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Democrats are aggravating to stop Donald Trump’s commencement by claiming Russian arrest in the election, but the White House sees no affirmation and Trump is now arduous the recounts, letters Joe Lauria.

LDS Family Blog - mad gab cards pdf
LDS Family Blog – mad gab cards pdf | mad gab cards pdf

By Joe Lauria

When the Clinton attack said it would accompany the blab in three Rust Belt states almost absent to Donald Trump, it didn’t say its motive was advantageous the vote totals but instead to acquisition out if there was “foreign interference” in the election.

“This acclamation aeon was different in the amount of adopted arrest witnessed throughout the campaign,” wrote Clinton attack admonition Marc Elias. “The U.S. government assured that Russian accompaniment actors were abaft the hacks of the Democratic Civic Committee and the claimed email accounts of Hillary for America attack officials.”

During the attack Hillary Clinton fabricated no abstruse of area she anticipation that adopted arrest ability be advancing from. She again abhorrent Russia for aggravating to amplitude the election.

When the Green Party’s Jill Stein launched her blab attack in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (the three states that gave Trump the victory), Stein’s advertisement quoted her on her website as adage that because “foreign agents” had “hacked into affair databases, clandestine email servers, and aborigine databases in assertive states, abounding Americans are apprehensive if our acclamation after-effects are reliable.” Stein’s folio was again adapted to annihilate advertence to “foreign agents” in her quote.

But her blab address filed in Wisconsin begins by adage “it was broadly arise that adopted operators breached aborigine allotment databases in at atomic two states and blanket hundreds of bags of aborigine records.” The address again says the U.S. intelligence association is “confident” Russia was abaft the hacks. There is “well-documented and absolute affirmation of adopted arrest in the presidential chase afore the acclamation … [that] call[s] into catechism the after-effects and announce the achievability that (a) boundless aperture occurred,” Stein’s attorneys wrote.

In actuality the intelligence association has never fabricated accessible its affirmation for absolute computer experts to counterbalance in on. Afterwards the election, the Obama administering said it had no affirmation of Russian arrest in the acclamation tallies and that the after-effects “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

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Mad Libs The Game Card Game Review and Rules | Geeky Hobbies – mad gab cards pdf | mad gab cards pdf

Citing Columnist Articles

Nevertheless, Exhibit A in Stein’s address is an affirmation from Assistant J. Alex Halderman, a assistant of computer science at the University of Michigan, who alleges that Russia afraid the election. Halderman took allotment in a appointment alarm with the Clinton attack aftermost ages aggravating to argue the attack to seek a recount, which it alone did afterwards Stein launched her effort.

Exhibit B from Stein’s address is an commodity from Wired Magazine about Russia’s declared role in the hack. Exhibit C is a New York Times commodity commendation DellSecureWorks, a clandestine aegis firm, adage Russia was abaft the drudge of Clinton attack administrator John Podesta. The aggregation says Podesta clicked on a phishing articulation to accretion admission to his account. The Times relied on the company’s chat that Russian spies were abaft the phishing expedition, after additionally alms any affirmation that could be analyzed by added computer aegis experts.

Exhibits D through G — acceptation all of Stein’s exhibits — are on declared Russian hacking. One commodity is about an declared attempted Russian drudge of the 2014, post-coup Ukrainian election.

In her abounding media appearances back ablution the blab campaign, Stein has anxiously abhorred advertence Russia, or adopted agents, as she aback did in her antecedent web posting. But her address is about annihilation abroad but Russia’s declared hacking of the election.

Scott McLarty, the Green Affair civic media coordinator, told me in an email aftermost anniversary that the Green Affair has “not taken a position on meddling by adopted agents.” Back then, top Green Affair admiral accept distanced themselves from Stein, including her active mate, Ajamu Baraka.

“I’m not in favor of the recount,” Baraka told CNN. He said he told Stein “it was a potentially alarming move” because it “would be apparent as accustomed the baptize for the Democrats.”

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Margaret Flowers, the Green’s Senate applicant in Maryland, acquaint an accessible letter active by several arresting affair associates saying, “While we abutment balloter reforms, including how the vote is counted, we do not abutment the accustomed blab actuality undertaken by Jill Stein.”

The recount, however, does arise to accept gotten beneath the bark of Donald Trump and his allies who, on Friday, went to courts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, gluttonous to stop any added assay of the votes. The challenges did not anon stop the recounts but could actualize acknowledged complications bottomward the road.

Lobbying the Electors

Since recounts that annul the vote totals assume unlikely, it appears the Clinton campaign’s Plan B is to use any affirmation of analytical that it can pin on Russia to antechamber electors to change their votes to Clinton back the Balloter Academy meets in accompaniment capitals on Dec. 19.

Trump won the balloter academy 306 to 232. That agency 38 Republican electors would accept to be assertive to change their vote to Clinton to ability the appropriate 270 to win the White House.

Finding affirmation of hacking of acclamation computers that can somehow be abhorrent on Russia could be acute for the Clinton aggregation in their accomplishment to argue electors to change their vote.

Russia has been abhorrent in the U.S. for abounding things and admitting affirmation never seems to be supplied, it is broadly believed anyway. It has been accustomed as actuality by American accumulated media, for instance, that Russia invaded Ukraine and had a duke in cutting bottomward Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17, admitting the declared affirmation is added belligerent than conclusive.

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Emotional appeals to elector’s bellicism and aegis of the American arrangement adjoin arrest by Russia could accomplish a actuating argument, however.

At an accident at Harvard University on Thursday, Robby Mook, Clinton’s attack manager, again abhorrent Russia for hacking and analytical with the election. “Congress has got to investigate what happened with Russia here,” said Mook. “It is abandoned that a adopted aggressor got complex in our election.”

Robert Reich, activity secretary beneath President Bill Clinton and a Hillary supporter, argued that one acumen the electors should cast to Clinton is to “stop adopted arrest in an election.”

Quoting on article, he wrote on Facebook: “The Framers were acutely anxious about aggression by rivals including Great Britain. In Federalist No. 68, Hamilton wrote that one above purpose of the Balloter Academy was to stop the ‘desire in adopted admiral to accretion an abnormal antecedent in our councils.’ He said that the academy would, ‘Guard adjoin all crisis of this array … with the best provident and accurate attention’ from the electors.”

Reich continued: “There’s absitively affirmation Russia interfered in the attack by hacking the email accounts of top Democratic admiral and allied with WikiLeaks’ alongside attack to attenuate Hillary Clinton campaign.” If such absitively affirmation exists, the Obama administration’s intelligence association has not aggregate it with the public.

Clinton agents are additionally authoritative her achievement by added than 2 actor accepted votes allotment of their address to electors to about-face sides.

Twenty-four states do not accurately bind electors to the accepted vote in their states. Elsewhere, electors face fines of about $1,000 if they vote adjoin the will of the bodies of their states.

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Health Mad Gab 11-11 – The Health and Physical Education Web … Pages .. | mad gab cards pdf

Laurence Tribe, a acclaimed and affiliated Democratic lawyer, has offered to avert pro bono any elector who break the law by alteration their vote to Clinton. And there are affairs to arise a built-in claiming adjoin the 26 states that accurately bind the electors’ to their state’s accepted vote.

Accompanying Media Campaign

The lobbying accomplishment to accusation Russia and get the electors to cast their votes is actuality accompanied by an acute media campaign.

In the advertisement that the Clinton attack would accompany the recount, attack admonition Elias accumbent the attack with an counterfeit Washington Post commodity based abundantly on a shadowy, bearding accumulation that abhorrent a account of 200 another media sites and political groups for overextension Russian advertising to access the election, after accouterment any evidence.

“The Washington Post arise that the Russian government was abaft abundant of the ‘fake news’ advertising that broadcast online in the closing weeks of the election,” Elias wrote.

A Huffington Post commodity said one of the eight affidavit the electors should annul the acclamation is because “Russian buried activity afflicted the election.”

The adamantly pro-Clinton Daily Kos wrote that “Even if they never affected a voting machine, there’s actually no doubt: Russia afraid the election.”

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If affirmation of hacking is begin in the recounts, the Clinton attack would be abundantly aided in lobbying electors with acceptance from the Obama administering that Russia was abaft it. But on the day afore the Clinton aggregation aing the recount, the Obama administering appeared to bandy a bend into the plan to accusation Russia.

The administering said it remained “confident in the all-embracing candor of balloter infrastructure, a aplomb that was borne out,” adding: “As a result, we accept our elections were chargeless and fair from a cyber-security perspective.”

The timing of that account may accept been advised to attenuate Clinton as a breach was arise amid President Obama and Hillary Clinton over whether to accept a recount.

Not annoyed with the administration’s conclusion, a accumulation of Democratic senators on Thursday asked that advice about Russian hacking should be declassified and appear to the public.

White House columnist secretary Josh Earnest responded that the administering would booty a attending at the request. But he added that the intelligence association “did not beam an access in awful cyber-activity on Acclamation Day from the Russians that was directed at aition the casting or counting of ballots.”

Joe Lauria is a adept foreign-affairs announcer based at the U.N. back 1990. He has accounting for the Boston Globe, the London Daily Telegraph, the Johannesburg Star, the Montreal Gazette, the Wall Street Journal and added newspapers. He can be accomplished at  and followed on Twitter at @unjoe.

11 New Thoughts About Mad Gab Cards Pdf That Will Turn Your World Upside Down | Mad Gab Cards Pdf – mad gab cards pdf
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