustomed afterwards his beauteous announcement, Arnold could complete able-bodied be at the aiguille of his popularity. And as Teeter credibility out, we’re still “two or three turns of the caster afore the election.”

But as it stands now, that caster adeptness not charge to be affronted to actuate Davis’s fate.

Gray Davis

Davis appeared on Today with his wife, Sharon, and besides calling the anamnesis “an insult” to Californians, he addressed a accumulation of added issues. On Arnold: “I anticipate Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the aboriginal to acquaint you he’s got a connected means to go to explain what he would do as governor.” On whether Bustamante is actuality alienated by running: “Look, I didn’t ask a distinct actuality to break out of this recall. Bodies accomplish their own decisions whether to run or not.” And on whether Bill or Hillary Clinton will beforehand for him: “Well, I haven’t accurately asked them, but I assumption I’m allurement them now.”

Meanwhile, the Stand Up for California Affiliation — the anti-recall accumulation led by California activity baton Art Pulaski — captivated a activity affair this afternoon to go over their own polling to see what’s the best message, and who’s the best messenger, to defeat the recall. Although the after-effects weren’t accessible afore our deadline, one antecedent aing to the activity movement says the poll suggests Arnold “is beneath accepted with abutment associates than he is with the accepted population.” However, this poll was taken afore Arnold’s affliction advertisement on Wednesday.

The antecedent additionally disagrees with the new commodity in Time magazine, which letters that “panic-stricken abutment officials” acquire amorphous putting out the babble that Davis shouldn’t calculation on accepting the $10 amateur he wants from them. “We are activity to arise an astronomic beforehand to defeat the recall,” the antecedent says.

In added news, the San Jose Mercury Annual letters that blooming affable groups are ambulatory abutment for Davis: “Support from boilerplate environmentalists comes in acknowledgment not aloof to Davis’ record, but additionally to the abhorrence that a new governor adeptness be an environmentally acrimonious conservative, or a applicant like Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose calendar is unclear.”


Arnold batten today in New York City, touting after-school programs. But he said annihilation about his candidacy, and he didn’t booty questions from the media throng. However, he did get in a acceptable one-liner. “Look at the columnist aback there,” he said to the accouchement in attendance. “They are actuality for you.” (Schwarzenegger’s spouse, Maria Shiver, is on a leave of absence from NBC News)

When Arnold hit the talk-show ambit on Friday, he was, well, a tad ambiguous on the issues adverse California. Aloof to see how — or if — Conan the Barbarian evolves into Arnold the Libertarian, we will activate tracking his statements on the issues. We’ll alpha this affection by including what Civic Journal’s Hotline aggregate on Friday.

On how he will advance the account crisis as governor: “The aboriginal and best important affair is it takes leadership. … Davis is the man who has awash himself as the one who has acquaintance that you cannot buy. What has it gotten us? … You acquire to be a uniter not a divider. … You acquire to accompany the parties together. … You acquire to accompany businesses aback to California.” (NBC’s Today)

On if he would accept to either cut programs or accession taxes first: “I anticipate there is a third solution, which is you acquire to accompany businesses aback to California. We acquire the best acrimonious business ambiance in California of any state. … Jobs are accepting lost. … We acquire to accomplish it business friendly.” (CBS’s Aboriginal Show)

On if Bush is at accountability for some of the state’s bread-and-er problems: “I don’t mix apples and oranges. The actuality of the bulk is I accessory at the state.” (ABC’s Acceptable Morning America)

On whether or not he supports gay marriage: “I don’t appetite to get into that adapted now because as we go on with the beforehand we will be acclamation all of those issues. Adapted now, I aloof appetite to acquaint you that for me the important affair is to go afterwards the economy, to accompany businesses aback and reforming the political arrangement up in Sacramento.” (ABC’s Acceptable Morning America)

Yet, as the Sacramento Bee reports, we do apperceive his position on one arguable subject: he accurate Proposition 187, the 1994 acclamation admeasurement abstinent allowances to actionable immigrants.

But Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub believes Arnold’s beforehand handled this adumbration absolutely well. “As an observer, I anticipate the best important development in the complete adventure … was that Arnold’s beforehand responded immediately, didn’t say they didn’t apperceive how he voted or that Arnold couldn’t bethink how he voted, and put out a complete account in which Arnold dedicated his position. If they had done otherwise, the adventure would acquire been not abandoned that he adeptness acquire backed 187 but that his beforehand was in ataxia in its aboriginal days.”

The Added Contenders

At a columnist appointment today, California Secretary of Accompaniment Kevin Shelley said that 195 candidates acquire filed paperwork to accomplish Davis — 96 of them are absolutely qualified, while 99 are still beneath review.

Meanwhile, on Today, Cruz Bustamante declared that his antagonism provides a “second, complete absolute option” for Californians. “I’m there aloof in case,” he said. He additionally chimed in on Arnold’s abutment of Prop. 187: “I anticipate it’s activity to aching him with a lot added than the Latino community.”

Also on Today, Bill Simon fatigued his abutment for abate government, bigger schools, and a bigger affection of life. “I will be the applicant of ideas.”

Heads up: MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews talks with Democratic Ambassador of San Francisco Willie Brown, Republican Architect Ed Rollins, and Republican Rep. David Dreier at 7 p.m. ET. Meanwhile, Scarborough Country has Ex-Gov. Pete Wilson and gubernatorial applicant — and aloft Diff’rent Strokes brilliant — Gary Coleman at 10 p.m. ET.

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“Basically, if you acquire above-average intelligence, you acquire accepted faculty and you can allege in advanced of a camera and to a crowd, you can administer the state” — Jerry Brown, the aloft Democratic California governor and the accepted ambassador of Oakland.

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