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In case you accept a agnate #GalaxyS7 no arresting issue, we absitively to address a allocation of this column for it. Although affairs may vary, a no arresting or cellular abstracts affair can accept added or beneath the aforementioned set of abeyant solutions. We achievement that the abbreviate adviser on what to do about this affair can advice our Android community.

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Below are added issues discussed in this actual today:

If you are attractive for solutions to your own #Android issue, you can acquaintance us by application the articulation provided at the basal of this page, or you can install our chargeless app from Google Play Store.

When anecdotic your issue, amuse be as abundant as accessible so we can calmly define a accordant solution. If you can, attentive accommodate the exact absurdity letters you are accepting to accord us an abstraction breadth to start. If you accept already approved some troubleshooting accomplish afore emailing us, accomplish abiding to acknowledgment them so we can skip them in our answers.

The accountability is in the Facebook app & is intermittent. I am clumsy to baddest & appearance notifications, groups, pages etc. I accept unistalled & reinstalled the app, austere abstracts & caches & force stop. All of these dness the botheration but alone briefly as it returns. The botheration is occurring 3 or 4 times a day. My buzz is alone 6 weeks old & the botheration has been accident for about 2 weeks. — Linda

Solution: Hi Linda. There’s alone so abundant that you can do for a alternating app problem. If wiping an app’s accumulation and abstracts and a complete re-installation won’t work, that’s apparently because of a third affair app interfering with it. Accede accomplishing a branch displace and celebratory how Facebook app works afterwards the added apps installed. Afterwards a branch reset, use Facebook for 24 hours so you will see a difference. Be abiding not to install added applications during the ascertainment period.

MetroPCS Talk, Text, and Data in the UK? : NoContract - metropcs calling card
MetroPCS Talk, Text, and Data in the UK? : NoContract – metropcs calling card | metropcs calling card

For reference, actuality are the accomplish on how to do a branch reset:

Be reminded that branch displace will clean aggregate in your phone’s primary accumulator device. Accomplish abiding that you actualize a advancement of your files afore proceeding.

Now, if Facebook app works aloof accomplished afterwards a branch reset, that’s an adumbration that there may be a firmware annihilate behind, or that a third affair app is messing up with it aback installed. Because there’s no surgical way to analyze which of your third affair apps may be to blame, you accept to use aishment and beginning methods to abstract it. The best way to do that is by celebratory how things assignment afterwards you install one app. It may booty some time but this is the alone able way.

On the added hand, if Facebook app charcoal buggy alike afterwards a branch reset, the affair may be aloft your adeptness to fix. The app or your carrier’s firmware may be break coded, consistent to the bugs you’re experiencing. Try to let Facebook apperceive about the affair or acquaintance your carrier so they can argue their developer aggregation to fix it.

About 2-3 months ago, the Samsung keyboard app that came with my Samsung Galaxy S7 (MetroPCS carrier rides on T-Mobile network) chock-full working. That is all that the absurdity bulletin said “Samsung Keyboard chock-full working.” I approved to restart. No joy.

How to unlock a MetroPCS phone | Android Central - metropcs calling card
How to unlock a MetroPCS phone | Android Central – metropcs calling card | metropcs calling card

I’m an old adult so I don’t apperceive how to save my abundant contacts in my buzz abbreviate of sitting bottomward and autograph them out by hand. So I didn’t appetite to branch displace if I could abstain it. I asked my son to advice me. He downloaded the Swift Keyboard that he begin at the Google Play Store. I acclimated this until 4 canicule ago aback I accustomed an absurdity bulletin from Avast adaptable aegis advertence that I bare to annul this app as it was activity to abuse my phone.

I downloaded the Swype and Dragon Trial Keyboard app due to the acceptable reviews, additionally from Google Play Store. My buzz chock-full alive about 10pm aftermost night. The array seemed to cesspool with little to no use in 2 hours and afresh about 4 a.m. it chock-full working. I angry it on and it opened to the Samsung Galaxy folio but afresh it chock-full there. No admission to any apps, screens, etc alone this appellation page.

HELP. I can’t alike branch displace at this point. — Nikki

Solution: Hi Nikki. There can be abundant affidavit why a buzz gets ashore in a Samsung logo folio and won’t amount normally. Sometimes, it can be a bad hardware, admitting best of the time, it’s aloof a software malfunction. We don’t apperceive the abounding history of your accessory so we can’t accord an authentic analysis but one of the best able agency to force the buzz to cossack aback commonly is branch displace via accouterments ons. Artlessly chase the accomplish we accord to Linda aloft so you can try this method.

If your buzz won’t alike cossack to accretion approach (where you’ll be accustomed the advantage to do a branch reset), you can additionally try to restart the buzz in download mode. In this environment, you don’t accept the aforementioned options as accretion approach but you can still accomplish the buzz cossack aback commonly by manually installing a banal or custom operating arrangement or ROM. Aloof like branch displace though, this activity will annul aggregate stored in your phone’s accumulator device. If you appetite to go this route, try to use Google to chase for instructions on how to beam a ROM on your S7.

Metro Pcs Gift Card Online | Cardjdi
Metro Pcs Gift Card Online | Cardjdi | metropcs calling card

Flashing is NOT a certain procedure. If you accomplish an abnormal step, there’s a adventitious that you can catechumen your S7 into an big-ticket paperweight. For example, ROM or firmware versions are audible and carrier specific, which agency that you can’t use a Verizon ROM for your T-Mobile or MetroPCS device. Accomplishing so may aftereffect to an absolutely altered botheration that we don’t appetite to altercate here. What we’re adage is that you allegation to apperceive absolutely what you’re accomplishing if you appetite to adapt your phone’s software. We apperceive this allegation be too abundant for you but a acceptable aphorism of deride is, if you’re unsure, acquisition addition who can advice you do it.

Also, accumulate in apperception that an affair like castigation can additionally be acquired by accouterments absurdity or alike by a burst on. Although there’s no way to apperceive that for abiding unless you accessible and do avant-garde accouterments diagnostics, it’s still a possibility. The best advance of activity that you can do admitting is to artlessly alarm your carrier or Samsung and ask them for a backup unit. You may still lose your claimed abstracts but it will additional you from the hassles of accomplishing avant-garde solutions.

I’m accepting a botheration w/ my Messaging app on my Android. Aback application Messaging, I cannot accelerate or accept pictures. I can send/receive argument letters aloof accomplished – but no pics. Aback I try, it aloof says “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped.”

Here are a few things – some tips via your website – I accept approved but to no avail:

I don’t appetite to do a branch reset. I don’t appetite to lose all my contacts, pics etc.

MetroPCS rebate scam / run-around / fraud / bad faith | Richard ..
MetroPCS rebate scam / run-around / fraud / bad faith | Richard .. | metropcs calling card

I should acknowledgment that I can send/receive pics aloof accomplished application WhatsApp so the botheration is bound to Messaging apps. I approved to use addition bulletin app alleged Messaging Plus but like Messaging, that didn’t acquiesce the sending/receiving of pictures either.

Any suggestions added than the branch reset?

Please help. Please? — Manuela

Solution: Hi Manuela. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts and agnate apps are application a altered arrangement to accelerate and accept messages. They don’t allegation to go through your carrier’s SMS and MMS arrangement in adjustment to work. That they assignment accomplished on your accessory is an adumbration that the annual of the botheration is either due to a botheration with your account, network, or accepted messaging apps.

If you accept a GSM-based phone, try to admit your SIM agenda to addition buzz to see if you can accelerate your cardinal an MMS. Accomplishing a analysis sending will acquaint you if sending and accepting are alive on your account. If the affair charcoal on a altered phone, be abiding to alarm your carrier so they can analysis if there is any arrangement or annual botheration that prevents you from sending and accepting MMS.

Mint Mobile vs
Mint Mobile vs | metropcs calling card

On the added hand, if analysis sending works accomplished on addition device, the botheration allegation be on your Galaxy S7 configuration, decidedly the APN settings. Acquaintance your carrier and ask for abetment on how to configure your device’s APN.

The buzz will not accept any annual or abstracts at all. I accept done a branch reset, arrested into adaptable arrangement but the arrangement LTE ambience is aloof black and i am clumsy to change it. There is no APN at all. There is no Wi-Fi at my abode so the buzz has been afflicted to cellular adopted calling. Wi-Fi calling is disabled. There is a new enabled SIM card.

I’ve alleged T-Mobile tech abutment and Samsung tech abutment and neither apparent the solution. Amuse advice me. I’d rather fix the buzz than let my ancestor get an iPhone. I’ve been told that he adapted the buzz and aural a minute the buzz absent 90% of its array and shut off. It did this alert and chock-full accepting abstracts affair morning. — Troy

Solution: Hi Troy. We can’t see the argumentation of an amend causing a buzz to lose cellular connectivity but if this is the alone change you’ve done above-mentioned to experiencing the problem, the accident of arresting may either be pure  coincidence, or an amend bug. To fix the issue, attentive try the afterward solutions below:

Premium SMS would not accelerate in Samsung agent app. However, I accept been able to accelerate them through 3rd affair apps. Permissions to accredit this affection do not arise in applications manager. Afterwards allowance abstracts and accumulation and rebooting, all the antecedent settings and letters are still there. Amuse dness this issue. Thanks! — Nicky

MetroPCS $11 (Email Delivery) | ShopTV - metropcs calling card
MetroPCS $11 (Email Delivery) | ShopTV – metropcs calling card | metropcs calling card

Solution: Hi Nicky. Premium SMS are accountable to agreements amid your wireless carrier and a third party. If it doesn’t assignment aback you’re application the accepted messaging app, that’s apparently because your carrier blocks it, does not acquiesce such blazon of SMS on their network, or the banal messaging app does not abutment it. There is no device-specific setting/s that you can change to accomplish it work.  Acquaintance your carrier and apprentice added about the affair via its chump support.

If you are one of the users who encounters a botheration with your device, let us know. We action solutions for Android-related problems for chargeless so if you accept an affair with your Android device, artlessly ample in the abbreviate check in this link and we will try to broadcast our answers in the aing posts. We cannot agreement a quick acknowledgment so if your affair is time sensitive, amuse acquisition addition way to dness your problem. 

If you acquisition this column helpful, amuse advice us by overextension the chat to your friends. TheDroidGuy has amusing arrangement attendance as able-bodied so you may appetite to collaborate with our association in our Facebook and Google  pages.

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Email Delivery) MetroPCS Monthly Unlimited, $11 – Walmart | metropcs calling card

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