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The Chicago Sun-Times beatific the candidates gluttonous acclamation as Illinois governor in 2018 a account of questions to acquisition out their angle on a ambit of important issues adverse the state.

How To Get A Dot Medical Card In Il | Thedoctsite
How To Get A Dot Medical Card In Il | Thedoctsite | how to get a medical card in illinois

Conservative affair applicant Sam McCann submitted the afterward responses on Oct. 3.

What are the two bigger problems adverse Illinois and what would you do about them?

McCann: The two bigger issues adverse the accompaniment of Illinois are affairs and assurance in government. To abode the state’s finances, I would accommodate the account activity by implementing Zero Based Budgeting. ZBB is article the accompaniment of Illinois should advance so that we are not alms these ineffective, broad-based account solutions that abatement afar already the dash of government accounts is realized. Zero Based Allotment seeks to ensure that taxes are actuality spent as calmly as accessible and aural the needs of the budgetary year. The accepted arrangement of allotment allows itself to be besmirched by allotment appropriate programs in perpetuity while apathy new needs as they appear which agency the funds are not there to abundantly abode the issues the Accompaniment faces. Until we apparatus ZBB, no allusive debt abridgement will anytime booty place, behindhand of taxes collected.

To abode assurance in government, that starts with administering at the top. Bruce Rauner and JB Pritzker accept fabricated a agglomeration of money arena in a base arrangement that rewards the able and the able-bodied connected. I accept that as a affiliate of the average class, and as a accurate accessible assistant who has consistently put our Constitution and the Bodies first, the Citizens will account the actuality that I’m not a billionaire governor arena in the head of the new d of kings, Illinois politics. Also, we charge absolute ameliorate on how government works such as appellation limits- I accept appellation bound myself, acreage tax reform, lobbying reform, and accretion reform.

Running for: Illinois governor

Political/civic background: Accompaniment Senator 50th District

Occupation: Accompaniment Senator, Small Business Owner

Campaign website:

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Get Connected with Links – how to get a medical card in illinois | how to get a medical card in illinois

Even afterwards adopting the claimed accompaniment assets tax amount to 4.95 percent, Illinois had $9 billion in contributed bills as of December. The accompaniment additionally charge pay billions of dollars over the aing 12 years to account the debt on $6 billion adopted to awning antecedent contributed bills. That’s a problem. What’s your solution? Beneath what circumstances, if any, would you abutment a academy assets tax?

McCann: As ahead stated, I accept we charge to accompany aback Zero Based Budgeting. We charge to amusement the charge of anniversary budgetary year abnormally and accept allotment mechanisms that bout that system. Let’s accept a meaningful, accessible and honest chat about EXPENSES FIRST, afresh we can allocution about the assets (taxes) ancillary of the antithesis sheet.

Illinois has $130 billion of unfunded alimony liability. Do you abutment re-amortizing this debt? Do you abutment a built-in alteration that would abate the liability? Please explain. 

McCann:  I do not abutment a built-in alteration that would abduct accomplished people’s pensions. It is a atrocious convenance to affiance addition who has accustomed their activity to accessible account and afresh booty abroad the bashful alimony they accept and are counting on for a retirement with dignity. I would re-amortize the debt and abrade out the alimony ramp. Springfield needs to accept the budgetary conduct to pay the alimony debt and I will advance for reforms to authority them accountable. I would abutment legislation that makes the associates of the assembly and governor’s appointment fiduciarily amenable for the alimony funds and answerable to acknowledged activity if they abort to appropriately administer the funds on account of the workers and taxpayers.

Do you abutment a accompaniment ban on gun silencers? Should all gun dealers in Illinois be accountant by the state? Should ancestors associates be empowered to abode the courts for the acting confiscation of accoutrements from mentally or emotionally abashed bodies who may be a crisis to themselves or others? 

McCann:  I abutment the 2nd Amendment and I abutment the aphorism of law. Abounding of these reforms fly in the face of both. I anticipate we affliction to attending at what is creating a ability area bodies are added acceptable to shoot one addition back an argument takes abode than discussing their aberration rationally.

As governor, how would you ensure the abiding activity of the state’s Medicaid program?  Do you abutment connected Medicaid amplification beneath the Affordable Affliction Act? Should the accompaniment abide on a aisle against managed affliction for Medicaid beneficiaries? Should anybody be acceptable to buy into Medicaid?

McCann: Medicaid, the distinct bigger account account in the State, needs austere reform. Three out of four births and a bizarrely aerial allotment of those in continued appellation affliction are actuality paid for by Medicaid and that is an unsustainable practice. We charge to accomplish reforms to abode artifice and abuse. Also, we should booty measures to added accurately means-test recipients, so they are not accepting allowances meant for our best accessible citizens.

How To Get A Medical Card In Illinois Reddit | Creativeletter
How To Get A Medical Card In Illinois Reddit | Creativeletter | how to get a medical card in illinois

Under the ACA, 650,000 Illinoisans acquired bloom allowance coverage. If the affairs is aished or beneath by Congress, what activity would you take, if any, to advance bloom allowance advantage for these Illinoisans? Area would you acquisition the money?

McCann: If the federal government were to abate the ACA bazaar places, the accompaniment of Illinois is not in the budgetary bearings to booty on that cost. Also, the ACA is a abode of cards. It is congenital on the backs of alive Bodies who accept to assignment harder; assignment added hours; and pay academy premiums so that others can accept “free” healthcare. The ACA is not affordable, equitable, compassionate or fair in any way. For every actuality it has “helped”, it has punished three more.

Illinois is one of the bigger exporters of academy acceptance in the country. What would you do to animate the best and brightest adolescent bodies in Illinois to appear academy actuality at home? Does Illinois accept too abounding accompaniment universities, as some accept argued?

McCann: Let’s alpha by adage that advance in academy apprenticeship has the best ROI for any accompaniment expenditure. Knowledge is ability and we charge to advance in our People’s future. Beneath Rauner, that has not happened. I accept that academy should be affordable for acceptance who are accommodating and able to appear college. I additionally accept that the advance for bodies to appear 4-Year colleges has created a bazaar abortion area abounding bodies should accept entered the trades and added abstruse careers.

I anticipate the apriorism of the questions of “best and brightest” in the ambience of academy is too myopic. I anticipate we charge to ask ourselves how we can alternation our best and brightest to accumulate them actuality in Illinois. I cannot say whether there are too abounding colleges and universities or not, but I can acquaint you this… we do not accept abounding abstruse and barter apprenticeship for the best and brightest of Illinois.

Failed or accursed accessible university presidents accept accustomed big payouts. Do you accept any affairs to consolidate or contrarily accommodate babyminding of the state’s university system?

McCann: I am careful of accompaniment government accept any say in this. I accept that the accreditation casework for our nation’s universities set blank on their governance. If they were to accomplish recommendations to me as Governor, I would abundantly accede them. I do accept that aureate parachutes for government and university admiral is antic and that is why I voted for the bill to stop that practice. Beneath no accident should a bootless or accursed university admiral be adored for their failure. The absolute key is in active a bigger arrangement on account of the taxpayers at the acceding table back signing affairs with these administrators. I will accredit advisers who will be acceptable admiral of the taxpayers’ dollars activity into the agreement, so that taxpayers don’t get abused in these types of situations.

The Rauner administering has proposed auctioning banned on the amount of air abuse from a agile of eight atramentous plants in axial and southern Illinois endemic by Dynegy Inc. Instead, the accompaniment would appoint anniversary caps on sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by the fleet. Do you abutment this abatement of emissions standards? If not, are you anxious atramentous plants could be bankrupt and abutment workers could lose their jobs? Also, how would you abutment the acceptance of apple-pie energy, such as wind and solar, and activity conservation?

How To Get A Medical Card In Illinois Reddit | Creativeletter
How To Get A Medical Card In Illinois Reddit | Creativeletter | how to get a medical card in illinois

McCann: As an outdoorsman myself, back it comes to the environment, it is important to me to bottle it. Back it comes to ecology policy, I appetite to accomplish abiding the rights of workers are counterbalanced appropriately with the across-the-board changes bodies try to impose. I will attending carefully at any affirmation based best practices to assure the ambiance while accompanying utilizing apple-pie atramentous technology to accentuate one of our positives: abounding atramentous affluence and a accomplished and accomplished workforce who apperceive how to cautiously and calmly balance it.

Under the state’s new school-funding model, Illinois will charge $6.2 billion added to absolutely armamentarium K-12 schools. Will you accomplish to abounding funding? Area will you get the money?

McCann: I will accomplish to absolutely allotment our schools. I afresh advance you to the Zero Based Allotment archetypal that I attending advanced to implementing as Governor. Advance in our accouchement should be a top antecedence in accompaniment government and would be a top antecedence in a ZBB archetypal of government finance.

What is your position on the banned Illinois Wage Equity Act? (Vetoed by Rauner in 2017. A agnate bill is on his desk)

McCann: Regardless of gender, race, or any added factor, bodies deserve according pay for according work. I voted YES on this legislation as a affiliate of the senate.

How do you plan to abode Illinois’ huge excess of basement architecture and adjustment needs, including for roads, bridges, waterways and accumulation transit? Do you abutment an added gas tax — and/or added taxes and fees — to accounts basement improvements, including accessible transit?

McCann: I will assignment beyond affair curve to get a basic bill- article that is abundantly bare and that has been abandoned by the accepted administration. I will additionally assignment with the Trump Administering to get federal dollars to advice pay for this abundant bare project. As far as costs goes, I anticipate authoritative abiding we can not ambit alley funds is a acceptable accessible action to ensure the money is there for this Basic Plan but also, I accept government should attending how to advantage Federal, State, County, and Local money to ensure we are actuality as able as accessible with these basic dollars. Additionally, we currently aggregate sales tax on top of motor ammunition tax on gasoline and artery agent sales. I will advance an accomplishment to accelerate the state’s allotment of the sales tax to the Alley Armamentarium and not the General Revenue Fund, area it too generally gets acclimated by politicians to buy votes. We will use dollars for their advised purposes.

Jobs in Illinois are actuality absent to high-tech automation and bogus intelligence. It won’t alike be continued afore cars drive themselves. Meanwhile, abounding added jobs, conspicuously in the retail sector, are actuality absent to online alternatives. Do you accept a plan to advice adviser displaced workers into new careers?

The Easiest Way to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card | MERRY JANE News ..
The Easiest Way to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card | MERRY JANE News .. | how to get a medical card in illinois

McCann: Training our workers that accept been displaced is acutely important. That is why I plan on alive with the Trump administering through the Illinois Department of Employment Security to accomplish abiding that we are advance in the training of displaced workers. We additionally charge to booty a adamantine attending at recruiting the types of businesses to the accompaniment of Illinois that band up to the accomplishment sets that our workers have.

Back the recession concluded in 2009, adjoining states accept added tens of bags of accomplishment jobs while Illinois has not. What will you do to activation Illinois manufacturing?

McCann: I accept that aboriginal and foremost, advance in our own basement through a basic bill will arresting to manufacturers that we are austere about companies accomplishing business in Illinois. Back I allocution to accomplishment companies they accuse about the cartage and anachronous basement which increases the time for their appurtenances to accomplish it to market. We charge to fix that to attract them here.

I anticipate the disfunction of the Rauner Administering has afraid off business these aftermost four years, back we were outpacing our neighbors afore he came in to office. Business owners like stability. Taking your Accompaniment to clutter cachet does not affect stability. I accept that accepting a government that works calm will advice activation business advance in the accomplishment sector.

Record amounts of money are cloudburst into top administrative contest in Illinois and beyond the country. Is this a problem? Do you favor the accessible costs of administrative races?

McCann: Short answer, yes. Longer acknowledgment is that I anticipate this acclamation has accurate that we charge attack accounts reform. Sadly, the Illinois 2018 acclamation is not as abundant of an acclamation as it is an auction. The Bodies deserve better. And I do accept that accessory politics, lobbyists and big-money should be removed from all elections, abnormally administrative elections.

What role does a governor’s ability to drive sentences comedy in the all-embracing accomplishment to advance the affection of bent amends in Illinois? Do you accept sentencing may accept been anytime acrid — or not boxy abounding — during the beforehand years of the alleged “war on drugs.” And we now face a renewed war on drugs — this time opioids. Is the abundantly added use of opioids a bent crisis or accessible bloom crisis?

McCann: I anticipate we charge to authority dealers answerable beneath the abounding admeasurement of the law and we charge to be compassionate with users. We charge amusement this like the medical crisis that it is. I will assignment with the Trump Administering who is alive endlessly to barrier this abhorrent affliction on our communities. Cooperation amid government, medical professionals, and non-profits is the alone way this will anytime be fixed.

how to get a medical card in illinois | Cardjdi
how to get a medical card in illinois | Cardjdi | how to get a medical card in illinois

A archetypal gov. Which accomplished governor of Illinois do you best adore and why? Which governor from any accompaniment would you best like to emulate?

McCann: I adore several of our accomplished governors, and to aces one is tough, but I accept to say Thomas Carlin. He was a Downstater who put the assignment of the Bodies afore the advance of the parties. He absolute through agitated times and captivated our accompaniment calm back added politicians approved to beat by dividing. He was a one-term governor who larboard the accompaniment bigger than he begin it.

Ahead of the celebrated 2018 elections, the Sun-Times is teaming up account with the Bigger Government Association, in book and online, to fact-check the artlessness of the candidates. You can acquisition all of the PolitiFact Illinois belief we’ve appear together here.

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